I haven't posted in agessss. But I have so much to say. Every day someone or something is happening. Honestly I tell you, fact is stranger than fiction. I look back on my past posts and it boggles the mind. Actually boggles me that all these paragraphs came from me! It's that same feeling I get when I read my dissertation from my Masters. Something like, "Huh I wrote that? I'm smart!"

So why can't I write now? It's awful. My cousin has taken to campaigning on behalf of my readers via BBM. Nothing like a guilt trip on BBM to make you think about your life. She said something like, "You're not being fair to your readers." I was quite shocked. I never thought I had readers! People who check my pages etc etc waiting for some rant/ramblings from me. Then I felt good and bad at the same time and I promised myself I would come back and sweep out the cobwebs. 

In a nutshell I think work has become insane and it saps my creativity. I used to have ideas and concepts about all sorts of things but by the time you go one week in this new work mode I'm in, all you want to do is crawl under your bed and pray to God for energy for the next day. Sometimes I just go on Twitter and shout my 140 characters into the wind to feel better but it's not the same! 

Back in the day when I had creative spark, I would lay down my words with phrases and pictures and maybe the odd video clip and link to spice up the blog post but those little luxuries are gone. I need to continue blogging for my piece of mind but I will definitely be going old school with my ranty/rambling words of wonder trying to paint the picture of what the hell is going on in my head. 

I have alot of lovely good news to tell you but it needs the attached back story ad I am too sleepy for that, so let us leave that for the next post eh? Yes! I said the next post. There will be one I promise. 

In other news I dropped the phone on this woman from my church mid conversation which is without doubt the RUDEST thing I have ever done but I don't regret it because I have declared war. More on that later too. 

Stay delightful xx