This is not what I am meant to blog about. We have seriously back dated stories to get through but I just had to share this because I am weak. How can a guy send me a 'hey how are you doing/want to get to know you better' email to me and another lady AT THE SAME TIME!! To make it worse I was bcc'ed! Did he think I wouldn't see it? The fool was meant to bcc both of us (if you want to be undercover) and just did me so I can see the original recepient.

I am just tired. I can't even spark. This is foolishness on a whole new level. So please over to you. How do I reply?

PS Don't even think about telling me to ignore this. I must let him know I saw!
  • It has been over a week since my cousin died in the Dana air crash that took the lives of an estimated 200 people including all those aboard the flight. I continually pray for her soul and the rest of the departed because I think that is truly one of the worst ways to die, so unexpected and unprepared. My family in Lagos reports that they haven't identified her body and that the conditions in the morgue were very distressing. After a week of serious anger and horrid nightmares, I'm not going to go into the why and wherefores of the crash because I truly believe that only God knows why. What annoys me now, is that even after the horror of the crash, grieving relatives have to have a bad situation made worse. My cousin is a hardened man but even he was shocked and moved to tears over how some bodies were left on the floor. Is that truly necessary? Why can't we even pretend, for a while at least, that we know how to do something correctly from beginning to end? I'm tired. May their souls find rest and my their families and friends find the strength and love to carry on through their pain. Amen.

  • In other also not so cheery news. Work has broken me in the past month. I think I came home and cried no less than three times in the past month. I know most people have bad times at work from time to time but for me  I just feel defeated because I'm not invested enough to fight my corner. I'm not saying I'm a push over but right now, I just have my eyes on the bigger picture which points to the fact that I'm not a good fit for my role anymore. It got to the point that my Dad stopped sending me stupidly, let me watch TV and actually carried my tray from when I finished eating! That's when you know I must have been in Code Red. I'm trying to grow a thicker skin as well.  For the record though, there are some colleagues, that if not for the love of Christ I would have thumped them a couple of times at work. Just saying.

  • On a much lovelier, happier note, my best friend had a bouncing baby girl on Friday. After a tough labour, they had to do an emergency C-Section but both Mum and baby are doing well. I thank God for all his mercies. I can't wait to start spoiling my princess. She comes from Ghanaian and Gambian parents but what's my own? I have already named her Adanna! I am petitioning her parents to add the name to the birth certificate but something tells me that I might not be successful! I'm in awe of my friends who are new Mums like Sirius, it is not easy at allllll! We got your back!

Stay delightful xx