Dear God,

Thank you.

Thank you very very very much. You got my Dad through a nasty six hour surgery and into recovery. For that I am grateful as I know many people lose their lives on the operating table.

If you wouldn't mind, so as not to spoil your good work, please make my Dad behave. It would be a shame if he survived the operating table only to have his devoted wife of 30 years kill him.

I have never seen such in my life.

If you can't make him behave for the sake of your lovely handiwork, then make him behave on my behalf. I am working 12 hour days and the last thing I need when I drag my battered and weary body home is to walk into a war zone.

I do not want to be on Crimewatch or have my home turned into a crime scene. Fingerprint powder is very hard to clean.

I know you are very busy but thank you for listening.


  • My own name, over and over again in the space of thirty minutes.
  • "Aunty or Uncle have come to visit and they have brought fruit"
  • I want my water slightly heated but not hot"
  • "It's too hot"
  • "Reduce it"
  • "Pick it up"
  • "I don't want it anymore"