So see how I have been dodging writing. I have been dodging writing because I never lie about what is going on in my life on this page. I feel it is quite sacred. So when all I think I have to report is negative and sad, I vanish.

Last post was two months ago. Ouch.

I don't want to be the girl with the long face so I shall face this blank piece of paper and think of something good to report. BY FORCE.

Aha! I have paid for my car insurance and I am now on the road! Vroom vroom! Road trip anyone? I drove the family to church and back and got stuck trying to do a three point on our sloping road in my Mum's car. My brother now piped up from the back something along the lines of I must not have been listening very well during my driving lessons! Cheeky cow!

I'm going to Switzerland in May and I'm super excited. I have never been and I love that I can add a new country to my travel list. I really hope it is warm by the time we get their to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I have had enough cold to last a life time!!!

Wow. Should it be this hard? This can't be good.

Kidnappers kidnapped my cousin and he got away from the car boot where they had put him! God is good! This has really shocked us and it happened on our doorstep. My Mum has now laid down the law. When we travel we cannot tell anyone. Just turn up! Whether we like it or not, information given to kidnappers more often than not comes from people you know. Oh wahala too much!

Job searching has ground to a halt and I know my friends are giving me the evil eye for not getting on with it. I tell you for someone who represents a brand for a living, who knew it was so horrible to represent yourself?

OK, we are veering off into complaining territory.

Since, quite alarmingly, I can't think of more good news to report. Let me use this opportunity to tell you about the3six5ng. In my words, I like to think of it as a great big diary with each day written by a different person. So you pick a day and in 365 words tell us what your day has been like with a picture attached. Voila. That's all. It started at the beginning of March and so far it has been such a wonderful experience  Nothing is too mundane or silly or random. We have had hospital trips, yoga lessons, radio producers  stressed mums, jazz clubs, Lagos traffic and tea and cake. All in all it is a treat to experience someone else's life for a little while. I have been trying to get a few people involved but I think they think it is harder than it actually is. They need contributors though so pleaseeeee have a look and put your name down. You won't be sorry! If you have any questions, let me know!

RIP Chinua Achebe, one more Nigerian hero gone when we have so few to begin with.

Lunch break over.

Stay delightful xx