I have a bit of a bad habit.

I can start something but never see it through right to the end.

It's not cool.

So I have a situation where my life is on a stagnant pause. I believe it is a waste of a life. People are dying everyday at every age and I find it hard to be bothered about my own existence. So in the last few days of 31 I am trying to shake myself up a bit.

So if you are one of the hardy few who read this never ending epistle from time to time. You will have to bear with me because as I  force myself to try and change, this will be the medium where all the 'my Lord what were you thinking', will be happening.

You see it has to be here because I tend to 'think out loud' online and I have been told to muzzle myself as it might be unseemly (more on that later). Well yee hah I have a blog!

 So what will I be trying to sort?

Health: I had pneumonia a few years back and that means that I can pick up a random cough and turn it into Godzilla. The weight of my boobies ain't helping my breathing patterns when I'm ill and asleep so the weight really has to go. And stay away! I'm really fat (for real).

Job: Need a new one. Need to make enough time from the current one, to find a new one. I'm bored and I'm broke!

Man: I want one. A good one.

That list is in order of priority. But I'm trying to attack all three at roughly the same time as I find all three feed into one another in one way or another.

So again, if the blog becomes a three trick pony. Just hang in there ;)