(All a bit random)

Yummmmmmmmmmmm just had the nicest soup ever! Sweet Potato and Chilli. Yummmmm!
So I am losing weight slowly as per the plan, all is on course. I went to the designer who is making my bridesmaid outfit for my friend's wedding in April (I know, another one, I'm so going to write about my professional bridesmaid runs) and she had my measurements from November. So bust, under bust, waist, CaramelD has lost two inches minimum. The lady was measuring me and comparing the measurements and it was like music to my ears. Then we get to my hips......just 1/2 inch! Haba! Na wa oh for my God given African bumper. It isn't budging! It is a weapon of mass destruction! 8lbs lost and still the hips/bum don't budge!!!
I was going to post a picture of my hips then I realise that over the past year I keep posting pictures of my bum for one reason or the other so I thought I better cool it ;)
I am proud of my online name ie Caramel Delight because it was given to me by a friend. Then today I Googled the name, ah haba! Every one and their dog has the name for one thing or the other! Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww! Imagine!!! My blog does come up in the top selection but dang!
Going through my blog (I was looking for a particular post) and I realised just how much I have written through the past two and a half years. All the adventures in Lagos during youth service, men drama, family issues and just plain randoms. I loved looking at just the titles. Makes me want to read my blog from the beginning! If should ever crash, I would be in big trouble, too many memories here to lose.
The good mood of the previous post lasted well into the week but came crashing down on Thursday when my friend (who owns the flat I have been crashing in) flew in London and made it clear that my Mum and I had outstayed our welcome. Oh gosh, I felt so so so bad. So uncomfortable. Mortified even. I have told my Mum by fire by force, whatever bad luck is following our house search ( I owe Nice Anon a detailed explanation) we have to be out by next month.
I am going to be a co-host on Verastically Speakin' on the 6th of March! Whoooooooooooooooop! I'm so exicted! Also quite nervous as I'm sure that I sound like a baby over the radio (I used to do hospital radio when I was in university). The topic is Big Size = Big Dating Problem (cough cough)! I can't wait!
PS I forgot to say, there is an American baby book which is the best seller in its genre (I have to double check the name). So it has over 100 000 international baby names and some are Nigerian. Under 'c', they had my name whoop! My Igbo name is not all that popular, so to have my name and not a 'Chioma', 'Chinwe', 'Nkechi' or 'Adaeze' in sight was great! hahahahahahahahahha!
OK lunch break over, back to work xx


I know this might not last long but I shall ride out the good vibrations until something (probably from work) comes and messes it up! I always bitching here about one thing or the other so how lovely just just write that I feel fabulous! It doesn't even feel like a Monday! It feels like a Wednesday afternoon (when hope starts creeping in that you just might survive till the weekend)!

It might be that this weekend I got a chance to sleep. Like really just rest and sit still. I was meant to babysit for my cousin so she could go out with her husband but she fell ill so I was no longer needed. I also got a visit from my Cuddle Buddy (copyright pending) that was oh so lovely, in fact purrrrrrfect ;) When he left I watched back to back Agatha Christie's Poirot while my body recovered. I love David Suchet (below pic). He is the ultimate Poirot. No one can touch that role ever again.....I forbid it!

Then Sunday was cooking belated birthday lunch for the Maternal Unit. I had to banish her from the kitchen. Na wa oh! You are cooking for someone and they are hovering around the kitchen door asking "do you need a hand?" LOL!

Anyway did I mention I feel great? hahahahaha. Also I got an interview into the Evening Standard! This is big for me! Huge! To have a major London daily run an interview with one of our students was amazing!!! Hopefully he will remember how quick I was and oh so helpful and call us again anytime he needs something about colleges or further education.

Problems haven't vanished into thin air, just that right now, right here I feel fabulous and I hope you all do too.

Oh before I forget, I hope all you Valentines people had a lovely weekend?


Trying to remember nice things so that I can cheer up. I went to see Wicked with my cousins. That was so beautiful. What a smart story, taking an old tale like the Wizard of Oz and turning it on its head. It is freezing here. I'm so over winter, it should finish so I can feel my finger tips when I walk and sleep naked again.

So already in a pissy mood, then my Mum called, the cupboard in my friend's flat fell on her!!! We have always said there were too many boxes full of all sorts stacked in the kitchen but when it is not your place you don't go around re-arranging stuff. That's how the cupboard came off the wall and boxes fell on her. She actually stayed and used her hand to wedge the doors so the glasses wouldn't break. Poor woman, she said she is OK. It is her birthday on Friday,what a prelude.

So went to look for a birthday present for my Mum as I'm mad busy tomorrow. Whooooo! Who told me to enter a card shop a few days before Valentine's Day? It was heaving with harassed looking individuals (of both sexes), I had to inch along slowly to get to the much reduced birthday section. The icing on the cake was the news camera crew. It must be a slow news week to be filming a segment on Valentines Day shopping habits!

So so so so so restless! I have been like this for a few days now and let me say it is as irritating as hell. I don't know what my problem is. Even the fast pace of work is not helping....and no, it's not PMS! I can't be bothered !!! Not a good attitude to have when trying to plan your friend's hen night. Weddings, I'm your woman, but hen nights, I'm stumped! Also you have to make sure the places and activities are affordable. Why can't people just do a one night thing and go home? These days it's a weekend activity! Any ideas?

OK shooting off Blogger now. I have to leave in half an hour to make my driving lesson, I have to sort out stuff for our Open Day tomorrow and I've lost a journalist. Well I didn't lose him per say but he is no longer picking up the phone and I want him to use our student for his newspaper article.