I'm just going to say this real quick so forgive me if I make mistakes. What I am about to go on about happened a while back but a girl I know is going through something similar right now and it annoyed me all over again so I know it is still irratating me.

In any kind of relationship don't just disappear into the air. Whether it is deep relationship, friendship, sex buddy. Whatever!! Don't just stop calling, emailing or texting or whatever the hell form of communication you were using to talk to someone! That is just not on! That is rude and hurtful! If you ever feel like doing it, come back to this post and hear me shouting in a loud voice!


If things are getting too much for you, if you have problems pulling you away, if you don't want to talk to that person again, you can say "Look it's all a bit much at the moment, I need to stop things etc etc." No matter how the person may not like it, it will be better than dead air, you ignoring their calls or not replying their emails. The person will now be wondering "Errrrr what happened/ what did I do?"

A friend did this to me. First I thought he was sick or something and called twice. Two times he replied with, "I promise to call you back and explain." Nothing. Then I sent a message on FB. Again dead air. Yet at the same time, I could see him chatting with other people on his page! Haba! See stress! I was baffled, then hurt, then very angry! After more air, I deleted him off FB. I couldn't comprehend what I had done to warrant such behaviour and from someone I thought was important.

Last story. I fell for this guy big time. He was my prototype, the idea of what my perfect guy could be. It wasn't him though and we both knew that. Yet when he decided to cool things down, how he did it was to bring to a sharp halt the calls and emails and chats and then move to random phrases under my FB pictures like some old school friend from primary school! Dude please! After cavier you are downgrading me to chips? I don't think so! I am not your hi/hello friend. In my humble opinion, I would have preferred a phone call explaining your thought processes. No one here is a child. I think we all deserve some kind of heads up!

I can say this with full authority because I have been on both sides. I had to tell a guy that I didn't feel the way he did, and I was dreading it! I felt sick to my stomach because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It would have been very easy to just ignore his calls and emails and give him dead air but I called and we had a long (and excrutiating) phone call. He can never say he doesn't know how things stand, that way you don't have to spend time scratching your head.


This rant does not apply to stalker/pyscho types who you have had a conversation with and they are now staking out the dumpster outside your flat looking through your trash. No! This is for normal sane folks.

If you have any thoughts please share them with me, I would love to hear what you think!

OK rant over.
*Warning!! The first part of the post is not to be read while eating**


So they did a scan last week and found two areas of pus in his abdomen. So from what I can gather, because they sent him home one day after the surgery, all the liquid from the operation hadn't drained properly. it now got infected and turned into the awful substance that looked like a mixture of boils, vomit and Irish Cream. It was not cool! So this crap had been in his body for three weeks and that was what was making him so ill. The moment they inserted a drain and the crap started coming out, his fever immediately vanished. This is all new knowledge for me but I have learnt oh. Post operative complications are so varied.

He is feeling so much better and starting to eat. He has lost so much weight though and that was worrying. We go to the hospital with food flasks full of different meals to get him to eat. It is important and I am happy to do it but hear me when I say, I could do with never seeing that hospital again in my life!

Hopefully he should be home soon to finish recuperating and driving us up the wall. Thanks be to God.


OK confess, were you guys all very excited about my date? LMAO!! What a sad reflection on my social life. I should have put up a disclaimer. This wasn't a date we could get excited about. You know, one of those ones that open up a door of maybes. This was a 'satisfy my curiosity' date on both our parts.

He met me after work on Wednesday and I was very grumpy :) I wasn't expecting to see him that day, as that was the day he came in. I was dressed in what I call M&S Mumsy Chic (smart but not sexy) and I was wrecked and full on grumpy mode. We had dinner near my office and I was glad I had waited. Let me say now straight off, very hot! Over 6 ft tall and broad shoulders with some muscles. I felt small and I love that. Hmmm yummy!

The chemistry was there that night and also on Saturday when we hung out, there is no denying that. You would have to be blind to deny it and I can see! The thing is, he was playing the mysterious card. Honestly it was like seeing a good book on the shelf all glossy and fabulous. You have read the blurb on the back and you want to read more but the book is tightly bound with cellophane wrap so tight that you need a nuclear device to rip it open.

Most of the time the conversation would flow, then he would slip into mystery speak and I'm trying to puzzle him out. Like all humans when I slot the experience into my memory banks, the charm, the politeness, the humour will be over shadowed by the headache inducing 'phantom moves'.

The good thing is that while with him, I wasn't thinking too much about hospitals and work. I could just be a a young woman, enjoying someone's company.

So I promise to give you a guys a signal when I go on a date we can get excited about, but this was just a quick day trip out of my less than sunny reality x

PS If God could whip me up another guy that looks like he did I won't say no ;)

It never stops ringing. Honestly. From seven in the morning till midnight. If I could I would change the answering message to:

"For the 99% of callers calling for Prince Paternal Unit, sorry he isn't in at the moment. He is currently in hospital receiving blood transfusions and IV antibiotics as his infection levels are 300 points higher than normal. Please call his hospital number on 1234 5678 if you want to speak to him. For the remaining 2% asking after his wife and daughter, his wife is busy and tired and rapidly losing an alarming amount of weight. His daughter wishes she could lose weight but is instead has taken to being ill herself through exhaustion, fainting at work (like an idiot) and failing her driving theory test as she didn't read for it. Thank you and God bless."

You see that way I wouldn't repeat myself over and over again. It is nice I guess, because it shows how imporatant he is to people in three continents. I guess no one wants to be one of those people who fall ill and die and no one notices till your deliveries start piling up outside your door or your cats eat you but still!!! The phone needs to stop ringing.

I'm just happy they have re-admitted him. If my Mum wasn't stubborn, they would keep fobbing us off and saying take this and take that and he will soon be better. Huh! Not true. Two weeks after the operation and he was still so ill. Let's see what the consultants say today.

In other news, the inspection is over in my College and we did very well, so I guess the 12 hr works days were worth it. I can't do it again though. I've got three years before the next inspection to move. It was NUTS!!!!

My theory test was another story. I read in one night, got there the next morning to find out that I am meant to bring the paper portion of my provisional license as well. My test was for 9.30 am and it was 9.25. The lady told me she sould give me till 10.45 to run home (thirty minutes away) and get the paper and come back.


I ran back to the train station and called my friend who was in her pjs having a chilled Saturday morning. She jumped in the shower and met me back at my house and we drove back to the centre at 10.40am! I was a minature wreck. I then proceeded to fail by two points. I no fit talk. I'm not even pissed, just weary. I want to thank my sister in arms though for letting me yank her from her sofa and watching the Good Wife.

Finally, a very hot date is meant to be on the cards for this week, and by now you know I would have my 'A' game on. You know, you know now! Is it not me again, a woman has her pride! But my weekend was in the hopsital, so no hair, nails, new outfits runs. I also feel like a WHALE thanks to MEGA OUTFIT DISTORTING BLOATING because of my stupid period. The damn thing was a week late, which happens when I'm ill. So I'm kind of flat. God dey shah.

I wonder how many dates have been in jogging bottoms on a sofa watching Grey's Anatomy? Hmmmm.