So I have to be delicate while typing this, so try and follow if you can.

My friend and I were discussing something yesterday when a bit of reminiscing came up. Now my friend in question is a guy and lives in Nigeria. We've been friends for over five years and there has always been an attraction but nothing deep (read emotional) came from it. When I visited in January we hung out and had an 'interlude' which I thought was all sort of awesome.

Until yesterday.

When he said xyz happened, WHICH NEVER DID.

I can swear on my life that what he said happened did not occur but he swears it did. Logically I can even prove he was wrong but I didn't have the heart to prolong the torture over BBM. This now begs the question, has he forgotten or even worse, is he mixing me up with another woman? Oh my days! The pain! I was so hurt. Nothing like a cold dose of reality to slap you awake. I don't have much of an ego but the small one I had got completely decimated yesterday I can tell you that for free.

To add salt to the wound, he then concludes from the mystical happening, something about my state of mind. Even though I have said time and time again that it's not true. So that didn't help. I felt like I had been in front of a jury on trumped up charges. It was a sad day yesterday man.

So apologies if this doesn't make sense, you have my sympathy. The long and short of it is, I thought I was special and I'm not, also I need to re-adjust my thinking when it come to men.
For a smart girl, I'm still not quite there with understanding them.

I did get quite upset but a chat to my friends and a dose of the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice went a long way to my recovery!


It's only when something is taken from you that you realise you had taken in for granted.

It's been almost a year since I last posted anything and you would laugh if you saw my drafts folder. I always started a post but never finished it and it would just lay there like literary bones in an elephant's graveyard.

I would peek in from time to time but my writing spirit was crushed. Why?

A mixture of some very nasty family altercations last year September (my birthday weekend actually) and the stress and slow creeping misery of work earlier this year.

I knew that if I wrote what was in my heart, then I would either be carted off to a psych ward or my I would have irrevocably damaged the relationship between myself and my folks.

So I stopped writing and I apologise to anyone who came checking for me from time to time.

Flash forward to Wednesday afternoon, I just clicked on my link to check something and I realised that my url of didn't work any more. I couldn't access my site from the new address and the old diary of a lost one address either. See pure panic in action! I had tears and everything. I also realised that I had never backed up 5 years of writing either!

I emailed Google and asked a friend for advice ten today, I realised I got get into my blogger/google account if I could remember my Google password. From there I deleted both old accounts and changed my site name again!

I think I am going to stick to a blogspot address for a while. I'm not good at hosting my own site!!

So third address change is

Tell you friends :)

Praise God!