If you used to read this ancient blog back in the day, you would see that I have an obsession for Agatha Christie and a lot of old world crime books.

A lot of the time, the killer would be caught or a major plot change would happen that would give you a clue all because of...LOVE LETTERS!

How I could scoff and turn my nose up at the women. What is wrong with these women I would wonder? Why are you keeping your old love letters tied up in a bundle in the bottom of some secret hideaway? Don't you know you are being a wet sop?

I honestly never understood why people would hold on to old history like that.

Until now.

Now I am the stupid woman.

I'm not even sure the 21st century woman owns love letters! Or any letters of any kind (apart from horrid letters from the bank). But I do. For a glorious moment over the course of two years I met the man I call 'The Prototype', and before BBM/Whatspp etc, we wrote to each other via email nearly everyday.

Now he had a way with words, a God given talent and there are some letters he wrote and they would make all my senses marvel.

Now everything has changed, and he will soon officially belong to another. So the question of the day is, do you still keep the letters (emails)?

I let the email account stay dormant for three years but I unearthed it today and when I read the correspondence I felt happy and sad at the same time.

Now does one just delete everything and walk away in a blaze of triumphant practical glory or do you keep the the words that made you feel like the most precious thing on earth at that given time?

Also by keeping it, are you just holding yourself back? Or are you tempted to hold them because you doubt anyone will ever say those type of words about you again?

I'm so confused! My head hurts.

What I am very sure about though, is that I will never again scoff at those fictional heroines and villainesses of old and their bundle of hidden love letters.