Thank you all that played along, it was great therapy looking at your answers :)

1. The singular most happiest time in my life was when I was chosen with other British students to go to Rome as part of the Catholic University students delegation. We were there as part of a conference in preparation for World Youth Day and also to celebrate the commissioned Icon of The Madonna and Child that toured universities across Europe. Part of that celebration was mass in St Peter's and I was part of the choir singing for John Paul II. Anytime I'm really low I remember that trip and feel better!

2. As my second job during uni I did background casting. That is the extras in the shop, church, train wherever the scene is being shot. So we did an American Express advert with Kate Winslet and she was very cool and chatted with everyone. It was freeeeeeeeeezing that day but we kept our spirits up! She is one of the best British actresses out there.

3. I am meant to have an operation this year but I have cancelled it because I can't reconcile going under on an operating table for my teeth. So if you picked three you were very right! Clap for Temite, Sirus, Touched by an Angel and Saved Girl and my cousin who 'guessed' hmm LOL!

4. My poor Mum was in agongy after her first trimester, in Enugu they told her it was appendicitis but fibrods were slowly strangling my food supply. Luckily she got a second opinion and she flew to England for medical intervention. She carried me to 37 weeks by the grace of God but fibrods never let her have a successful pregnancy again.


I spoke to my Dad about that lady and the emails and his only beef was that she gave the guy my details without telling him (my Dad) first. See! I told you he was in there somewhere!!! I told him specifically to tell the lady for me to back off and don't try anything again.

Do you know what he did?

He called me the next day and without any warning passed the phone to her!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Men!!! There now followed an awkward conversation where the woman just wound me up more and I quickly got the point of thanks but no thanks I don't like hook ups where you run with your mouth and you have dodgy friends! She now told me to keep praying (I wanted to tell her where she could shove her prayer but I bit my toungue, God helped).


Who is the silly girl that has been cussing her friends saying that they are giving her the flu, only to realise that she has brought malaria back with her? Yep! me! Duh!!!!!!!

So I'm on one sexy drug like that can't remember the name and I'm at home cos I keep throwing up! (Lovely)!! Well I'm not going down with a fight but I am boreddddddd! Work is good for the soul I tell you, I have nothing to do at home! Funnily enough I'm not miserable, just pukey and headachey etc

So Doug tagged me with sexy English like this (na wa oh) and I have to tell two truths and one lie but that's so done man! Let's bump it up to three truths for entertainment's sake and you have to guess so here goes........

1. I've sang for Pope John Paul II in Rome.
2. I have worked with Kate Winslet.
3. I am going to have minor surgery later this year.
4. I nearly died in my Mum's womb.

I have to now tag people but everyone I know has done it. Let me see....... Okay let's go for the gents this time. AlooFar and Muse the spotlight is on you! Don't leave a sick girl hanging oh!

Other random thoughts in my head include:-

  • It's freezing outside. All cold winds and icy rain and grey dense clouds! Very Wuthering Heights!!
  • My boobs are bigger hence time to double the exercise (after my strength is back though!!)
  • Obama re-took his oath!!! Wow!!! I don't blame him shah! Before people start carrying his name in gossip that he stumbled over that line.
While I was in Nigeria I met a lady who goes to my Father's church. She came to visit my Mum and I and joked at why I was still single (you know the usual). Later after visiting us and bringing her kids to play with my bro she asked for my number and I gave it to her without thinking anything of it.

While in Lagos she sent me a text saying that can I give her my email cos there is a nice quiet guy she wants to just say hi to and talk etc. Now I don't like hook ups. They don't work for me but I didn't want to offend her and I thought well email can't hurt. That day, they guy texted me!! Then called and I pretended like I couldn't hear well and asked to call him later. I was fuming that she gave him my number!!!

Imagine my horror at the emails that I have copied below!!! Have you even heard such rubbish!!!

Good Day. I just got your address from one of my friends, Ada. She's got so much to tell me but we've got so little a time to talk about it. If what she's saying is true, kindly do a little mail just to ensure me that she's not trying to play a fast one on me.
Have the best of the day.

First of all please accept my apologies. When you called me I was in a frantic rush trying to get everything ready from my trip back home and when I got back I have been sucked straight into madness at work. What did she say to you? I will try my best to unravel any mysteries. CaramelD

Thanks for the swift response. Actually, she started by telling me so many good things about one of her cousins but ended up telling me that she's full of loneliness. Refusing a hand of friendship doesn't sound reasonable to me so I accepted it with all honesty.
But it all sounded more like a mystery and fallacy cos she was telling me you wanted to settle down with someone down here. Sincerely, it didn't sound cool to me cos I see no reasons for it and I've not seen, even the image of the person in question. Anyway, as her friend, I couldn't let her feel bad cos she was full of enthusiasm about the whole thing.
My questions are:
Why would you want to go for someone down here when there are so many good ones there?
I sent you a text message, why didn't you respond to it?
Where are you, what are doing, and what are your expectations from a true friend?
I've got so many questions to ask, but taking it in bits will be better.
Have the best of the day.

Good evening,
Thank you very much for your illuminating and alarming email. I think wires have been crossed here. Please do not trouble yourself on my account. I am not 'full of loneliness', and I have no burning desire to go man shopping in Nigeria. Consider this a comedy of errors and I wish you all the best for the year.

Miss Delight

Good morning.
Thanks for your response. Atleast it has shown the type of friend I have in Ada. I'm sincerely sorry for bothering you with all those things I wrote.
Frankly speaking, I'm not going to take it light with her. I hate been taken for a ride.
Have the best of the best.

I am going to call my Dad and ask him to politely tell the lady to back off! I hope the guy shouts at her, next time she will think twice before shooting her mouth! Which kind stupid loneliness? Where did she hear that one? As for desparately seeking a man at home, I have a sneaking suspiscion that my Dad must have said something to her! Na wa oh! I will get to the bottom of this!
I cried last night.

I was on the phone to my friend talking about other things and I started and couldn't stop until the weight in my chest had lifted.

I lied too. I lied to my friends when I hung out with them in Lagos. CK (who reads my blog) said that it sounded like Baked Beans had broken my resilience and I said no! Never! But the cracks were already there but I was holding them together. I didn't want one person to have the power to ruin my whole holiday. But now I'm back and couldn't pretend anymore hence the unexpected crying last night.

I feel better and I can write now.

It's hilarious reading my old posts where my biggest problem was whether I was going to sleep with him or not, or what I would say when we had our 'talk'! HA! I hardly even saw the boy. It all went to hell in a hand basket.

I saw him a grand total of three times in 10 days. The first time he was in a rush and zoomed in to get some things that were his from London. I didn't think I would see him that day, was in my towel and hurriedly dressed (so much for looking like a million bucks).

The second time (aaarrrggghhh). My cousin had a barbecue, an intimate all night type of thing. I live in my Grandfather's palace and they lock the gates at 11 for security so my cousin said I could come home with her and her hubby. Just that evening armed robber had done their usual and three people were killed nearby so everyone was keeping put and staying safe.

In comes BB and after saying hi and getting a drink proceeds to make me feel like the only glass of water in the desert! If I can hold that moment for ever I would. The way he looked at! Then he says slip away, spend the night with me, just be with me... CHAI! SEE MY LIFE!

I explain that I would want nothing more but not tonight. I have nothing on me (only phone), I'm staying with my older cousin so she will stretch her neck to look for me and that I can't slip away at 1 am in the morning. He asked and asked and I begged him to understand that I couldn't. The guy left and vexed for me for about four days......

We would talk briefly on the phone. Add in a couple of arguments and over polite chit chat. When I saw him for the last time it was at his sister's house (she is married to my cousin) I had spent the night there and we got a chance to be alone upstairs (we were using the Internet). The boy would blow hot, then cold! Pull me close (then two minutes later) ignore me. When I was done with the Internet and wanted to go back downstairs, he wouldn't let me to the point of hands wandering under my top (cough cough). Then he told me to move off his lap he wants to read football news!

That was it!I didn't talk to him on the way home. I asked him if I was the only one excited that I was seeing him, he said no, that he was excited but that party night killed his mood! I left for Lagos two days later.

You see the thing is that I can't shout! I have no platform to. I'm not a friend, I'm not a girlfriend... what am I? I'm someone who by his lack of communication he has hurt very much. He refuses to talk to me properly and I have been forced to reel myself in properly before I get completely undone.

All those months of talking of fears and dreams and hopes, seem to belong to a stranger they don't belong to me. I have come to the conclusion that I have to stay to myself for now and get my mind right. I deserve someone who wants ME, not someone for who I'm a convenience. I wish I knew what was going on in his head but my pride won't let me ask again, it is enough. There is only so much rejection I can handle. I think I saw this coming but not like this and not hurting this much.
Catching a dance troupe at my cousin's traditional wedding was great because I love them so much but never get a chance to see any. The ladies were on fire. I am inspired. I'm going to start one at my town association here in London. These dances are in danger of dying out with my generation of Nigerian girls (women) especially those of us that live abroad.

Same goes for Adanma (dancing masquerade) also at that the same wedding. The masquerade and my Mum did a dance off! Hilarious! Will try and get the video from my cousin.

A major highlight was being with my brother(centre with his cousins). He will be 5 in May and we can have better conversations as he gets older. I have already started his education on life (the important things like Neyo, Timberland and Ludacris) and he loves P-Square and Timaya! I loved sitting with him most evenings and going through his words and letters. We still have issues with numbers, apparently '90' comes after '49'......

Manicures and pedicures at 1/5th the London prices! Can I get a witness?

Last but not least were seeing my friends and old colleagues. Facebook and phone calls can only go so far!! My cousin's children are also growing at an alarming rate and it was good to see them running around, and also noisy! LOL

Happy New Year!!!!

I don miss una die! I'm not being at all dramatic, I was in withdrawal because I didn't have Internet near me or available at convenient times (ie when I'm not at a wedding)!!!

How is everybody? Do grains of jollof rice still sing in your blood stream? ?  Have you figured out what to do with that dodgy sweater you got as a present? Are you still warm and tingly from being surrounded by loved ones you haven't seen in a while (and the booze)? I am in Lagos and will be flying back tmrw morning. I have a friend's wedding to attend today and will be horribly late :)

Coming home was good for my soul. I have so much to tell you and will do so when I settle. For those who want to know, the whole man side of things was a disaster but whatever hurt that was caused to my psyche was mended by my friends ;) The joy in seeing them again cannot be described! Plus my taxi haggling skills are still good and I had boli!! Yipee!!!!

New Year Resolution: Call Father more often from London and get British driving license.