Who is the silly girl that has been cussing her friends saying that they are giving her the flu, only to realise that she has brought malaria back with her? Yep! me! Duh!!!!!!!

So I'm on one sexy drug like that can't remember the name and I'm at home cos I keep throwing up! (Lovely)!! Well I'm not going down with a fight but I am boreddddddd! Work is good for the soul I tell you, I have nothing to do at home! Funnily enough I'm not miserable, just pukey and headachey etc

So Doug tagged me with sexy English like this (na wa oh) and I have to tell two truths and one lie but that's so done man! Let's bump it up to three truths for entertainment's sake and you have to guess so here goes........

1. I've sang for Pope John Paul II in Rome.
2. I have worked with Kate Winslet.
3. I am going to have minor surgery later this year.
4. I nearly died in my Mum's womb.

I have to now tag people but everyone I know has done it. Let me see....... Okay let's go for the gents this time. AlooFar and Muse the spotlight is on you! Don't leave a sick girl hanging oh!

Other random thoughts in my head include:-

  • It's freezing outside. All cold winds and icy rain and grey dense clouds! Very Wuthering Heights!!
  • My boobs are bigger hence time to double the exercise (after my strength is back though!!)
  • Obama re-took his oath!!! Wow!!! I don't blame him shah! Before people start carrying his name in gossip that he stumbled over that line.
15 Responses
  1. I cant figure any of these out. Let me wait for pple that know you well to comment first, then I will know what to say

    But na 3 dem say and you did 4. I just put up mine too

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Hey babe! I only know two people in blogsville, so have a go it's fun LOL! I'm going to try yours now!

    I did four to be annonying!

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Hmmm, Will wait too....
    When is this cold ending....this is like the longest winter ever!


  4. miz-cynic Says:

    the first na lie.wy knows u rily might hv worked indirecty with kate winslet

  5. Uzezi Says:

    i think 2 is a lie.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am going to randomly guess that its number 3. This is completely random.

  7. Mista Jaycee Says:

    Get Well soon. Stop by my blog and vote for the Slinky!
    Mista Jaycee

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Hope you are ok now.

  9. Sally Says:

    orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... you could tag me! i am beginning to feel quite left out of all this tagging business!

    malaria! omg! no wonder you didnt show up last saturday. hope you feel better. that illness is nasty! take care of yourself!

  10. Shubby Doo Says:

    abeg release wasn't his was the cheif justice that caused the mistake which made obama stop in the first place...he put the word faithfully in the wrong obama stopped at that point and he gave the man a chance to say it correctly but the cheif justice didn't so obama followed is the 3rd in america history that the oath has been repeated for a similar mistake

    i think 4 is the lie

  11. Have to go for number one as the false one..... or maybe its just jealousy... lol....

  12. You know who this is Says:

    This is probably cheating cos I know you pretty well...3 is a lie. (How embarrasing will it be if I get this wrong!)

  13. Saved Girl Says:

    It's b/t #1 and #3...?