Catching a dance troupe at my cousin's traditional wedding was great because I love them so much but never get a chance to see any. The ladies were on fire. I am inspired. I'm going to start one at my town association here in London. These dances are in danger of dying out with my generation of Nigerian girls (women) especially those of us that live abroad.

Same goes for Adanma (dancing masquerade) also at that the same wedding. The masquerade and my Mum did a dance off! Hilarious! Will try and get the video from my cousin.

A major highlight was being with my brother(centre with his cousins). He will be 5 in May and we can have better conversations as he gets older. I have already started his education on life (the important things like Neyo, Timberland and Ludacris) and he loves P-Square and Timaya! I loved sitting with him most evenings and going through his words and letters. We still have issues with numbers, apparently '90' comes after '49'......

Manicures and pedicures at 1/5th the London prices! Can I get a witness?

Last but not least were seeing my friends and old colleagues. Facebook and phone calls can only go so far!! My cousin's children are also growing at an alarming rate and it was good to see them running around, and also noisy! LOL

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  1. ~Sirius~ Says:

    1 UNITED!!!!!!!!!!
    Man U for Life!
    Cute Little boys.....looks like they could start a war though.....

    Pretty nails...

  2. Shubby Doo Says:

    i want that ring...seems like you had fun...

    happy new year

  3. mizchif Says:

    I have the exact same purple cocktail ring, but in a smaller size tho.

    And that first picture of the women dancing in their "mkpuru oka" wrapper...memories....reminds me of my mum getting dressed for village meeting.

  4. CaramelD Says:

    Happy New Year ladies, don't mind me and blogger! There are meant to be words with that post but it didn't publish! Will sort it out soon :)

  5. Please find that video of the dance off! i know its good!!!!!

    "Manicures and pedicures at 1/5th the London prices! Can I get a witness?"



  6. badderchic Says:

    this girl you yellow o! lol

  7. ibiluv Says:

    i'm with

  8. CaramelD Says:

    @ Sirus, my Dad is trying to usurp Alex Ferguson.

    @Shubby Doo, Happy New Year too! Are you are jewellery freak like me?

    @Mizchif,my Mum used to go for those meetings too with their uniform LOL We even have one here in London.

    @StandTall, Happy New Year!! Man U for life!

    @SoloDelle, I shall try my best to procure the video at all costs :)

    Badderchic!!!! Happy New Year! Na the way God make me oh! Wetin man pikin go do?

  9. Abujamaiden Says:

    Those dances have carried themselves to the US though. Most big colleges with Nigerians have traditional dance eve with competitions even ajedo girls who don't dance in 9ja are getting down to drums and shekere....