Happy New Year!!!!

I don miss una die! I'm not being at all dramatic, I was in withdrawal because I didn't have Internet near me or available at convenient times (ie when I'm not at a wedding)!!!

How is everybody? Do grains of jollof rice still sing in your blood stream? ?  Have you figured out what to do with that dodgy sweater you got as a present? Are you still warm and tingly from being surrounded by loved ones you haven't seen in a while (and the booze)? I am in Lagos and will be flying back tmrw morning. I have a friend's wedding to attend today and will be horribly late :)

Coming home was good for my soul. I have so much to tell you and will do so when I settle. For those who want to know, the whole man side of things was a disaster but whatever hurt that was caused to my psyche was mended by my friends ;) The joy in seeing them again cannot be described! Plus my taxi haggling skills are still good and I had boli!! Yipee!!!!

New Year Resolution: Call Father more often from London and get British driving license.

2 Responses
  1. Abujamaiden Says:

    Hopefully, you enjoyed the wedding.

    Safe Journey!!!!

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Caramel D!!!!

    Unleash the main stories, sounds like you have a lot to rattle about.

    Ps: why do I have a feeling Murphy's law caught up with you- Man issues.