CaramelD looking for my e-ticket booking but have accidentally on purpose stumbled on my little corner of Eden. I'm packed sort off and I think I have used shoes to over compensate for my 'I don't feel attractive state of mind'. My parents keep calling because they have forgotten stuff in London and I'm meant to bring it so I keep unzipping!!!!

I have to run to the shops because I need batteries for my torch (NEPA preparations) and I'm sluggish and bloated because I'm late aarrggghhh!

OK OK OK I'm going to leave and get on with things so I can return and type quickly about Christmas day before I travel. See the drama! After all these months of non-Ex Hottie stories it all kicked off on Christmas and I have witnesses. I'm telling you, you try and mind your business and people want to start something!!!!


PS I hope you are all are doing fine xxxxxx
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  1. doug Says:

    "non-Ex Hottie" oh common. Don't be so melodramatic. You consider yourself an Ex-Hottie? lol

    How was your Christmas day?

    Nigeria welcomes you!!!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Doug no no no no no no! I'm not Ex-hottie, that's the name for a guy that has been the cause of headaches and heartaches ;) Check the archives!

    I haven't cleaned the house!

  3. doug Says:

    Go and clean the house!!!! Then get your behind off to Naija!!!!

    PS: Would you like to have the Ex whacked? I've got people who know people

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    so, when do we get to read this gist ehn?

  5. Naija Bunny Says:

    Merry Christmas in arrears and a Prosperous New Year!!!

  6. doug Says:

    Are you in Naija now, Caramel?

  7. Well, hope you had a most wonderful Xmas and i guess it's about time you told about this ex hottie starting something.
    Haba! We dey talk Xmas, you dey talk wacking somebody!

  8. Afrobabe Says:

    You off to naija???

    probably there by

    Have a nice one babes...

  9. Chari Says:

    loool..u for stay naa...c ur head...

  10. Mista Jaycee Says:

    Happy New Year! Safe Travel!
    Mista Jaycee

  11. ibiluv Says:

    lol at your having to unzip......

    lol at your nepa preparations

    you'll enjoy the heat...*wink*

  12. CaramelD Says:


    Did everyone have a good time? I'm in Naija!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! I'm hot and loving it! i can go outside without a coat! Hurray! I'm in my village oh! I just got my hands on a laptop and I'm loving the comments LOL! I'm going to try and put up a post but the connection is a bit slooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww :)

  13. hope you had a wonderful time in Naija (assuming you have left).

    Happy new year!