Doug, my new blogsville BFF (LOL), asked in my last post, 'how you dey?', and I was about to type in fine, fine and I thought well actually no! I am slipping into bad habits that I promised myself after my last bout of illness that I wouldn't do.... I AM GETTING STRESSED!
Q: Why?
A: Because I am going home!

When ever I travel home from London, it needs the kind of planning that MI5 and the FBI would be proud of. Funding, logistics, infrastructure and public relations. Well not this time. I really can't give a rat's arse. My Mum always puts this pressure on me to make sure I have enough outfits, loose 5 stone, pack this and pack that, and make sure you have this present for so, so and so........

Well I say, F#*k it all !

When you now add all the Baked Beans drama (we had a nasty fight a couple of days ago, made me cry), the fact that my bum has gone nowhere, I am working right up till Christmas (have done nooooo shopping for myself and quite frankly probably won't be anymore) and my dear Dad is flying three days before me and making me run around for him too, well!!! A woman has limits!

So I Caramel Delight make this proclamation:

1. My hair is not fantastic
2. My body hasn't gone anywhere (see illustration above)
3. I'm not buying gifts for anyone (maybe sweets for the babies)
4. I'm not buying new clothes
5. I am reclaiming my sanity (JUST SAY NO TO STRESS)

So Doug, in answer to your question I am just peachy now :)

10 Responses
  1. Freaksho Says:

    sweetheart, you need to breathe.
    come on down, 9ja still sucks.
    by the way, you've been tagged. do the awards, baby.

  2. doug Says:

    Aww thaaaaanks Caramel, how sweet. Even though I had to google BFF So clueless, I am.

    If that illustration is anything to go by then trust me when I say your bum is 'A' okay *wink wink.

    Mom's can be quite annoying, I agree. Nigeria welcomes you!!!!

    A toast to the initiation of a mutual, err BFF! LOL

  3. awww.. am goin home in a couple of days too and it is hectic...i dont know if that helps.. like they say.. misery likes company.. dont worry bout nothing.. doesnt solve it either ways!

  4. hugs......... relax! breathe! dont worry, everything will be fine. i tell my mum wheneva i go home too, that if i dont buy stuff for people, they wont die!

  5. Buttercup Says:

    i know what u was such a task getting ready for my trip to naija..

    glad u intend taking it easy!

    1st time here!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Awww sorry dear. Just take it easy and DO ignore your mother and apologize profusely if she brings things up, I have learnt that this is best. Goodluck dear and remember to breathe.

  7. ShonaVixen Says:

    Yes...say no to stress!!!

  8. CaramelD Says:

    @Freaksho! I love Naija, I just don't like like the madness surrounding the trip LOL! Tag accepted, watch this space oh!

    @Doug, I was in hysterics that you had to google BFF ;)Also my bum thanks you !

    @Zara, have a safe trip and may all your luggage come with you Amen!

    @Funms, thanks for the understanding, meanwhile in which part of my luggage are the present smeant to enter ? LOL

    @Buttercup, welcome to the madhouse! Don't be a stranger!!

    @Temite, I don dey breathe oh! IN and OUT, In and OUT!

    @Shona, join the revolution! Just say no to stress...and drugs (obviously) LOL

  9. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Awwww wuzzums!!!!
    you know how we do: WHO CURRS!!!!!
    You only live once, don't sweat it.

  10. ibiluv Says:

    say no to stress

    pack what u need

    why does everyone expect gifts???