...yes I am! A big kiss (no fear, it's on the cheek) and a hug as well for all your comforting thoughts and wishes. I felt so low and I didn't know what to do with myself and then I'll come on my site and see comments and I would feel better (also with the help of pain killers and antibiotics). LOL

The doc said I had run myself down to the ground and to stay home for the rest of the week.

Errr no!

Two days was what I managed abeg. My Dad had gone into full Diva status and I couldn't be left alone. Also some things were really pressing at work, so here I am back in the saddle but being really calm and zen like about the whole thing.

So let me lay down the gist.....

At work they were missing me and feeling bad that I was using my phone to call in about certain issues that they ordered me a Blackberry! I will now join those annoying people that check their email on the train (hehehehe).

Also, last month I met a guy at a fancy dress party that I went to and I added him on FB to share pics etc. Out of the blue he sent me a message (which was a bit shocking), then I replied, then he replied, and it has been going like that all week :) I had forgotten the thrill of talking to someone new (who doesn't annoy you) and finding stuff you have in common and the thrill of subtle flirting ( I think) etc.

On a serious note, I came to work to find that I had made an error on a big press release! I was so shocked, because that is the cardinal sin for PR and Advertising. I really have to pull up my socks and be more careful in the future.

PS I don't think I'm feeling the Christmas spirit which is ironic as I am in charge of Secret Santa in my office! Ho ho ho !!!!
4 Responses
  1. deola Says:

    Are you really lost?
    Nice post

  2. Anonymous Says:

    HO HO HO to you to m feeling christmas as well.

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Hurray! Someone has a new gadget and a new thrill * cough'll be amazed as how your addiction to your BB will grow.....don't know about the guess is it's off the runway now and into the air.

    No more mistakes Dee....Thank God you found out on time.

    Secret Santa......I have a secret wish.

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @ Deola, on my journey through life yes I am lost .....

    @Re-Written, tis the season to be jolly!

    @ Sirus, what is your wish?