Stupid me on the phone to Baked Beans, Sunday evening.

CaramelD: Did you mean what you said this afternoon?

Baked Beans: Which part of what I said?

CaramelD: That you missed me?

Baked Beans: Of course I meant it [pause one beat] I miss all my friends!

CaramelD: Is that so?

Baked Beans: I hope you aren't getting soppy on me!


Chai I have suffered. This is the height! In the afternoon, he (that doesn't do emotional) told me he missed me and I thinking that it was one of his jokes, brushed it off and he got upset. So that evening I was asking if he had meant it. The reply is now to group me as friends shebi???!!!

It is all right! Let's roll out the friendship wagon. I will count how many of his friends he kisses, spends two hours on the phone to at 2am and freaks out on when they go on holiday and don't tell him! Friends my arse!!!

OK he should look for me this Christmas and will see how friendly I'll be! IDIOT!!!

This is entrapment! When I want to cool things off, this boy will not leave me alone. When I stay then this kind of nonsense! The last thing anyone would want to do is annoy this month because I will come out all guns blazing. I am in the mood and looking for a victim and he has just painted a giant bulls eye on his forehead!
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  1. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Don't you just love that word "Friends".....Te HE HE he.

    I see your vengeance in slow motion with 2 sliver Magnums in your hand shooting away.

    Don't worry girl you would have cooled off by the time you set foot on our side(because you are a woman).....but I really would have loved to hear about the action....LOL, Can't stop laughing.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    You see for once Sirus, I don't agree. That's my problem, I behaving like a woman! Let's switch it up: like Beyonce said, "If I was a boy".

    When I get back anything he wants to do to me he must also do with his friends. Romantic dinner, with his friends too. Kiss me? He must kiss his friends too. Touch me? You got it! He should call his boys and touch their chest and legs etc before he comes near me!

    You have no idea how angry I am! There is no cooling off here!

  3. you know who this is Says:

    Lol! Touch his friend's chest and legs...that's just freaking hilarious! Not a pretty picture though so I'll move away from that thought. Nwe ndidi, he's probably PMSing, lol. You know how I feel about this so I won't babble on (want me to spell it out?).

  4. Rita Says:

    i somehow think he missed you for real

  5. Afrobabe Says:

    lmao....kai...I feel ur pain...miss all his friends indeed....

    cool down jare...he is so not worth it...

  6. munirat Says:

    lmao!! friends...can mean a whole lot.. feel free to interpret it ur own way. after

  7. Twix! Says:

    lol, dont mind guys, some of them are really egocentric. I have learnt to stop asking "girly" questions like that (trust me, i was Queen of asking such questions) because more often than not, i dont get the desired responses so these days i sit back and wait for him to really say it and MEAN it. Silly set of people, lol.

  8. doug Says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! LOOOOOL!!!!

    [wipes a tear] Man, what a guy! Eeeeeyaaa sorry. Just tear him to shreds when you get the chance lol.
    By the way, this thing on your profile:
    "Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once:

    Moo, we love our county. Moo, we love our life. Moo, bless this country and take away all strife!

    Is about the most hilarious bit of creativity I have ever read. lol.

  9. doug Says:

    @Twix: "Sill set of people" ke? Babe, na wa for you o! E never reach dat level now! All dese women

  10. badderchic Says:

    Friend? Friend?

    Make sure you show him pepper o! lol

    dont mind me o!

  11. Freaksho Says:

    would you like me to execute him for you? i can offer you a handsome Christmas bonus. now available to all freak family and friends.

  12. Buki Says:

    Girl, just breathe in and out...but make sure you punish him for misyarnin...when next you see him, look like infini-llion dollars and don't even let him hug you. Just act a FRIEND.

  13. CaramelD Says:

    I am loving how the majority of comments are all about showing him pepper! LOL!! I love how you all think! My kind of people!!

    @Rita, my cousin agrees with you esp as it seems he was with his boys and wanted to do hard man! We will see!

    @Afrobabe, I'm still so very exicted to see you on blogsville after your absence that if you had written A-Z as your comment I wouldn't have cared LOL.

    @ Munirat, there is also so far I can spin that line and I should know, I'm in PR ;)

    @Twix, I hear you loud and clear!! Na him talk am first oh, then went to re-write the script later!

    @Doug, I think we are starting a mutual appreciation society, I love how you write! Your comment at Twix made me laugh! As a guy how would YOU handle it?

    @BadderChic, I will trust me jare!!

    @Freaksho! My darling thank you, but don't you see I have to do it myself if not the revenge won't be sweet!

    @Buki, it's the only way ...also to salvage my pride! Do they think it's easy??! thanks for stopping by :)

  14. La Reine Says:

    Lol @ you being so keen to show him pepper. At this rate, dude won' know what hit him!

  15. doug Says:

    @CaramelD: Wow! I'm honoured. Thank you!

    How would I handle it as a guy? I'm a rather proud person, so i'd take it quite personal but I wouldnt initially admit verbally that he hurt me. Instead I'd do what Buki suggested:

    "when next you see him, look like infini-llion dollars and don't even let him hug you. Just act a FRIEND."

    Once your pound of flesh is in the kitty, THEN get him to plainly state his motives with the 'touching' and all that. As I always say, there's NOTHING like clarity in these matters. You really don't want to be involved with a guy who equivocates.

    But then, I'm not the very best relationship counsellor. :P

  16. Ha ha ha ha, rubbish nonsense. All that fronting sef, na wa for Baked Beans o.