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  1. doug Says:

    [wipes a tear]

    Omo, that lady must have had something to blog about when she got

  2. oh dear!! lmao!!! y did he have to be a man of the cloth? lol.. i had such hopes for him.. her.. me! hehehe

  3. ibiluv Says:


    this is hilarious!!!!!!

  4. doug Says:

    eeeeyaaa! Sorry about your cousin. His mom must have been devastated. A mass grave??!!! Those people deserve to die very slow.

  5. CaramelD Says:

    Glad you had a laugh! The title of the video is actually, 'A Catholic Girl's Worst Nightmare' LOL!

    @Doug, we are having a cross post moment! Thanks shah, God dey!

  6. ROFL LMFAO LWKMD. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I love it!! :D