Give me pills in my hand keep me working
Give me pills in my hand I pray.
Give me pills in my hand keep me working,
Keep me working 'til the pain goes away!

Sing Panadol!
Sing Nurofen!
Sing Co-drydramol if bad!

Sing Panadol!
Sing Nurofen!
Sing Co-drydramoooolllll.

I thought we ladies could do with a laugh  :)

CaramelD 2013
You all are just going to have to bear with me because I think I'm cracking up. I'm experiencing what might be a mini panic attack. I was fine when I got up this morning but I walked into work, got one email and I just lost it. I can't hide it any more, not even from myself. I have to leave my job.

Good Lord I feel like I'm suffocating. I don't want to be here any more. Right now, I'm at my desk and half the team are at a meeting and our two designers are across the room and I'm hoping they don't come over because they will see that I'm tearing up. I can't call my friends because if I do I will full scale start crying.

I haven't been full on with my applications and the ones I did send I didn't get any follow through from. I'm going to have to stop everything and pour all my energies into finding a new position. Forget what you heard, this woman can't multi-task. There are so many 'sort myself' projects I'm on and quite frankly it's looking quite shit.

My reaction today is really shocking me. I'm pressing my feet into ground to stop myself walking out because even if I go for a walk, I might not come back. If it has reached like this, then it's time to go. I have been dedicating so much time trying to help my brother meanwhile my Dad is here meant to be helping out but all I can see is someone adding to my work load. Well I'm done with that for now, anyhow my folks want to raise their son, they can carry go.

I'm so stressed, my face is covered in red spots and my period has vanished (again)! I am TRYING to relax, I went to Zurich and it was awesome and I and my cousins want to do mini breaks all summer in Britain but all the good these trips do are vaporised in the heat of my everyday life.

It also takes so much energy to put a calm exterior and be all professional and crap. Just breathe it out. Lord Jesus!