I'm a cotton knickers high leg/thongs kind of girl. So everytime I wear a sexy lingerie combo something also goes off plan!


So here I am, in a lace set that was more sexy than practical, with my left foot wrapped in a bandage and a guy who I am very sure thinks I was lying as his voice was so cold on the phone.

This year needs to finish!

I categorically told my friend about three weeks ago, that I was quite tired of trying to figure men out so that I was taking a break from the whole thing and I wanted to be by myself and figure out what I want. Fast forward to this week and that is obviously not happening.
I don't want to go on and on about this, we have to get ready for Jesus' birthday but there is this one guy who is really winding me up. As in I am ready to politely tell him to just forget the whole thing. He is soooo 'in your face', very full on. I think he thinks that he is being charming but it's not working. The following phrases don't help:
  • What did you find attractive about me? (The day after I started speaking to him!!)
  • You should be happy that your husband called you this morning (day two)
  • I have come to break the curse of your singleness (WTF???)
  • I wonder why I never thought of fat girls, you girls are really doing it for me of late (ewo)
  • When was the last time you had sex? (I told him off for that)

With the last one why I blew my top was that I had spoken to him three times and this question came out. Haba!! Am I out of the loop? Is this bulldozer form of courtship all the rage right now? What happened to just talking and getting a 'feel' of the other person through normal discussions? For example a former object of my desire really caught my interest when I learnt he had a massive music collection that included Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. I remember thinking, "now this is someone I need to know properly"!!

Anyway I won't harp on, but if you hear I decked someone with my handbag and I'm in custody please gather bail money for me shah.

As you all burn your fingers on ovens, drive at random hours to the airport to pick up relatives, run out of sellotape on the last present, realise you have 6 weddings to attend on the 26th, forget the words to the carols at Midnight Mass and sleep on the fold out bed because your Aunty has taken your bedroom...................

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!


I would really like to know.

Do you have days when you feel like you have been beaten with a wet fish?

I know men don't have PMS, don't get bloated, don't struggle to get dressed for work when they realise that all their trousers won't zip, don't get ridicuoulsy horny for no reason (well errmmm actually), don't turn down Chrsitmas party invitations because they look pregnant in ALL their sexy party wear, don't get highly irratated with even the smallest things, don't dream about a hot water bottle and their bed by about 4pm, don't crave sweet things randomly and don't have backache for a week out of every month.

But do men have ugly days like I do?

As I type this I am also using style to shuffle on my office chair to get at the itchy bits on the back of my legs. Also my fingertips. And my right ankle. Ohhh and ear lobe.

I am the unfortunate victim to an allergic reaction to the malaria medication I was given at home. In fact I think the medicine dealt with me more than the malaria ever did. I have been back a week and I have spent it lying down, popping anti-histamines and rubbing all sorts of lotions on my body. I feel so bad, my doctor cheerfully told me that that is what poisoning feels like!!

I'm back and I thank God that I went and came safely and I have plenty of society wedding gist (break out the copies of Ovation or Ovulation as my friend called it) for you guys but first off the bat let us get the bad news out of the way.....

I am using God's name to beg anyone who reads this to please don't drink and drive. Even worse don't enter the car of someone who is over the limit. Let them kill themselves but stay where you are. It's not worth it.


We lost two friends on the night of the wedding. All four of the men in the car had been drinking and the driver had been begged on three seperate occasions not to drive but he still insisted. The driver and the other guy in front had their seatbelts on but the men in the back didn't, they were the ones who didn't make it. Over night a house of celebration went into mourning and now my friend's wedding anniversary will also be the day she lost two friends.

So please think this Christmas season. Take a taxi or stay put. Get a designated driver or just don't drink if you really want to drive your car.

For this and other reasons I am feeling very un-Christmas like.

My manager has just caught me scratching! I'm on Piriton but it's not working. Any other ideas?

Off to read blog posts during my lunch break.