As I type this I am also using style to shuffle on my office chair to get at the itchy bits on the back of my legs. Also my fingertips. And my right ankle. Ohhh and ear lobe.

I am the unfortunate victim to an allergic reaction to the malaria medication I was given at home. In fact I think the medicine dealt with me more than the malaria ever did. I have been back a week and I have spent it lying down, popping anti-histamines and rubbing all sorts of lotions on my body. I feel so bad, my doctor cheerfully told me that that is what poisoning feels like!!

I'm back and I thank God that I went and came safely and I have plenty of society wedding gist (break out the copies of Ovation or Ovulation as my friend called it) for you guys but first off the bat let us get the bad news out of the way.....

I am using God's name to beg anyone who reads this to please don't drink and drive. Even worse don't enter the car of someone who is over the limit. Let them kill themselves but stay where you are. It's not worth it.


We lost two friends on the night of the wedding. All four of the men in the car had been drinking and the driver had been begged on three seperate occasions not to drive but he still insisted. The driver and the other guy in front had their seatbelts on but the men in the back didn't, they were the ones who didn't make it. Over night a house of celebration went into mourning and now my friend's wedding anniversary will also be the day she lost two friends.

So please think this Christmas season. Take a taxi or stay put. Get a designated driver or just don't drink if you really want to drive your car.

For this and other reasons I am feeling very un-Christmas like.

My manager has just caught me scratching! I'm on Piriton but it's not working. Any other ideas?

Off to read blog posts during my lunch break.
15 Responses
  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of this loss! I hope your message reaches anyone who thinks that drinking and driving is no big deal. May these poor men's souls rest in peace.

    I'm glad you're back safe and sound...sorry about your allergic reaction.

    In case you need a recommendation for a malaria pill...the one I use without issue is Mefloquine. You have to start using it before you leave for Nigeria but it works like a charm.

  2. Rita Says:

    OMG...this loss is so sad...gosh! Sorry oh.

    For your itching, if you can get your hands on coconut in the milk from fresh coconut, it will help.

    Sorry about the itching. you an do small break dance in the office for them :-)

  3. leggy Says:

    you already went to nigeria?
    na wa oh.
    im glad you went and came back safely.

  4. Sugarking Says:

    Ah! i didn't even ask you yet, I hope you brought Gala o! Sorry about the Malaria too. And why are you at work sef? didn't you get some sick leave? Maybe you should scratch more in front of your oga, and tell him you've probably got the swine for good measure. That's definitely going to work trust me.

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    Ndo o! U breezed in and out of Nigeria really fast o!
    So sad to hear about those folks. My condolences to all.

    Welcome back!

  6. Myne Whitman Says:

    Thank God for safe trip for you. I hope the piriton kicks in and stops the itch, don't know any alternatives.

    I'm sorry about your friend, such stories of mourning in the midst of celebration leave a sour taste in the mouth. I have heard of brides who lost their grooms on wedding days too. Mayy God console everybody.

  7. Freaksho Says:

    the saddest thing i've heard this year. my condolences.
    and i feel you on the itching. just thinking about it is making ME itch.

  8. Enkay Says:

    This is such sad news!!!
    So sorry dear!

    As for the itching, you'll just have to ride it out o! pele!

  9. CaramelD Says:

    OK I have a confession to make. Normally when I get comments on my blog I get an email message too so I monitor my comments from my inbox. For some reason this isn't working so I thought that no one had commented on my post. I was so distraught! I won't lie it was deep! Then I signed on this morning at work and saw your lovely comments oh how I love all of you!!!! I could you all right now. In fact...pucker up!

  10. akaBagucci Says:

    Oh dear... Sad... Piriton never worked for me though.. I think SugarKing's tactic might earn you a few more days of rest... if you really want it though..

  11. mizchif Says:

    Back already?

    Sad to hear about the death. I hope people would learn from this story and be
    more responsible. Don't put your life in the hands of a drunk driver.

  12. LucidLilith Says:

    Ick! I hate makes me itch too. I have not had malaria in a long time.

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @ GNG, thank you. I will try Mefloquine next time.

    @ Rita, in London where will we see fresh coconut milk? Hmm it will be in a carton with all sorts of additives. Thank you for the help though I have been dancing for them in the office small small :)

    @ Leggy, yes poppet, I am a Nigerian Ninja! In and out sharp sharp.

    @ Sugarking, sorry oh no Gala. What about wedding cake? I can't lie with swine flu oh! Some things are just too much to call their name anyhow. They gave me two days off, let me go back to work before they sack me:)

    @ Nice Anon, Ezigbo nwannem thank you. Glad to be back. I might need another holiday though.

    @ Myne, thank you. I know what you mean. The shock in the house was so much. In God we try and find comfort. I'm so behind on your blog! I need a day to catch up :(

    @ Freaksho, thank you darling. The itching is now just hands and feet, scratch away jo! LOL!

    @ Enkay, I'm trying oh my sister.

    @DannyB, I'm not too sure about Piriton either.

    @ Mizchif, yes oh it was just two weeks. I hope people think about it too. It was a senseless death.

    @ Lucidlilith, cute picture!! It is sulphur that I am reacting too apparently. Didn't even know I was allergic to the damn thing!

  14. SHE Says:

    OH! You’ve been to Nigeria and back already?!


    Sorry about the loss. But you see, when a person is drunk, they don’t usually admit it! And sometimes they feel very "strong and courageous", and are more likely to want to drive...

    The itching will go. Nothing helps apart from time.
    That’s my time tested pessimistic opinion.

  15. ManCee Says:

    Plenty of fluids
    Lots of 'scratch-tact' *chuckle*
    And you'll manage just fine.
    Sorry dearie.