I'm a cotton knickers high leg/thongs kind of girl. So everytime I wear a sexy lingerie combo something also goes off plan!


So here I am, in a lace set that was more sexy than practical, with my left foot wrapped in a bandage and a guy who I am very sure thinks I was lying as his voice was so cold on the phone.

This year needs to finish!
18 Responses
  1. mizchif Says:

    Errr, i doesn't understood.

    You sprained your ankle?

    Please come back and explain.

  2. phallatio Says:

    Oh, dear. Puerly coincidence, I assure you. Don't lose faith in sexy underwear! x

  3. ManCee Says:

    Dear Dear,
    Sure you KNOW you have to explainthis to us mere mortals, eh?

  4. BSNC Says:

    what actually happened babe.. lol this year will finish soon, not to worry.

  5. CaramelD Says:

    On my way out, my ankle is burning. I had to turn back and my day was shot to hell.

  6. Myne Whitman Says:

    What happened to the ankle? And hope the guy understands...

  7. shorty Says:

    Please come back and explain more.

  8. Nice Anon Says:

    You broke your ankle while trying to put the underwear on?


  9. CaramelD Says:

    No guysssssssss. I hurt my foot last night. It was throbbing but I was cool. Today was my hot lingerie day but I couldn't make it to the station even! So I turned back. My bra is being wasted on my friend's couch. She just told me to put my breasts away!

  10. RocNaija Says:

    So did he think you were lying about wearing sexy lingerie or about your ankle being all wrapped up?
    Or about you lying on a couch on your own?!

    *Scratches head*

  11. CaramelD Says:

    LMAO!!! This post is proving quite difficult!

    @Girl with the Red Hair, I'm sorry babe!

    @Roc Naija, at the fact that my ankle hurt and I had to cancel. The lingerie was meant to be a surprise ;)

  12. N.I.M.M.O Says:

    Okay! Now I get it.

    Sorry. Keep the lingerie surprise for another day.

    (Wo)Man no die, (wo) man no rotten.

  13. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Kpekele Kpekele.......

    *Shakes Head*

    You owe me A lot of back logged gist!

  14. Ms. 'dufa Says:

    Pele dear. Hope ur ankle's better now. Darn ankle! LOL

  15. leggy Says:

    lol..dont you just hate it when things dont work our way.
    hope you have a nice new year.

  16. Sassy Trends Says:

    Happy new year luv...

  17. ibiluv Says:

    oh dear

    i dey imagine how greatly disappointed he must be

    he must have also had a great surprise in store for you

    happy new year dearie