I categorically told my friend about three weeks ago, that I was quite tired of trying to figure men out so that I was taking a break from the whole thing and I wanted to be by myself and figure out what I want. Fast forward to this week and that is obviously not happening.
I don't want to go on and on about this, we have to get ready for Jesus' birthday but there is this one guy who is really winding me up. As in I am ready to politely tell him to just forget the whole thing. He is soooo 'in your face', very full on. I think he thinks that he is being charming but it's not working. The following phrases don't help:
  • What did you find attractive about me? (The day after I started speaking to him!!)
  • You should be happy that your husband called you this morning (day two)
  • I have come to break the curse of your singleness (WTF???)
  • I wonder why I never thought of fat girls, you girls are really doing it for me of late (ewo)
  • When was the last time you had sex? (I told him off for that)

With the last one why I blew my top was that I had spoken to him three times and this question came out. Haba!! Am I out of the loop? Is this bulldozer form of courtship all the rage right now? What happened to just talking and getting a 'feel' of the other person through normal discussions? For example a former object of my desire really caught my interest when I learnt he had a massive music collection that included Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. I remember thinking, "now this is someone I need to know properly"!!

Anyway I won't harp on, but if you hear I decked someone with my handbag and I'm in custody please gather bail money for me shah.

As you all burn your fingers on ovens, drive at random hours to the airport to pick up relatives, run out of sellotape on the last present, realise you have 6 weddings to attend on the 26th, forget the words to the carols at Midnight Mass and sleep on the fold out bed because your Aunty has taken your bedroom...................

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

17 Responses
  1. Fabulo-la Says:

    lol. Happy xmas and merry new year babes!

  2. My World Says:

    Happy holidays girl!

  3. shorty Says:

    Merry christmas and Happy new year.Please don't deck anyone with your handbag

  4. Myne Whitman Says:

    My eyes just got wider and wider from the second question down? WTH? LOL, but I've heart that sometimes such aggravations in the beginning spell the altar, so more Tehehehe...

    Merry Christmas sweetie and give him a chance.

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    He lacks what an aunt of mine calls " Manner of approach" or he just maybe too cocky or don't know how to put things into words.

    Have a very merry xmas!

  6. ibiluv Says:

    he's just plain crazy

  7. leggy Says:

    he is just too cocky.he thinks he is doing you a favor.
    merry christmas dear.

  8. TayneMent Says:

    You speak the truth jo, most men of nowadays seem to have the mentality of "messiah" as in they are saving you from "singledom", so they think it gives them a free pass to do and say whatever. Enjoy your break and have a happy holiday!

  9. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Where on earth is that one from???

    Merry Christmas Love!!!!

  10. SHE Says:

    What nonsense! From just ONE person? He deserves to be knocked on the head with 6-inch heels. LOL

    Enjoy yourself lady.

  11. mizchif Says:

    Like seriously, WTF????

    Decking him with your handbag is clearly very mild punishment,he deserves worse. Anu mpama!

  12. Ms. 'dufa Says:

    Same to you too dear!!!

    Lol@that guy, he really needs to be told off.

  13. Sassy Trends Says:

    Merry Xmas in arrears dear...

  14. ManCee Says:

    I agree with Nice Anon, no 'manner of approach'. lol
    But I hear that stuff trips some...something about being upfront and honest etc. (but meeen...that soon?)
    Of course, please do the handbag thing, just take care NOT to hurt your pretty nails dear.
    Lol about an aunt taking ur bed, for all its worth your christmas sounds like near have people to 'trouble' you like that..

  15. CaramelD Says:

    @Mancee, that was not my Christmas. It was just my imagination.

    @My sweet darlings.... This is an update. The guy hasn't called since I politely told him that he shouts at me during his phone conversations. He said he was joking and I said 'cool'. I tried to have a semi normal conversation but it didn't work:) I thank God for his mercies.

  16. doll Says:

    did someone really ask those questions? he deserved to be spat on! am so pissed

    Happy new year!

  17. miz-cynic Says:

    at the risk of sounding super razz.what is wrong wiv tht guy?
    on siere ni?