Hey get this, I have Internet on the last day of the year which means I can squeeze in one more entry before the New Year !!!!! Yeah for me !!!!

I am in Lagos even though I am meant to be living it up in my hometown (I am very serious as I write this). I rushed down to Lagos after there were very persistent rumours about an NYSC head count. Very narky these things!! Basically you turn up, they give you your allowance in cash instead of bank deposit and then you sign your name, then those who weren't there have to give a serious excuse why you were out of state/country. Something along the lines of (my leg was chopped off by a rabid dog).

So I left my stuff in my hometown and ran down for a couple of days only to find that THERE WAS NO HEAD COUNT!!! What there was though were two queries from work about why I was absent on the 24th and 27th (silly cows) so I am now back at work to make sure they don't find an excuse to mess up my last days as a corper!!!

So much to tell you and I promise I will but for now let's thank God and party hard we made it at the end of one year and we are good to go for another!!!
In the words of Pink, I'm not dead! Really it's a case of not having time or Internet access. I wish I had my blog attached permanently to my brain. I find that I need this site more than ever in my life! I am being overtaken by events and I couldn't type fast enough to recount everything that has happened this month!

December 2007 will always be the month that I grew up sharp sharp! I have joy, toughness, tears, sleepless nights and I have found that I am not doe eyed as I thought! The main lesson for the month though is not to rush into anything, take your time and evaluate the situation ladies and gentlemen, you won't be sorry you did.

Can you imagine though? It's the end of the flipping year. I remember when I first came and how sad I was, wishing for the months to past, rejoicing when a new calendar page was torn off, wondering if this country and I were going to ever have a calm relationship..... Now it is the end of the year and I have amassed a few things:

  • New fantastic friends I hope to have in my life always
  • Four serious bouts of illness (bloody tropics)
  • Tougher attitude
  • A love of hankies (handles the dust and heat)
  • New found knowledge that I am able to attract non-idiots and non-psychos
  • New found knowledge of stocks and investments (courtesy of the job)
  • New found knowledge of MEN (my eye has opened!!)

HA! It is also time to head east to my hometown, I catching a ride with my big cousin. Bring on the family visits, numerous weddings and THE TALK with my Dad. Hmmmmm

Unfortunately I'm leaving behind a la boyfriend as I head home for the holidays. The problem is that the separation is coming after our first fracas and already I wonder if I feel as cherished as I was promised to be. We'll see, won't we ? It's all a learning curve and I'm a sharp student :0)

Wishing all who read this (the five of you) a blessed and happy Christmas. Who knows I might be able to get my hands on the web , if not I'll catch you all in the New Year !!!


Hey does anyone know how many times I have tried to write this post ? 5 times !!! 5 times!!!

What happens is that I start then I get really mushy, then I try and read it back and I swear it's making no sense!! Haba !!! So much for writing skills , my Masters in Communication ain't looking too good right now.

So what now? I'm trying to impart information for memories and fortitude but can't get past two lines or so! So I decided to go old school on myself. Time for some of that British stiff upper lip, if I impart the basics then maybe I can get a grip on myself, so here goes:-

  • Name :- Baby/Sweetheart
  • Age:- Nearly 28
  • Nationality:- Naija
  • Job:- Graphic designer (and a very good one too!)
  • Personality:- Stubborn, kind, warm, caring, calm, intense, an absolute sweetie (OK I'm gushing again)
  • Looks:- Really tall, cane rows, deep eyes, fit body, sexy smile (I've started again)

Okay you see, I'm not fit to let loose in cyberspace. I'm not sure that he will read this and this might be a good thing as I'm in for a lot of teasing from my friends that read my blog as it is :0)

Aha! I have conquered the initial introduction phase without melting into a pool of mush. More to come later in bits but for now I really have to work!!!

Wow, I really do not know where to begin...

It has been so long, blog wise. Well I have been sick, sick, sick, sick. It was the kind of sickness that would make you wonder what the heck is going on with you body. Oh boy basically I had malaria and an upper respiratory infection according to the doctor. When I heard I thought I would be able to handle it but really, I underestimated for sure.

First of all the bloody fever!! I felt like my skin was paper thin and hot. My eyeballs felt dry and rough. I kept sponging myself down but it wouldn't quit. I was popping paracetamol like candy. Then the flipping runny nose and cough!!! Luckily the runny nose stopped after two days but not after non stop blowing of my nose which then resulted in sores! Yeah, I know really sexy.......

I got better though, slowly but surely my body righted itself out with a little TLC. Not from Phoenix, she was sick too (hers was the flu from hell) nope my TLC came from a brand new direction......