Hey get this, I have Internet on the last day of the year which means I can squeeze in one more entry before the New Year !!!!! Yeah for me !!!!

I am in Lagos even though I am meant to be living it up in my hometown (I am very serious as I write this). I rushed down to Lagos after there were very persistent rumours about an NYSC head count. Very narky these things!! Basically you turn up, they give you your allowance in cash instead of bank deposit and then you sign your name, then those who weren't there have to give a serious excuse why you were out of state/country. Something along the lines of (my leg was chopped off by a rabid dog).

So I left my stuff in my hometown and ran down for a couple of days only to find that THERE WAS NO HEAD COUNT!!! What there was though were two queries from work about why I was absent on the 24th and 27th (silly cows) so I am now back at work to make sure they don't find an excuse to mess up my last days as a corper!!!

So much to tell you and I promise I will but for now let's thank God and party hard we made it at the end of one year and we are good to go for another!!!
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  1. ManCee Says:

    you sef...
    Well, thats what you get when you work with cows...

  2. One_Love Says: