Superted is a children's tv superhero of my youth. He was an abandoned toy bear who was given magic powers through cosmic dust or something.... can't remember. His sidekick was an alien called Spotty. A yellow man covered with spots.


For real. No honestly. The worst of the allergic reaction has passed and the antibiotics obviously worked but now my beautiful skin is hidden under a sprinkling of odd shaped circles. I hope it will fade but the question is when. I also believe that this is the mother of all mood killers. This is God trying to save my morality because there is no way I'm having any fun sessions with my Cuddle Buddy (copyright pending Caramel Delight 2010) with my skin looking like this, abeg!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend (for those that it reached shah).

PS Shame shame shame on Transport for London for working on no less that 9 tube lines this weekend!! How are we going to get around?

PPS Watch this space for some very good news coming soon [shhhhhhhhh].

PPPS Oh I lost a stone/6.5kg/14lbs. Two more stone to go! Go team. I shall not sprint like the hare, I shall walk slowly like the tortoise :)
How is that possible? At some point in the day my stomach can't be empty four times, surely! Anyway that is how the Doc told me to take the antibiotics she prescribed for the awful allergic reaction I got to who knows what during my friend's wedding weekend.

NOT SEXY !!!!!!!

She also gave me a cream to rub over all the spots but (as flexible as I am) I can't reach the ones on my back! So to all of you who just quarrelled with your significant other and nearly bashed them with the frying pan/remote control, at least you have someone to rub ointment on your back if you so needed.

OK moment of feeling sorry for myself is now over ;) Please pray for all the people who are directly or indirectly affected by this Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. See frustration everywhere, such a shame.

PS Now I thought living with ex-hottie wouldn't be an issue but it does have weird moments. He is hardly in during the week, but last weekend, I think it was Saturday really affected me jo. Me self, I have issues LOL!! I am grateful that I have somewhere to crash (so comfortably too, God will bless them Amen!) but I think talking to him about his wedding freaked me a little.

Ohhhhh I want to scratch so badly! Don't scratch!!!
Praise the Lord!!! Alleluia!!!

My friend's (read sister) wedding went off without a hitch. I have had this wedding on the brain for the past four months (plus homelessness), so it is nice to have one thing taken off my subconscious. All the emails, phonecalls, shopping trips, consultations and praying all came to fruition. We spent the weekend in Suffolk which is on the British coastline at a holiday home called the Old Neptune which was a converted inn. It had 12 bedrooms and two sitting rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Check out the pics.....

One of my favourite rooms

The courtyard

My room.....

We sexied up the dining room with material and fake ivy from a hobbycraft store. Tres Martha Stewart.

The main sitting room with a giant working fireplace, I resisted the urge to roast a goat.

The biggest room, it had a sitting room and jacuzzi and sauna attached. Obviously for the newlyweds!

Now with regards to the title of the post. As an African couple, you can imagine that their decision to take only 24 people on a weekend getaway as their wedding did not go down well with a lot of people. Even though they are having a giant reception in their house when they get back from their honeymoon, people are still pissed off. Now aunties and uncles I get. What baffles me is some of the brides friends as well. She called everyone explained that they have bought a house as well and this is their dream wedding but still stories are reaching my ears of serious bitching.
It is because we are African!
I know so many white people who travel out all the time for their wedding and enjoy themselves without any drama. The crux of the whole thing was that it was such a good idea, everyone pitched in and had a good time especially not being in London. I want this white people life jo! By hook or by crook I'm going to start travelling out and not just to Naija!!
PS Of course, of course my period came on Friday! Na wa! My cycle is some kind of evil ninja! My lovely bridesmaid dress was now tight! Mschhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww x 10.
PPS yes this now makes it my 7th bridesmaid gig. I am definitely going to write about that soon.
I will be enjoying my second time of being a co-host on Verastically Speakin' this Saturday with Juicee Gal and Ray. If you can please tune in through the power of the Internet and give us a shout out. Our topic is "These are a few of my favourite hairs" (I'm giggling already). We will be talking about the female form and hair. The hair on your head both real and fake, the hair on your body and all the things we do to ourselves all in the name of keeping them at bay. Men should definitely tune in because half of this self torture is your fault ;)

I like living in one place and having things all nice and homely. I could tell you where my passport was in my desk drawer and that my sports bra hung on the back of my wardrobe door, I could even switch off my bed side light without looking at it. So still being homeless after 5 months is something of a personal nightmare.

After three unlucky strikes we are now on house 4 and if you see treachery eh! Chai! Don't trust estate agents (I'm sorry if that is you or your loved one's profession, but damn!). Our purchase of house 4 goes slowly and awkwardly along with no end in sight till maybe the end of April due to nit picking and stalling tactics. We have to leave my friend's house over the Easter weekend and that is also bringing up unforeseen problems. It's like you solve one problem and another one pops up.

Well as I'm typing this I'm eating toast and watching Scrubs and thinking about a cup of tea (I don't care if it is 1am.) Let's boil the kettle. As Sirius would say, "I can't shout." If the Children of Israel could wonder around for 40 years, I'm sure I can handle six months.

PS I'm crashing at ex-hottie's flat and I'm not even thinking about how weird that might be..... a lot sure can change in two years!