Superted is a children's tv superhero of my youth. He was an abandoned toy bear who was given magic powers through cosmic dust or something.... can't remember. His sidekick was an alien called Spotty. A yellow man covered with spots.


For real. No honestly. The worst of the allergic reaction has passed and the antibiotics obviously worked but now my beautiful skin is hidden under a sprinkling of odd shaped circles. I hope it will fade but the question is when. I also believe that this is the mother of all mood killers. This is God trying to save my morality because there is no way I'm having any fun sessions with my Cuddle Buddy (copyright pending Caramel Delight 2010) with my skin looking like this, abeg!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend (for those that it reached shah).

PS Shame shame shame on Transport for London for working on no less that 9 tube lines this weekend!! How are we going to get around?

PPS Watch this space for some very good news coming soon [shhhhhhhhh].

PPPS Oh I lost a stone/6.5kg/14lbs. Two more stone to go! Go team. I shall not sprint like the hare, I shall walk slowly like the tortoise :)
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  1. Myne Whitman Says:

    I remember Superted too, used to be the first programme after NTA resumed in the evenings back then, lol. I hope your spots clear soonest o.

    And please what is this good news?

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a better re: the allergic reaction.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about this good news you've hinted at.

  3. Nice Anon Says:

    yay! to losing weight. U go girl!

  4. Fabulo-la Says:

    You lost weight? Wow congratulations!

    And err...cuddle buddy?
    *waits impatiently*

  5. RocNaija Says:

    See you yabbing TfL like they're the real reason you'll not be venturing out much this bank holiday weekend.

    Hope you get better soon..

  6. luv super ted! n spotty :)
    sorry about the allergic reaction. get well soon and heal without spots(first comment not a new reader though)

  7. mizchif Says:

    14lbs? Congratulations. Nne you try oh. Even with all my goin to the gym it's so hard to shift 5lbs sef.

  8. Sugarking Says:

    Babe forget that thing, spots or no, I'm sue that cuddle buddy is going in! lol

  9. ~Sirius~ Says:

    I hope the good news is what I think it is......

    I'm officially booking my 2 week invasion right now!

    Sorry about the spots lav.

  10. CaramelD Says:

    @ Myne, what up girly??? NTA had good stuff. I loved Voltron :)You have to wait a little for the news...

    @GNG, thanks babe. Good news is on the way sharpish.

    @Nice Anon,check your voicemail oh.

    @Fabulola, Don't wait oh, patiently or impatiently. We have already discussed him before (don't beat me oh).

    @RocNaija, this is how trouble starts oh. Are you commenting on my social life. Is that an implied criticism? Let me tell you something now oh, I can out party you any day or night. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

    @ Formerly stealth reader, not since Nice Anon, has a quiet blog reader made me laugh with their profile name. Love it!!

    @Mizchif, it took four months, trust me I feel your pain.

    @Sugarking, Awwww your're so sweet, this is probably where your name comes from.

    @Sirius, Thank you baby girl.

  11. SHE Says:

    Erm...Perhaps you could have those "fun sessions" in the dark?

    Is the weight loss from so much exercise? or something else?

    Do quick and tell the good news!

  12. AlooFar Says:

    Wow, I remember SuperTed o! lol

  13. Freaksho Says:

    for one very scary moment i thought the ENTIRE post was dedicated to Superted!
    now even though i dont get allergies, i'm willing to paint myself with spots from head to toe JUST to show solidarity.

  14. LucidLilith Says:

    Oh my goodness, I remember superted and spotty! Pele about the spots. Try seeing a Dermatologist...who can prescribe a really strong fade cream. I can't believe your beautiful mocha skin is all spotty now. *sigh*

  15. RocNaija Says:

    Me? Commenting on your..?!
    Maka whyyy...
    Would I ever..?

    *Puppy dog look*

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ SHE, you are quite funny.... sustained exercise and swapping naughty stuff for lower fat alternatives.

    @Aloofar, see how we have just dated ourselves, my younger cousin didin't know what I was talking about :)

    @Freaksho, you don't get allergies? Ever? Chai! Thank you for the solidarity but abeg don't paint yourself before you cause wide spread panic in your office :)

    @Lucidlilith, I want to see if my skin will heal itself but mehnnn it is of rather biblical proportions. I'm either Job or the Egyptians :)

    Yes, you!
    Na you know.
    Yes you would!

    *I'm not buying it look*