I like living in one place and having things all nice and homely. I could tell you where my passport was in my desk drawer and that my sports bra hung on the back of my wardrobe door, I could even switch off my bed side light without looking at it. So still being homeless after 5 months is something of a personal nightmare.

After three unlucky strikes we are now on house 4 and if you see treachery eh! Chai! Don't trust estate agents (I'm sorry if that is you or your loved one's profession, but damn!). Our purchase of house 4 goes slowly and awkwardly along with no end in sight till maybe the end of April due to nit picking and stalling tactics. We have to leave my friend's house over the Easter weekend and that is also bringing up unforeseen problems. It's like you solve one problem and another one pops up.

Well as I'm typing this I'm eating toast and watching Scrubs and thinking about a cup of tea (I don't care if it is 1am.) Let's boil the kettle. As Sirius would say, "I can't shout." If the Children of Israel could wonder around for 40 years, I'm sure I can handle six months.

PS I'm crashing at ex-hottie's flat and I'm not even thinking about how weird that might be..... a lot sure can change in two years!
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  1. ibiluv Says:

    It can only get better........

  2. SHE Says:

    No O! children of Israel as how?

    I hope it works out soon jare. In fact, if you agree, I shall embark on Forty days fasting and prayer to help you secure a house...

    You agree?

  3. doll Says:

    wow...6 months is a long time...but am sure the end is'v got the right spirit though

  4. Mike Says:

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  5. kay9 Says:

    House hunting really sucks. Hope were u are perching now aint so bad.

  6. Fabulo-la Says:

    Wow six months? Pele o!

    But more interested in your crashing situation biko. How is that going?

  7. LucidLilith Says:

    I feel for you my dear. I can't stand crashing at someone else's place. Something about having your own place- you cant beat it.

  8. ~B~ Says:

    aww, nndo! Let's pray dt d purchase pulls thru asap, movin from place t place is def not a gud luk.

    LOL @ 'children of isreal', its not ur portion Amen!

    crashin at an ex?? *raised eyebrow* this shuld b interestin heehee...

  9. Sugarking Says:

    Don't worry dearie, E go better.

  10. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Sleeping @ ex-hottie's.
    *No Comment!*

  11. Myne Whitman Says:

    Hey ya, this house thing has been extending. I hope something happens soon. Take care.

  12. Myne Whitman Says:

    Hey ya, this house thing has been extending. I hope something happens soon. Take care.

  13. Glad to read an update from you. Sorry about the continued wait for a place of your own...hope things work out soon.

    Keep smiling!

  14. sosexy Says:

    Lol..Don't worry E go better.No harm in perching..I did that once.I quite get your irritation especially with someone as neat and tidy with her stuff.I could go mad if it happened to me.Nice post.first time here

  15. Vera Ezimora Says:

    LOL @ crashing at ex hottie's house. Desperate times call for desperate measures biko.

    Have you thought about packing all your kaya to the Queen's palace? After all, izuru k'eme. LOL.

    Happy Easter!

  16. Muse Says:

    ...for every scar, there is a story; for every for every story, there is a lesson; for every lesson there is a life waiting to be saved.

    don't know if that made any sense, but here's the gist: endure this, that you may be another's strength in time of need.

  17. CaramelD Says:

    HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!

    @Ibiluv, Amen.

    @SHE, thank you for your offer, but I immediately said no! This is the season for joy and celebration, no be so? Just remember me in your prayers from time to time :)

    @Doll, want can one do. I am very drama prone but my Mum is so stressed that I am trying to dial down my own diva attitude LOL

    @Mike, really? I shall check out the link sharpish.

    @Kay9, it ain't bad at all :) I just feel bad because of all my stuff in their flat (our storage is full).

    @Fabulola, hehehehehehe. I tripped seriously for this guy and he is one of the main reasons I started this blog, but that all water under the bridge. SO it is going great :)

    @Lucidlilith, Preach it!!

    @ ~B~, he is engaged oh! And his sister lives with him oh, we are all above board LOL!!

    @ Sugarking, Amen!

    @Sirius, be 'no commenting' there! I called you over Easter and I couldn't get through properly :(

    @ Myne, thank you oh! PS When I open your blog, it crashes my computer. Your blog is too hot for me, it must be seriously bubbling !!!!

    @GNG, things might work out better if you lend me your yellow clutch bag ;) LOL!!!!!!!

    @ Sosexy, Welcome!!!! Come back and visit. PS I love your name.

    @Vera, when (not if) I get caught and arrested will you come with bail money?

    @Muse, it made sense and it is quite comforting actually. How have you been?

  18. akaBagucci Says:

    hmmm.. r u getting some?