How is that possible? At some point in the day my stomach can't be empty four times, surely! Anyway that is how the Doc told me to take the antibiotics she prescribed for the awful allergic reaction I got to who knows what during my friend's wedding weekend.

NOT SEXY !!!!!!!

She also gave me a cream to rub over all the spots but (as flexible as I am) I can't reach the ones on my back! So to all of you who just quarrelled with your significant other and nearly bashed them with the frying pan/remote control, at least you have someone to rub ointment on your back if you so needed.

OK moment of feeling sorry for myself is now over ;) Please pray for all the people who are directly or indirectly affected by this Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. See frustration everywhere, such a shame.

PS Now I thought living with ex-hottie wouldn't be an issue but it does have weird moments. He is hardly in during the week, but last weekend, I think it was Saturday really affected me jo. Me self, I have issues LOL!! I am grateful that I have somewhere to crash (so comfortably too, God will bless them Amen!) but I think talking to him about his wedding freaked me a little.

Ohhhhh I want to scratch so badly! Don't scratch!!!
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  1. ~B~ Says:

    awww, nndo my dear, may ur allergies get cleared soonest!

    hope u had fun at the wedding thow :)

  2. bob-ij Says:

    Poor you! But don't scratch! Get well soon!


  3. So to all of you who just quarrelled with your significant other and nearly bashed them with the frying pan/remote control, at least you have someone to rub ointment on your back if you so needed.

    Too funny!

    Talking to him about his wedding? Tell us more!

  4. akaBagucci Says:

    itchy-ness.. bad..accept my sympathies...

    ex-hottie. share the gist joor..

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    Talking to an ex about his wedding dikwa somehow o! Allergic reaction kwa?

  6. Fabulo-la Says:

    Gist gist gist!
    Please do share.

    Sowwwy about your allergies.

  7. SHE Says:

    LOL. How do you make your stomach empty four times a day?

    Rub palm oil all over your body...

  8. LucidLilith Says:

    sorry my dear...i can almost feel myself itching with you...

    living with your ex...nne odu kwa risky!

    Do not fall into temptation.

  9. Myne Whitman Says:

    Pele, here, let me rub it for you. Take care dear.

  10. Suru Says:

    Me no comprende. So he's married but you're still living with him? Is his wife in some other country or something? On the other hand, sorry about the itch.

  11. sosexy Says:

    I praying for you seriously that you get a place,the strain is getting to me.Cause you not blogging as you used to.
    Could be real awkward with the ex.Please try not to cross boundaries oh.. Biko!

  12. Sugarking Says:

    Ex-hottie?? Nne, from where biko?

  13. CaramelD Says:

    Hi Everyone!!!!!!

    I'm not so itchy anymore, thank you for your concern. OK Let's break it down!! I should probably do a post about this but I'm very paranoid as I use my friend's computer to blog sometimes and one can never be too sure so let's leave all these explanations in the comment area.


    He is my friend's brother who I quite unexpectedly fell in love with two years ago. As far as I was concerned we were just 'kicking it' and I was feeling like a big girl but when he called things off and I went to Naija for youth service it took me forever to get over him (in fact it was because of him that I started blogging LOL).

    SO fast fwd to now. He is engaged to be married, and we get on just fine! For those worried that I would fall into temptation, fear not! We don't roll like that oh! THAT WOULD BE VERY VERY NAUGHTY!!! LMAO!!!

    What was weird was he was trying to figure out how to do his wedding invite video ( paper invites are so last century darling) and I was fielding ideas, then I just got really sad for a little bit. It was nothing major. Such is life. PS His madam doesn't know, not sure why he didn't tell her. Probably because I'm his sister's friend and we are in each other's pockets all the time.

    So....... THE END. Happy?

  14. ~Sirius~ Says:
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  15. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Ex-hottie is So 2000 and late init?

    I can only be thankful it made you start blogging...........Now that's so over. I can say good riddance! (in a good way)

    Nice for them to house you, I can see why he asked you about the invites though.........Please remind me how many weddings YOU HAVE ATTENDED AND BEEN A BRIDESMAID in the last one year?????

    Yea, I thought so too! Plenty of experience.
    Like you said...Good Luck to him and his M(r)s......Wez off to get you yours in due time *wink*

    1 sexy Caramelious bride to be coming up!