Praise the Lord!!! Alleluia!!!

My friend's (read sister) wedding went off without a hitch. I have had this wedding on the brain for the past four months (plus homelessness), so it is nice to have one thing taken off my subconscious. All the emails, phonecalls, shopping trips, consultations and praying all came to fruition. We spent the weekend in Suffolk which is on the British coastline at a holiday home called the Old Neptune which was a converted inn. It had 12 bedrooms and two sitting rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Check out the pics.....

One of my favourite rooms

The courtyard

My room.....

We sexied up the dining room with material and fake ivy from a hobbycraft store. Tres Martha Stewart.

The main sitting room with a giant working fireplace, I resisted the urge to roast a goat.

The biggest room, it had a sitting room and jacuzzi and sauna attached. Obviously for the newlyweds!

Now with regards to the title of the post. As an African couple, you can imagine that their decision to take only 24 people on a weekend getaway as their wedding did not go down well with a lot of people. Even though they are having a giant reception in their house when they get back from their honeymoon, people are still pissed off. Now aunties and uncles I get. What baffles me is some of the brides friends as well. She called everyone explained that they have bought a house as well and this is their dream wedding but still stories are reaching my ears of serious bitching.
It is because we are African!
I know so many white people who travel out all the time for their wedding and enjoy themselves without any drama. The crux of the whole thing was that it was such a good idea, everyone pitched in and had a good time especially not being in London. I want this white people life jo! By hook or by crook I'm going to start travelling out and not just to Naija!!
PS Of course, of course my period came on Friday! Na wa! My cycle is some kind of evil ninja! My lovely bridesmaid dress was now tight! Mschhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww x 10.
PPS yes this now makes it my 7th bridesmaid gig. I am definitely going to write about that soon.
I will be enjoying my second time of being a co-host on Verastically Speakin' this Saturday with Juicee Gal and Ray. If you can please tune in through the power of the Internet and give us a shout out. Our topic is "These are a few of my favourite hairs" (I'm giggling already). We will be talking about the female form and hair. The hair on your head both real and fake, the hair on your body and all the things we do to ourselves all in the name of keeping them at bay. Men should definitely tune in because half of this self torture is your fault ;)

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  1. CaramelD Says:

    Yo! Apologies for my squashed up text! It does that sometimes. Any tips on how to change it?

    Ps FIRST!!!! LMAO!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great pics, but just 24 people I really admire their guts. I'd love to have just 100-200 people but my parents are already giving me grief about it!

  3. CaramelD Says:

    @MBLS, they had already had a big traditional wedding and will still be having another reception but still the beef came oh! I don't know that many Nigerians who can 200 people without their parents giving them grief!

  4. Suru Says:

    I totally understand where the couples friends and families are coming from. Yes we are African and we do weddings with our families and friends its not just about us. Happy married life to them because thats what really matters.

  5. In a perfect world, the wedding would be about the bride and groom and what they want. Lol one day!

    I'm glad you had a good time! Seven times a bridesmaid is a mom said I can no longer be a bridesmaid; imagine!

  6. SHE Says:

    Yes O! thumbs up to them and the great idea.
    Even if they'd carried the whole world, people go still talk!

    lovely bedroom, that one. See privacy within privacy!

  7. shyvirgo Says:

    I totally understand what you're talking about. I've made up my mind for a small do (whenever the time comes!) but my mother has already started planning for the aso-ebi the whole of Nigeria will wear!(You should have witnessed the argument we had over this).
    Eloping doesn't seem like a bad idea at the moment ;)

  8. Sugarking Says:

    Abeg lemme know when y'all start the Pubic Hair segment.

  9. mizchif Says:

    Totally adorable idea for a wedding oh, and i was shocked that they are African sef.

    Lately i've started considering one of those 50 people weddings, just don't let my mother hear that her ADA is thinking such.

    I must admit tho that when i hrd one of my friends got married without inviting ANY of us me i laughed oh, that maybe they didnt have money for a big wedding #dontjudgeme

    We all need to concentrate on our own problems, shey after borrowing money to feed ppl that dont wish them well, they will now go home and sleep on the floor. No need.

  10. Myne Whitman Says:

    Destination weddings seem to be all the rage and there are those doing it cos it's fashionable and then they'll now antagonize everyone. I think weddings are a time to garner goodwill, it doesn't have to be expensive too. The honeymoon can then be all the couple's wish.

    I wish your friend all the best in their marriage. The reception may soothe ruffled feathers. I will surely listen in to your show.

  11. Vera Ezimora Says:


    It's definitely because we're Africans. Haaa! I cannot imagine me taking 24 people. Chei! Oga di kwa kpo kpo! Wahala do dey oo. People will beef me till I reach heaven. My very, very close family alone sef will reach 24 --- before I now add friends. LOL.

    Per the show, I'm looking forward to it! I shall call thee tomorrow. I'm about to put up a blog post about it.

    The newlyweds' room makes me wanna get married right now!

  12. T.Notes Says:

    Hmmmmm cool!

    Destinations wedddings r one of those things Nigerians dream about but who eva had the guts to pull it off!U'd be hearing the curses of all them extended family ringing thru the halls of ur fine cottage!lol!
    *I wish, but with d momma already counting 350 folks in advance...i'd keep dreaming! But there's def honeymoon 2 splurge!*

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @ Suru, the families and friends rocked their traditional wedding.

    @GNG, I agree with your Mum. I think if you do it too much you get a bit jaded and the shine wears off. 10 is my limit.

    @SHE, for real! I have seen it a thousand times before.

    @Shyvirgo, good luck oh! I can't even try that.

    @ Sugarking, you are not serious! Listen to whole show jo!

    @Mizchif, when I worked in a bank in Lagos, the amount of people who would come in and sell their shares because they were broke after their wedding were so much!

    @ Myne, they had a big traditional wedding previously and a the reception coming up. I admire them wanting something and going for it.

    @Vera, LOL@ "they will beef me till I reach heaven"! You are hilarious! I can't wait for Saturday whooop!!! Let me go and gather my international call credit oh!

    @ T.Notes, for real will all dream oh. After we dream the alarm goes off and then reality slaps you in the face LOL!

  14. kay9 Says:


    As for the beef peeps, i really won't kill myself over them. Init the couples decision? Abeg. "Those who mind don't matter; those who matter won't mind."

  15. ~Sirius~ Says: know i"ll have 5 people if I can!

    *hiss and the bitching 'friends'

    They should go and have a carnival for themselves.....

  16. ibiluv Says:

    i quite like the idea of the white man's life too

    but erm......cant cheat my mama out of the carnival she looks forward to

    she gets just this one chance....with moi


  17. Nice Anon Says:

    going to grace us with your HOT voice eh? * grinning from ear to ear*
    Too bad I will be sleeping but hey do good you hear?

    Okay i don't even get the whole thing sef. What's the fuss abt? Next time I'd have a small thing.. those who are mad can go and kutula isi ha na wall. Inula?
    She did what I think is great and works well for her.

  18. My parents and family will kill me if I get just 24 people to attend my wedding. Those people have liver sha. But I love the hotel

  19. LucidLilith Says:

    Na wah for Africans and their tendency to overcelebrate. Destination weddings are great for your budget.

    I understand how people might get upset with not being included but since she will be having a reception, what is the big deal?

  20. CaramelD Says:

    @ Kay9, I love that quote. Must remember it.

    @Sirius, yes I know this wedding would be right up your street ;)

    @Ibiluv, I'm in the same boat as you. I can't even talk.

    @ Nice Anon, I'm blushing oh! But really, would think calling my voice hot, is a bit of a stretch hahahaha!

    @ The Girl with the Red Hair, I loved the inn too. One can dream.

    @LucidLilith, go and ask them oh!!