I'm putting baby pictures of I and my brother in my Mum's Mother's Day card and I thought I'll put these up again .

I thought we could do with a little smile after my mini meltdown yesterday. Thank you for all your understanding and e-hugs xxx

If you can find the post where these pics first made their debut you win a prize (Sirius you can't enter!!)

PS Happy Mother's Day this Sunday.

I swear I had better hair as a baby hahahaha!

I can't stand when people say that but here I am shamessly saying the same thing. I must be hormonal, that must be the reason why I'm sitting in broad daylight in an open office, with my chest hurting while I fight back tears and tell my colleagues that dust from the stationary cupboard got in my eyes and that is why it's red.

What hurts so much is the ease in which he walked away. I thought I was a big girl and could handle the hot water that was sure to burn me but obviously I'm not hardened enough. All this is in the past but talking to him online today just made my head hurt and the tears come because I don't think he even gets it.

Somewhere in London there is a foolish 28 year old Igbo woman crying at her desk like a fool. I'm trying to stop but it's not working. I don't even know what my problem is, this wasn't even what I'm meant to be writing about. Maybe these tears are long over due, I don't know.

This is actually my fault. I need to make sure I don't even start falling for people, because once I start it is very hard to turn it off. I'm not a damn tap. When will I learn? How did I think it would end? What kind of delayed reaction am I suffering now?