Hey does anyone know how many times I have tried to write this post ? 5 times !!! 5 times!!!

What happens is that I start then I get really mushy, then I try and read it back and I swear it's making no sense!! Haba !!! So much for writing skills , my Masters in Communication ain't looking too good right now.

So what now? I'm trying to impart information for memories and fortitude but can't get past two lines or so! So I decided to go old school on myself. Time for some of that British stiff upper lip, if I impart the basics then maybe I can get a grip on myself, so here goes:-

  • Name :- Baby/Sweetheart
  • Age:- Nearly 28
  • Nationality:- Naija
  • Job:- Graphic designer (and a very good one too!)
  • Personality:- Stubborn, kind, warm, caring, calm, intense, an absolute sweetie (OK I'm gushing again)
  • Looks:- Really tall, cane rows, deep eyes, fit body, sexy smile (I've started again)

Okay you see, I'm not fit to let loose in cyberspace. I'm not sure that he will read this and this might be a good thing as I'm in for a lot of teasing from my friends that read my blog as it is :0)

Aha! I have conquered the initial introduction phase without melting into a pool of mush. More to come later in bits but for now I really have to work!!!

3 Responses
  1. Freaksho Says:

    the best part about this comment is i dont have to say a damn thing...but i'll STILL get the desired effect.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Freaksho, I will let you have this one, enjoy it while you can! I was hoping you wouldn't get to my blog for a while cos I knew you wouldn't let this one go......

  3. ManCee Says:

    Cawamel and A la BF up in a tree
    lol @ melting into a pool of mush