I would really like to know.

Do you have days when you feel like you have been beaten with a wet fish?

I know men don't have PMS, don't get bloated, don't struggle to get dressed for work when they realise that all their trousers won't zip, don't get ridicuoulsy horny for no reason (well errmmm actually), don't turn down Chrsitmas party invitations because they look pregnant in ALL their sexy party wear, don't get highly irratated with even the smallest things, don't dream about a hot water bottle and their bed by about 4pm, don't crave sweet things randomly and don't have backache for a week out of every month.

But do men have ugly days like I do?
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  1. My World Says:

    Good question....I wanna know too!

  2. leggy Says:

    lol.i doubt they do.

  3. LucidLilith Says:

    Heelllooo...guys....we wanna know!

  4. The- Damsel Says:

    yes i think they do especially if their hair looks bad hahah

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    I bet they do. Why say man no dey do moody? Ur presentation no go well.. man go dey moody, food no taste right man go dey moody, man wake up from sleep and stays moody for no reason. LOL

    Men get PMS jare. I don see am with my koro koro eye

  6. Sugarking Says:

    oh, I get Ridiculously Horny too o! And yeah, I think it's only the horny part that I can identify with on this list here. lol

  7. juiceegal Says:

    LMAO at sugarkingg..well i would like to know too o.i doubt they have ugly days

  8. Quaggar Says:

    Yup...i get ridiculously horny too, with or without reason.

  9. RocNaija Says:

    Yup.. Of course we have 'ugly' days..
    We just don't have them in the same sequence you listed.
    We get other stuff, like.. uhm.. uhm..

    Ok I'll have to get back to you on that one. :D

  10. Ms. 'dufa Says:

    They probably do..i think

  11. Myne Whitman Says:

    I'm sure they do, just not about bloating, back aches and stuff. To be a man is not a days job you know?

    Hope your day brightens up, has the itch gone? Happy holidays dear.

  12. Enkay Says:

    Hehehe! Women do have their days!

    But guys? I'm not so sure they have 'ugly' days but they sure have days when they pout and go into their caves.

  13. akaBagucci Says:

    Human beings.. ALL have issues.. and get particularly agitated........

  14. phallatio Says:

    Of course I have ugly days! Particularly when I see photographs of myself and see how big my middle-age spread has become!
    Men not only have moments of insecurity, we have entire lifetimes of insecurity and, yes, it's all about the penis! The phenomenon of spam mail has escalated because so many men are desperate for a bigger penis! If a guy has a big dick, he doesn't even worry about his other inadequacies.

  15. Suru Says:

    lol I'm guessing their ugly days has to deal with different stuff that we don't think much about since they express themselves differently.

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ My World, exactly jo!

    @ Leggy, who knows shah.

    @ LucidLilith, LOL!

    @ The Damsel, thank you for stopping by, is this your first time ?

    @ Nice Anon, preach it my sister!

    @ Sugarking, I'll take that as a no then, hmm?

    @ Juiceegal, they didn't really answer question though.

    @ Quaggar! You guys and getting horny! That wasn't really the question LOL!!!!

    @RocNaija, waiting patiently......

    @ Ms Dufa, I wonder what their ugly days feel like? Not as bad as ours I'm sure.

    @Myne Whitman, I am slowly itch free (Thank you Jesus)!! Merry Christmas! I think you are the first to wish me compliments of the season. I will be spending some of my holidays catching up on all the activity on your site.

    @ Sirius, you make me laugh.

    @ Enkay, that is a great metaphor! Like a grumpy bear :) I have seen that in action many times.

    @ DannyB, not you surely??!!!

    @Phallatio, thanks for giving the most conscise answer. I don't think guys would agree that it all hinges on their equipment though!!

    @ Suru, it's true there is a lot we don't know!!

  17. BSNC Says:

    lol i will leave that for the men to answer, but i think everybody has their issues like bagucci rightly said...

    how have you been caramelD

  18. CaramelD Says:

    @ BSNC I have been OK oh but I look like a blimp! You have been missed. When you aren't hitting the books come back and gist us.

  19. SHE Says:

    I'm not sure men have anything but horny days...

  20. ManCee Says:

    Tis NOT about whether we get moody, but about what causes it and how long we stay there. THAT is the difference.
    Horny? Check!!!-Perhaps more than you guys? lol

  21. Jesse Says:

    Yes. Men have ugly days.

    Some days I look in the mirror and know that I don't look my best. Especially after a night of bad sleep