Please read this news story. It's freaking me out a little. The man was awake for 23 years, he could hear everything and everyone but they (medical) thought he was in a coma and asleep. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhh. Nightmare. Imagine if they had decided to switch off life support!!!! I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

OK so haven't packed. Not one thing, not even one hair band. Nada. Spent the whole weekend looking for a white outfit! How stupid. I have a life!!

I got drenced over the weekend. The weather was, and still is atrocious. Cold biting rain and sharp winter winds equals very cold and soggy looking Britons. Some unfortuante people have been flooded out of their house. Still raining now actually. Lovely.

I'm in the office but I cleared my workload last week (Yes I can be efficient when I get off my butt) so I think I will clean my desk so that it is all nice and tidy when I get back.

Yes I'm bored.

Right now while typing this, my Dad has just sent a text asking for a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean the cobwebs that have gathered in the netting that was bought and stored ages ago for the new house. Hmm, where in my 23kg allowance will I fit in a hand held cleaner? Somebody help me and see. Don't be fooled by the fact that airlines allow you two pieces, my Maternal Unit has already commandered one piece. Can't they just use aziza (broom)? When did we start forming technological posh like this? Actually, that's not true my Dad is very English like that (when I was growing up I used to make his tea for him in a tea pot with free tea leaves and a strainer).

Aaaahhh the stories I could tell.

This hand held cleaner might not happen.

OK I am going to tidy my desk and leave notes for my Manager while listening to Vera's latest radio show.

I will try and blog while in Naija. Have a blessed couple of weeks :)

PS I am already suffering from withdrawal.
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  1. leggy Says:

    everyone in blogville just dey talk about how they are going back home, you guys should give us unfortunate ones a break
    have fun sha.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Leggy come with me now no problem. If not thne I will bring back something for you :)

  3. SHE Says:

    Eh? 23 long years and the man sef refuse to die?!
    Wonderful! me self no wan believe.

    So did you find a white dress?

    Anty, bring sweet for us, you hear?

  4. incoherent Says:

    have a safe trip home! so the new weight limit is 23 kg? oh boy!

  5. Myne Whitman Says:

    You're right, such stories have goosebumps running on my skin and a big DNR and Euthanasia proponent. Maybe a rethink is in order but what quality of life is that anyway?

    All the best in Naija, with the weather as it is, you'll appreciate it more. Enjoy and bring back chinchin.

  6. Rita Says:

    I gathered that people in coma hear...and before the heart, the ear is the last to die...I hope what i am writing here is not a fallacy :-)

    Enjoy your trip...

  7. phallatio Says:

    Enjoy your holiday. Look forward to the blog. Lx

  8. heehee, your dad sounds very English. =)

    Per handheld vacuum cleaners, there's the Dirt Devil Kurv which is relatively small unlike other bulky ones and its lighter. Oh, and its cute. I would hope they carry them over there in the UK and that you could get one. It would definitely make your dad, and mom, happy.

    Best of luck and travel blessings sis!


  9. Enkay Says:

    lol @ using aziza!
    I hope you enjoy your Naija visit.
    Journey mercies!!

  10. akaBagucci Says:

    guess one part of the argument is that they are alive, the second part is what the quality of life they have can/ will be... but then i guess it makes a difference to the individual..

    enjoy your trip..... and ensure you talk to you know who!

  11. TinTin Says:

    lmaoooo @ aziza!!! hahahahahahaaaa
    abegi carry the vacum for the man jorr!!
    as in i read abt the coma guy...and its just scary!! i thank God for my health and the health of my family and blog fam!!

  12. mizchif Says:

    23kg has almost never been enuff for me. And the kind of requests people make ehn? Your dads own is even good. My friends aunt asked her to buy sausages and co from tesco and pack to naija!When goodies and shoprite have not closed down yet.

    Nothing beats the efficiency of a real aziza joo!

    Have fun in naija ( i still hate everybody going home for christmas tho)

  13. Andrea Says:

    You are going to nigeria...have fun.Can you fit me in your luggage.

  14. ManCee Says:

    Wondering what you mean by 'when you get off your bum'; from the last pix, it kinda looks like with that kinda bum, you'd constantly be levitating (when you do sit)

    Dying to hear 'bout d naija escapades...
    Have fun AND stay smiling

  15. ibiluv Says:

    enjoy your holiday.........

  16. Freaksho Says:

    well the blogging from 9ja part didnt work - so UPDATE!!!!

  17. I'm so late but I hope you're having a good time away and you'll have to tell us what you did about the hand held vacuum. You could have shipped it directly I suppose, but I shudder to think of the cost.

    lol at your mom commandeering a suitcase. I guess all Naija moms do this because it happened to me last year!