I really don't like short dresses. A little above the knee is as far as I can go before I start fidgeting. My birthday dress (above) was so short for me I spent half the night twitching before the complimentary champagne kicked in.
So the nuptials I'm going for has an all white party attached to the celebrations and I was told last weekend. I doubt where I am going to find a white outfit in London in November.
Everything I have seen is too short (hence this polite rant). Even not too short stuff get lifted up at the back because of my bum so what to do? Please calling all London fashionistas, if you have any ideas please let me know before I go and get out my all white sports kit from NYSC camp!
After nearly 4 months and no help from the docs, my period came back. Thank God. I hate the damn thing but it is too important to go MIA. I give credit to Sirius and her fruit and vegetable diet. She did it exclusively but I have no such discipline. I replaced half of everything I ate with fruit and veg and I think that is what helped. I may be wrong but at least my skin is clear and my tummy flat(ter)!
We have lost out on the third house, I don't have the energy to even talk about that yet. Only God knows how far with us and looking for a house.
PS Where is Temite????? In fact where is Laide (XSN) too? Afrobabe are you on strike? As for RocNaija, I am calling search and rescue. Don't make me start looking for all of you.
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  1. SHE Says:


    Been a while, no?

    Too bad I cannot help you with your white outfit!
    If you were in Nigeria, I'm sure it would not be so hard.

    Or would you like bloggers association to ship you a couple of white outfits? Send your specifications ASAP!!!

  2. leggy Says:

    I love short dresses and i'm really tall.can't stand long things.white in November?goodluck with that but I think you'd have more fun buying online than in shops.

  3. CaramelD Says:

    @ SHE, what's up? Where have you been hiding? Is there Bloggers Association? Do we have August meeting? Do we have uniform? LOL!

    @Leggy, sorry to hear about your blog girly. I went online but I'm going on Tuesday and don't trust the delivery system.

  4. Sugarking Says:

    lol @ "I hate the damn thing but it is too important to go MIA". Ur in London? abeg msn me on o jare.

  5. akaBagucci Says:

    perhaps you should do short.. and post another picture for our errr... viewing 'pleshur'

  6. RocNaija Says:


    Fruit and veg? Really??!
    I'm cancelling my gym membership tomorrow. :)

    Sounds like buying a dress in Naija is pretty much your only option as is..
    G'luck & have a safe trip!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    LOL at the period. Don't you just hate to miss the one most annoying part of you life?!

  8. phallatio Says:

    I hate to tell you but you look hot in that dress!

  9. Myne Whitman Says:

    Nice bum! Ehmmm, did I say that? looks good on you. Hope you get the white dress. Scan the high street shops, I'm sure you'll see one.

    Yay to fruit and veg diets. Better luck on the house. We're still looking too.

  10. Sassy Trends Says:

    On fruit and salad, I say yeah...go gurl!
    I had similar prob too... my period left for like 8 good months.. and I went on food strike and sticked to cucumber and pineapple..
    Come see me now babe.. I dey shine and the damn thing is back for good ofcourse...maybe I shuld start with contraceptive...cos I've really utilised its freedom sha...enjoyed evry bit of
    Aw bodi?

  11. CaramelD Says:

    @Sugerking, yup yup, correct London girl. Will do.

    @DannyB, you are a RIOT! I laughed like an idiot on the train at your comment.

    @Roc, praise the Lord! You are alive. OK that will do till next month when I start hollering again. I have not given hope yet on the dress!! Please no one told you to stop the gym oh! Before you say "Caramel said!" LOL :) Thanks for the wishes.

    @Lucidlilith, honestly! I have been tormented by this thing since I was a small girl in primary school and I hate it but when it disappears you start fasting and praying! Mscheeeeeeeeeewwwwww! Na wa oh!

    @Phallatio, thank you for the compliment but we have more imporatant issues to discuss...What exactly is your profile picture composed of? I dare not click on it because I am on my office computer till I get my stuff out of storage. SO I keep squinting and turning my head at different angles but to no avail! I'm scared to ask but I'm puzzled. What the heck is that (or those)?

    @Myne, hahahahahahahahahahahhaLWKMD! Yes you did just say that ;) Thanks oh! Will keep on keeping on!

    @Sassy trends, I'm actually quite comforted to know that it has happened to otehr people. I'm sure you were shining before that :) Hmm this is your 'enjoyment' sounds very mysterious! Body dey inside cloth oh! Thanks for asking!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. hey, glad the period came back.

    As for XSN and Temite, they are on twitter, doing what they do best. Wait, is Temite on twitter? I think I might be mixing her up with Shonavixen, oh, so don't quote me.

    Hope all's well.

  13. Rita Says:

    It is indeed good news that the period is back. And somehow, fruits and vegetables are just good for us. I am taking a lesson from this.

    My dear, u've got to do short in camp oh...

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @Solomonsydelle, I did actually wonder over the weekend if it is totally weird that I rejoiced with people I have never met over the fact that my period came.....hmmm

    @Rita, I hated my white shorts in camp! Yuk!!!! Sharpish I went to a seamstress to make baggier one for me! Ohh nightmarish!

  15. tunrayo Says:

    this particular 'short' dress looks nice on you. hope your birthday was fun.

    temite is on twitter o

  16. N.I.M.M.O Says:

    Who are you threatening with your NYSC whites?

    I think this one looks okay on you sha. Only its pink. Or red.

    What do I know sef; I am a man.

  17. CaramelD Says:

    @Tunrayo, thank you :)

    @NIMMO, you made me laugh. I am threatening the world with my NYSC whites, it is enough to put anyone into fear induced shock.

  18. incoherent Says:

    you dont look even remotely chubby. love the dress. u have killer legs. may i borrow them sometime?

    glad u seen your period lol. just be careful. happened to my sister a while back. she finally saw her period.....then bled continuously for 3 months. she's ok now. was on hormones for years though

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Travelling is hassle. Baggage is a hassle. Be safe in naija.

  20. ibiluv Says:

    dem legs&bum..........hawttttttt