I don't like moaning, I think it breeds bad energy and I do believe that I'm sounding like a broken record. A couple of weeks ago I had a barrage of symptoms two weeks ago with sore throat, runny nose, aching joints etc. I thought yep, it's the season and just drank all sorts until it passed. It was so bad that I even had nose sores at the end of it all! Fine it was over whatever!

Then in comes my period last week to bitch slap me for two days and all the ensuing madness. It is fair to say that I felt like crap but, it happens, wait for it to be over, whatever!

Now, only for me to come to work today and (I have stopped taking painkillers for my period this morning) and my throat is sore, my joints ache, I feel hot and cold all over like I have the beginning of malaria! I AM TIRED!!! How many times can I tell my manager that I feel under the weather eh? She will soon start thinking either I'm pregnant or just a moaning cow. Whatever is happening I think was suppressed by my pain killers because the speed it came today was just too fast.

I am irritable, tired and grumpy and it is affecting my work. I want to put my head on someones lap and just cry but there is no one to cry in their lap. I can't even collapse at home because I'm meant to be looking after my Dad who just had an operation on Thursday. I'm so tired, I think I'm close to breaking point. I so have to muscle in and see my doctor tomorrow by hook or by crook.

Chineke biko mere m ebere.
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  1. Twix! Says:

    Awww, poor baby. I know how you feel trust me because im currently suffering from malaria and typhoid and i still have to be at work to attend to my civic responsibilities. Hmmm, God dey sha. Feel better soon you hear... and im i first?

  2. ibiluv Says:

    i'm ill meself crazy shey

    you'll be fyne

    just slow down a little!!!!!!1

  3. CaramelD Says:

    Hey is everybody ill? Pele oh! What bad wind is this abi we need to eat more fruit and vegetables?

    My manager sent me home (aarrgghh) and I keep crying all evening (I don't why). I consider myself a practical and sensible human being but today I have cried like four times!!

    I'm scared, I don't cry anyhow. I didn't even cry when Leo froze in Titanic ( he should have found another plank). I can't sleep as my joints ache but hopefully the painkillers will kick in.

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Awwww, Poor you.
    I can imagine what you're going through, and opening your mouth to tell your boss ain't even an option, * need a break as much as I do.
    Physically , mentally and emotionally.

  5. Twix! Says:

    You'l be aight soon trust me

  6. Freaksho Says:

    this too, shall pass. may i suggest calling friends? it might be pricey, but it always gets me out of a funk.
    hang in there, girl!

  7. Tigeress Says:

    pele. Take it easy. you need to slow down by the sound it and take a good rest. And rahter than take painkillers- u might need to be treated for Malaria or be pu ton anti-biotics.

  8. doug Says:

    Hmmm...reminds me of the pointless irritation I lived through last weekend. My advice, don't isolate yourself. Go see friends and do something fun or - as I prefer - physically exerting.

    I hope your dad is ok.

  9. Shubby Doo Says:

    make a point to chill out this weekend...if you can go out and do something...that isn't not stressful

    take care of u