Thank you very much for your advice about my last post, I hear you all loud and clear and I'm trying to be sensible through the fog of sexually induced madness and not get my self into what Freaksho calls the CommRatio! While that problem occupies my thoughts, life is still going on and certain things make me wonder.....

Sending me a friend request on facebook with the line "Baby you look sweet, really gots to know you better. Holla at your boi, so we can make a better connection", is not going to induce me in any way, shape or form to accept said facebook request.

Control pants, bodyshapers and the like are instruments of the devil. I recently battled with one a few days ago as I got ready for a marketing awards dinner (my college won all the categories we were nominated for woo hoo). Who told me to pack slinky dress that drapes? Stupid girl like myself! As I yanked, pulled, stretched and did a mini dance routine to put the darn thing on I realised why Keira Knightly's character fainted from her corset in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And finally biggest ranting of all - I am yet to find a child or grandchild of a polygamous family that has not suffered from a side effect of that union. What ever the reason a man decides to have more than one wife I wonder if they really think that they cn handle the repercussions of such. My grandfather was a minister in the First Republic with one wife whom he married in church and then after he was given the kingship of our town fast foward to being a powerful Eze, huge palace and 20 wives!

My Dad and us by default are now suffereing the after effects of that because he is the oldest of 50 children and trying to keep a family full of poor excuses for human beings together. The latest? Some of his half brothers have vandalised and tore down some of the palace property (they know he is London for medical treatment) and now 'plotting' to kill him by Christmas (someone intercepted emails they have been sending to each other). I am so bitter! Only God can intervene but it hurts to think of where all this stress is coming from.

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  1. Twix! Says:

    Just pray about it, their plans wont work and everything will be just fine

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    But you looked hawt after you squeezed into it right?

    Hmmm, Family... Don't know what to say......God watches over your Dad and they will NOT succeed.

    Pray without ceasing....God is there to hear.

  3. CaramelD Says:

    Ladies amen amen!Jesus is carrying my Father through these times so it's only one set of footprints in the sand.

    @Sirus you know for sure that my Anambra figure came out well well, but I'm telling you getting into it was INTERESTING!

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    LOL! Does it beat my jumping up & down and kicking my legs moves?????

  5. Abujamaiden Says:

    Pray oh!!!

    I'm from the North and polygamy (Islamic based polygamy) is such a norm and it goes along with drama.


  6. Abujamaiden Says:

    I wish you father qick recovery too!

  7. CaramelD Says:

    @ Sirus, what happened was I did one leg, then wiggled, wiggled an hopped up and down. Then I repeated with the other leg while doing a dance move that resembled the electric slide to roll it up over my torso :)

    @Abujamaiden, I don tire my sister, the drama is endless for sure! Thank you so much for your thoughts about my Dad, he is recovering nicely!

  8. ibiluv Says:

    pele about dad
    hope he is berra


    drama comes with the territory

    deal with it
    the only way necessary

    get on ur knees girl!!!!!!!!!!!