What's the point of losing your virginity to one guy only to leave the guy in one country and come back home. Isn't that torture? Or is it torture to hold off knowing you do want to end up in bed with him but won't ?

What's a girl do to?

So confused!
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  1. ~Sirius~ Says:


  2. if you lose your virginity to him and leave, you might pine for him, but you might not considering how painful 'deflowering' can be (gross, I know, sorry).

    If you leave without doing the deed, you win either way. Why lose your virginity to someone that won't be there? And, you remain a virgin (assuming that's what you want).

    My vote, don't have sex, you can't miss what you've never had.

  3. Twix! Says:

    Girl, shit happens. If you have to move home, pack your things and move without looking back. If i was to be with the guy i lost it too, id probably be in one obscure country hoping things work out but warra hell? e go better!

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @Sirus LOL I can actually hear your voice shouting at me :)

    @Solomonsydelle I hear you loud and clear and I actually agree with you on rational days, but there are times when sense falls against wanting and longing!

    @Twix he is in Naija and I'm in London so it's the other way around but that is the crux of my confused state. Why start something when we are seperated by a freaking big ocean :(

  5. ibiluv Says:

    why loose it?
    when he wont be there to perfect it..........

    forget what the movies say
    the first few tymes its CRAP!!!!!!!!

    do u REALLY need to loose it????

  6. CaramelD Says:

    I know it will be crappy and like you said no time for rematch! Also have you seen what Christmas break in like in an Igbo town? Wedding and party everywhere, I wonder where we would have I minute together much less 1 hour?

    I am strong and will no longer be swayed! :)