Thank you all that played along, it was great therapy looking at your answers :)

1. The singular most happiest time in my life was when I was chosen with other British students to go to Rome as part of the Catholic University students delegation. We were there as part of a conference in preparation for World Youth Day and also to celebrate the commissioned Icon of The Madonna and Child that toured universities across Europe. Part of that celebration was mass in St Peter's and I was part of the choir singing for John Paul II. Anytime I'm really low I remember that trip and feel better!

2. As my second job during uni I did background casting. That is the extras in the shop, church, train wherever the scene is being shot. So we did an American Express advert with Kate Winslet and she was very cool and chatted with everyone. It was freeeeeeeeeezing that day but we kept our spirits up! She is one of the best British actresses out there.

3. I am meant to have an operation this year but I have cancelled it because I can't reconcile going under on an operating table for my teeth. So if you picked three you were very right! Clap for Temite, Sirus, Touched by an Angel and Saved Girl and my cousin who 'guessed' hmm LOL!

4. My poor Mum was in agongy after her first trimester, in Enugu they told her it was appendicitis but fibrods were slowly strangling my food supply. Luckily she got a second opinion and she flew to England for medical intervention. She carried me to 37 weeks by the grace of God but fibrods never let her have a successful pregnancy again.


I spoke to my Dad about that lady and the emails and his only beef was that she gave the guy my details without telling him (my Dad) first. See! I told you he was in there somewhere!!! I told him specifically to tell the lady for me to back off and don't try anything again.

Do you know what he did?

He called me the next day and without any warning passed the phone to her!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Men!!! There now followed an awkward conversation where the woman just wound me up more and I quickly got the point of thanks but no thanks I don't like hook ups where you run with your mouth and you have dodgy friends! She now told me to keep praying (I wanted to tell her where she could shove her prayer but I bit my toungue, God helped).


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  1. Writefreak Says:

    I wasn't sure i left a comment or not...
    My first time here, will have to read your other posts to get the gist..
    Nice blog, will be back

  2. ibiluv Says:

    so u are an only child?

    mind papa not

    he loves you neways

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Yaaay!!!!! (Doing the bubble and shuffle- LOL)
    So what do I get, huh?

    Hey, How come the dates are messing up???? did you start writing this yesterday, and publish today?

    As for the dad- the saga NEVER ends.
    "Don't mind them"......The world's not a nice place you know, So No point being nice, it won't get you what you are looking for :-)

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @Writefreak, thank you for stopping by, and come back soon!

    @Ibiluv, When I think of your name i always sing it in my head :) I am an only child but five years ago my parents adopted my little brother, so we are two! I know he loves me but he will give me grey hair LOL

    @Sirus, I started yesterday but was soo tired so it will show yesterday's date. Yep have to rethink my state of mind. I have to think what the prizes are, any suggestions.......?

  5. mizchif Says:

    I've always beleived being nice is a liability. Buti guess u still have to be nice, but just not toooo nice.

  6. Being nice might be detrimental really.

    Waoh, you are an only child right? I sure your reply to that anyway, can you share something with me about the adoption of your baby brother, that's if is done in Nigeria cuz I believe in adopting a child- my email

    Thanks dear

  7. Buttercup Says:

    seems like u lead an interesting life..i want!!!! :(

    whats the operation for? hope nothing serious??

    i'd have to go n read up on ur dad, im clueless!

    how r u anywayz?

  8. wow, thank God for second medical opinions.

    And as for niceness being a liability, it has been since the beginning of time, but it is the very trait that makes us human. Without it we would be nothing but animals.

    No worries. =)

  9. Hey good for you on the operation thing....Makes sense too.. Unfortunately i bottled it again.. duh..

  10. doug Says:

    I already gave me my advice on being nice. Don't let em "turn" you Caramel. You're good people

  11. bumight Says:

    so which one's the lie? maybe i have ADD or sth, lemme go read again...

  12. CaramelD Says:

    I'm sleep deprived, having weird blogsville dreams and met Simon Cowell last night ha ha.

    @Mizchif and SolomonSD, I'm going to dial it down a little bit for now. It's also for my own protection.

    @Standtall! What do you need to know? Yep it was a Nigerian adoption. I'll def email you this evening. My email is

    @Buttercup, no mind me! Not so interesting right now jare! The op is for a misaligned jaw line and yes my teeth are crooked but I'm not hideous so why do it? I'm cool thanks for asking (feeling special) your lovely love match put me in a great mood ;)

    @Danny, no be WAEC so no worries :) As long as you had fun!

    @Doug, thanks BFF but you didn't even play the game! Why now? VANISHMENT!

    @Bumight, I think it's time you had a wee nap cos your eyes are deceiving you! LOL!!!!

  13. Muse Says:

    I've always found it more tasteful (to me) when you lace your honest opinion with a bit of subtle sarcasm mixed with a distant smile and a thoughtful look.

    The person may not get it there and then, bu trust me, when they do, it leaves an impact.

    oh, and someone tried that hook up with a girl thing on me. I nicely said no (ifyouknowarramean).

  14. ManCee Says:

    Sometimes I feel likewise per the 'nice' part.