I'm home on a Monday and here is why.......

The view outside my window at 7am this morning.

The balcony!
The "I'm not going to work today because my train route is covered by snow" winter collection! (I love the penguins and it's so warm).

My friends, Emerald Queen on the left (who some of you will have read about) and SJ. They made a snow woman early this morning and sent the pics via email! I'm not the only crazy one!! We have a Training Programme Manager and a Lawyer putting thongs on a snow woman! Gotta love them!
Why are we excited? Because London doesn't get snow like this ever! The last time they recorded snowfall like this was 18 years ago and the transport couldn't cop hence 1/2 the city is at home and on Facebook! LOL

So why is it sizzling inside? Because of moi!!
Over the weekend all sorts happened to and around me, but the most surprising that really shocked me was that I saw a guy (actually saw him twice) and for the first time in a year I thought "wow that guy is REALLY cute" and actually did a double take.
It has been so long since I actually found anyone remotely attractive that it was a bit of a shock to the system. Also after sitting up straight and fluffing my hair (not that that would have helped in any way but it's instinctive I tell you), my next reaction was a voice in my head saying..
"Uhuh, you have started again! You have started your nonsense. You like what they say and you like how they look and now your batting your non-existent eyelashes and someone who can't even see you. Then you will do something stupid along the way and feel like a right plonker."
So I mentally slapped myself (it hurts just as much as a real slap) and shut down all female receptors. How annoying to feel this way, but that's how it is! Do not feel like even thinking about stuff like that because after Christmas there is only so much one woman can take.
But let me tell you what I miss sometimes....Being in a man's arms. Ohhhhh! A real honest to goodness copyrighted Man Hug (c)! Where you are trapped against a lovely immovable chest and lovely strong arms ohhhh! And since we are on the subject, kisses lovely well placed kisses!!! My favourite is when they come up behind you and your senses are on high alert, like you can feel them before they actually step close and place their arms around you from behind. The best part is that you can't move your arms and you get tiny well placed butterfly kisses from your nape, to the side of your neck , to an ear nibble to your lips and the party starts! Also hands are free to wander up and down.....Hmmmmm
Yep I'm going to go roll in the snow and cool down!
22 Responses
  1. Writefreak Says:

    Hmmm...i think you really need to cool
    Enjoy your compulsory break!

  2. Temite Says:

    pele o dear. I so feel you right now. Go and cool down o jare. But dont feel like that, one never knows when the one will walk into our lives.

  3. Unfortunately I didn't get a break from classes inspite of the snow.. Was half hoping i'd get one tho... Good luck on the man thingy.. but some slow movement almost always makes sense IMO

  4. lol...... go roll in d snow....

  5. ibiluv Says:

    heard about the weather.......i need a cold drink..........dem pictures you were painting....dammit girl!!!!!!!!

  6. Freaksho Says:

    my question is this.
    in the name of all that is good,
    did they manage to put a thong on that thing? i mean, PEOPLE!am i the only one impressed here??

  7. ~Sirius~ Says:

    I do not want to be anywhere near y'all..........

    Mean While Young Lady.........with all that snow around you, you're still heated up.....what for?

  8. CaramelD Says:

    @ Writefreak, Temite, Funms and Zara I have cooled down the moment has passed...FOR NOW LOL!!

    @Danny, this is Tuesaday and I'm still not back at work! Taking things slow is vital right now but boring ;)

    Ibiluv!!! Those were the pictures that my brain keeps playing in my head, it's not fair!

    @Freaksho, these are two very smart, artistic professional women! Thongs on a snowwoman pose no problems at all...

    @Sirus, yo! Seeing a cute guy reminds one that one is a social animal that communicates through physical intimacy !!

  9. Buttercup Says:

    lol @ the snowman! hehehe

    ohhhhhh girl, stop making me miss Chari MORE!!!! *sighs*

    p.s. thanx for the warning with regards to Mr

  10. bumight Says:

    now I WANT A HUG!!!!!

  11. badderchic Says:

    that snow lady's very ver sexy o! lol how u doin?

  12. CaramelD Says:

    @Buttercup, at least be thankful that you have experienced a worthy Man Hug (c)! Now you and Doug stop your wall wars unless I'll bring out my slipper!

    @Bumight, oh girl join the queue LOL!

    @QMoney, enjoy the snow or my tortured fantasies????

    BADDERCHIC!!!!! What's up girlie? I'm missing you oh, no be small! This underground you went is paining me oh! How far? Keep on rocking ducky!

  13. doug Says:

    How on earth did those ladies manage to 'bethong' that snow...creature.LOL.

    And I think you need to stop reading 'em Mills & Boons...and watching 'em girlie flicks.LOL.

    How is the snow now?

  14. Afrobabe Says:

    unfortunately it didnt snow the next

  15. mike Says:

    Enjoy the snow jare! Need a drink? Cold Vodka?

  16. CaramelD Says:

    Doug!!! What has Mills & Boon got to do with the price of fish! Or chick flicks?? The wanderings of my mind are 100% Caramel generated without the need of external stimuli - thank you very much!


    @Afrobabem oh girl you should put in those deep freezers, you know, the ones that 90% of Naija mothers own.

    @Mike, thanks for dropping by and I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK ;)

  17. Emaan Says:

    look at ALL that fluffy snow... u live where it snows.. ??? im so so so jealous !!!!!!!
    beautiful pics !

  18. Monef Says:

    I wish we would get to stay home during a snowfall. We usually have to trudge through the mess to work no matter how many inches fall.

  19. ManCee Says:

    HOPE YOU DID NOT GO NEAR THE SNOW...freak floods and tsunamis have been known to happen when the snow is used in trying to cool down such 'heat'.
    I'm loving your three friends in the pix. Esp the 'white' one in thongs...she wins 'best dressed' award.