I'm a terrible employee.

I haven't done serious work today. I have been organising and sorting a few things but no serious creative work. I can't FOCUS! I nearly clapped my hands in glee when I realised that four of my favourite bloggers had posted new stuff. I could read and not have to work! I can't find my centre and I am terribly tired. I decided to drink a can of Red Bull but now I feel nauseous bleurgh!

I don't feel like I'm living. I feel like I'm treading water and passing time. A friend asked me yesterday what's new with me and I thought 'bloody hell not much'. I am running a mini marathon in May for Cancer Research but the excitement of a challenge was very short lived( I'm allergic to exercise so I should be a bit more worried, no?)


I need my pillow, hairnet, and duvet in no particular order but since that won't be happening for while yet let me do like Maria and think of my favourite things before I fall into total self pity :)

1. Ribena. It's totally fabulous and versatile. You can make it normally, mix it with milk and make it hot water! Yum!

2. Finding the few Agatha Christie books that I haven't read yet. I can't get enough of that woman.

3. When you have been busy all day and haven't eaten and your tummy looks flat. Tres fabulous!

4. Kiddie hugs. Awwwwwww. My god daugther and her sister spent the day at mine yesterday (it's half term) and the stampede when I came back from work was lovely! I even had a picture drawn in my honour. Bless!

5. [MEN CLOSE YOUR EYES] Taking off my bra at the end of a long day. Women you know what I mean! Sheer bliss.

6. Dbanj's latest album. I don't have to skip one single track. I'm so proud. When Igwe comes on, I even look for a couple of white hankies so I can boogie Anambra stylee.

7. Four hour long IM conversations. I gave up my IM crown a long time ago but it has been dusted off and I'm in danger of re-crowning myself. It also helps when you flow so easily with the person you are chatting with.

8. Karaoke. No need to say anymore.

9. Comments on my posts. I can and did write for over a year before I started getting steady comments but there is joy in getting other points of view, and responses that make you see that yes, other people understand what you are blabbing about. Shout out to Phoenix, my most loyal reader xxx

10. Fresh weave! (BFF your life is under threat if you make a comment about my love of fake hair!)

PS What does it mean if someone says you didn't play in sand as a child?

PPS Abeg share your own favourite things. It's Friday, let's share the joy and cocoon me till I can go home!
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  1. miz-cynic Says:

    it means u had a deprived childhood...hehehehe

  2. Dammy Says:

    Just like when you say someone didn't have a childhood.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Nothing excites me PERIOD!

    [LOL........I see you finally got D'banj's album....1 year later!...he he.]

    Sweetheart, you are going through a phase, where everything seems dark and tastes bland......This too shall pass (really soon) just wait it out :-)

    Yay! for Phoenix....XoXo.
    And you're darn right, nothing as blissful as taking that bra off!

  4. doug Says:

    Wait wait what happens when you take off the bra?

    The exquisite rush of relief at the caress of the air on your freshly liberated pompoms?

    I mean seriously, imagine that you were Caramel Shakespeare....or Madame Henrietta BuxomFellow.

    How would you describe those rapturous first few moments of release as the bra strap goes flying wide and you watch the resultant bounce bounce bounce...err bounce....of Mammary Freedom...hehehehehe

    And you really need to find something else to do with your fake hair budget!!!!

    And the playing with sand thing means Michael Jackson had more fun than you when you were a kid...

    And I wuv you too BFF!!!!

    *****evil grin

    P.S - You need to be careful though...remember what the bunny boiler on me blog said...I'm a callous scallywag of a blogger

    hehehe ****another evil grin

    P.P.S - Comment moderation sucks!!!!

  5. LoloBloggs Says:

    It's called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I suffer from it too!

    Don't wanna do nutin, complain when I don't have nutin to do. Too much work, not enough motivation or interest and not even a ppim of hot sunshine...nonsense!

    So feeling you on the bra thingy...ah..the relief..

    My fav things to get me through the darkness...
    1. Ribena (me too brrraaaapppp)
    2. Spider solitaire
    3. The crazy minds on blogville!! woohoo!!

    Really good post, btw, nice one for me to come across on a procastinating Friday afternoon!

  6. Doug.... Erm... Erm.........No comments....

    Thankfully tis a friday, so you should survive the work day enuf to hopefully spend the rest of the day and the weekend chilling..........

    Unfortunately, it was one of such days back in 08 that i decided to just leave my last job and head back to school.......Not that I'm advising anything as radical as that tho..

  7. bob-ij Says:

    lool....I love your list and almost everything on it! I actually did a very embarrassing dance with my little cousins to Igwe in front of family and put white powder on my face. The little girls loved it!

    RIBENA! that's another favourite of mine.

    And that FAUX flat tummy, I absolutely love and will go swimming only at that stage and that's when I check my weight! *blush

    Favuorite things:
    1. Rubbing body cream on a dry annoying back *(hiding in shame!)
    2. Oreo cookies
    3.Plantain chips...wooo!

    LONG COMMENT! sorry... x!

  8. @ 5: ur so right
    my fave things: watching the latest episode of gossip

    skype phone calls and IMs.....bliss but now ive no time :(

    reading blogs......

    eating Thai Basil fried rice

    oh btw, if u didnt play in sand when u were young, means u never experienced the full childhood phase, the fun times esp....

  9. Hey CaramelD,

    Hope you find time to relax and soul search this weekend...somewhere inside you is the reason why you feel no excitement. I like your list of things you love to do.. with you on Ribena but Sprite tops my list of drinks... suprised no chocs made the list

  10. Afrobabe Says:

    A cup of baileys with loads of ice...yummmmmmmm

    lmao @ Doug...mahn you cant even explain that feeling, its just sudden freedom...

  11. Afrobabe Says:

    my first few months of blogging were depressive as well...I used to get 6 comments at most..

  12. Sting Says:

    Ribena...... i'm salivating just thinking about it.

    I used to read Agatha Christie in secondary school. I loves books. Maybe i should search for those i haven't read.

  13. Writefreak Says:

    Yeah i think it means something like not having a proper childhood...

    Yay! i also love ribena, it's fab, and being able to take off my bra, absolute bliss!

    There are times we all feel like not much is going on in our lives, i've had a no of times like that recently, but i am learning to keep leaving my life in the hands of the one who knows tomorrow and won't let my foot slip!

  14. Temite Says:

    HA. Sweetie, you have no idea about the breast thing. I sometimes wear two bras and when I take off both of them, Its like SWEET FREEDOM. FEELS DIVINE, almost as good as getting good loving. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Just thinking about it makes me want to go and do it right now.
    Hope you are feeling berra boo. XOXO

  15. rethots Says:

    "I can't find my centre and I am terribly tired." I sure can help you if you ask nicely.

    No.5, if i close my eyes, how will i read? ....oops, ok rather than just close my eyes, i also blocked my ears.

    "Four hour long IM conversations." hmmm, you think you can IM?

  16. SECRET DIARY Says:

    Omo Oba, ki lo de? Na waaaaa ohhh.

    * * *
    Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.

  17. ibiluv Says:

    i'm so with you about releasing the twins at the end of every day...its just blissful.....*sigh*

    Ribena is great

    Lol at the flat tummy thingy...i'm also guilty of that...*wink*

    Love kids too

    Dbanj is tres fabulous

    Is he asking if your childhood was deprived????its a joke amongst my pals and i-everytime someone admits to missing out on something most of us did-we say the person had a deprived childhood...just jokes though.....

  18. Enkay Says:

    I't Monday and I sure do hope you had a nice weekend?

    I guess the way you're feeling is just a phase that'll soon pass but u sure did well listing the things you love. They have a way of surrounding you with comfort!

    As for Ribena, I didn't think I could live without it! When I was younger, I thought it was sheer wickedness to have me dilute the concentrate. It was that bad! lol!

  19. lil' spider Says:

    he he he! Ditto on the bra thingy! read this at abt the time i was enjoying a similar experience... on my own! lol!ribena? i like but def not a fav thing! more like... yoghurt! yeah, thats more like it!

    PPS: On the sand thing, pls remedy situation at once! get a sand bucket, place within reach in a frequently used room within your domicile, play as often as possible with the sand and keep all cats out of view of the sand box/bucket.
    use this routine for the next six months. then dare anyone to say you never played with sand as a kid.

  20. CaramelD Says:

    Miz-Cynic! You have banished the spirit of ignorance.

    Dammy! My pleasure, don't be a stranger.

    Sirus! Are you sure nothing exictes you? Red satin peep toes with three inch heels? Some piece of gadget madness that no one else has and is so complex that it would take both you and your man three days to figure it out? ;)

    Doug! What will I do with you? I don't know what's worse, the fact that you said 'mammary' or the multiple times you said 'bounce'hahahaha! I know you just wanted to get me out of my funk, but you have traumatised Danny. LOL!! PS Don't hate on the weave!

    LoloBloggs! My fellow sufferer. I too can't remember what sunshine feels like on my skin. I'm a tropical flower and I'm wilting! Big up the Ribena crew!

    BobIj! I love long comments! Feel free ;)

    Funms! I am very intrigued by this Thai Basil Fried Rice, please share the receipe, so the enjoyment can reach my side.

    Ayodele! You raised a good point. I like chocolates but they won't be on my fav list. Now chocolate biscuits hmmmmmmm...

    Afrobabe! High five with Baileys! Don't mind Doug trying to understand what his mind can't comprehend!

    Sting! You will never tire of Ms Christie. Go and search some out.

  21. CaramelD Says:

    Danny! I won't do something as radical as you, but I would love to shake things up a bit somehow.

    Writefreak, I hear you oh and I'm trying to do the same.

    Temite!!! Two bras? But why? Kindly explain further!

    Rethots! Exactly how would you help me? I'm quite curious. Yes I can IM like no man's biz! In fact it has gotten into many pots of hot water ;)

    Secret Diary person. I have seen that you have been around blogsville with this one message. Is this some kind of PR thing?

    Ibiluv! Can you imagine? The person who said I didn't play in sand, is yet to explain themselves! Ironically that was my Mum's biggest beef with me when we went to the village and I was a toddler. She said I would sit in the sand and after making 'soup' in a milk tin, would then procede to pour it over my head!!

    Enkay! You had in hysterics! Drinking concentrated Ribena! Don't rot your teeth abeg LOL!

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    Now, I can't wait to go to the next antiques show.

    Anyway, hope all is well.

  23. Buttercup Says:

    awwwwww i hope u r ok??????

    ahh..that feeling is just mum tells me to sleep with my bra on to keep my boobs firm..NO MUMMY!!!!

    when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when i'm feeling saaaaaaaaaaaad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feeeeeel, sooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad! :D

    *reading a good novel
    *listening to good music
    *eating chocolate and drinking coke while doing the above two things
    *chatting on messenger
    *looking outside my room window..lovely's simply tranquil
    *talking to booboo :)
    *reading blogs

  24. Buttercup Says:

    lol @ doug..what the hell????

  25. Rita Says:

    Do I say "How well you spent the time?"

    I just read one of your comments on my blog and it warmed my heart. If I never told you thank you, I am saying it now.

    Thank you. It made my day then and it is still making my "evening"...

  26. theicequeen Says:

    going through the same phase...medicating with my favourite things :

    loooooong hot pampering baths

    dancing to aformentioned music in a dark room

    chocolate!! wooo hooo

    loooooooooong walks

    shower gel, bath gel, lotions and potions :P..anything that smells divine

    blogs *ear to ear grin*


    and what exactly do you mean not playing with sand?? rewind ASAP! oh the fun! the joy! hehe

  27. CaramelD Says:

    Lil Spider, I used to play in sand oh for real! I love me some yoghurt too, especially strawberry :)

    Mrs Solly! I'm fine oh, trying to update my blog and no time. You can pass your interior decorating skills to moi, cos I don't have a clue about all that stuff.

    ButterC! Tell your Mum with due respect that sleeping with a bra on goes against the Geneva Convention on Human Rights! I love your list totally on point!

    Rita! I am seriously racking my brain to remember my comment, please remind me which post. Anyway if it gave you half as much pleasure as all your lovely comments give to blogsville then I am very happy :)

    Icequeen, I too now want a bubble bath....ohhhhhh lovely.

  28. rethots Says:

    ...sure you want to know?

  29. CaramelD Says:

    Rethots, my yes is my yes!

  30. Buttercup Says:

    the Geneva Convention on Human Rights..hehehe!

    howz u hon???

  31. CaramelD Says:

    Queen ButterC, I'm good just toughing it out this week at work. How body?

  32. RocNaija Says:

    You've actually got a very nice writing style..

    Ribena is tha shiznit.. The one main thing I never miss out on during an Asda opps John Lewis trip *wink*

  33. CaramelD Says:

    Mr Roc!
    Na wa for wherever you live. Who put an Asda opposite the John Lewis? You know the John Lewis people who have been swearing under their breath! Big up the Ribena crew!