See as God is my witness, I have so many things to say but my brain won't get into first gear.

I love being part of this Nigerian community but the awards have me scared! I went to vote so that I can be supportive of the hard work the girls have put in and I felt a bit faint LOL! I would love to win something (really who wouldn't??) but after seeing that roll call of FABULOUS bloggers, I quietly voted and went to go and eat my garri and oha soup....

Category A is deep! No chance for Caramel's bum to see space. If you see anything that reminds you of me in Category B, then God bless you! Yes this is me campaigning (my Mum said nothing ventured, nothing gained).

In other news....

My Dad is here for his post op check up, the TV and I had a teary farewell. We won't see each other for a long time, while my Dad is here.

I'm in charge of a kick ass project at work and I am so stressed that there is grey hair in my weave. I just have to survive today till end of Sunday and I can breathe a bit better.

I keep getting an email from Diamond Bank to verify a cheque by giving them my account number!!! O gini??? In my whole time at home for NYSC I never used one tiny toe to enter Diamond Bank! I find it very offensive when fellow Nigerians try to 419 me! I'm not white!!

I recently had a whole week of not thinking about Baked Beans! Fabulous! I think I'm getting better! Do the shuffle!

For anyone who watches MTV Base, I met Trevor Nelson today! Woo hoo! I was very professional while giggling on the inside! He is an alumni of my college and came to shoot a promo video for our new campus.

I was a bit worried that I had lost my inner goddess so I glamed up a bit and tried to remember how to smile at a man (so out of practice because I currently avoid them like the plague) flashed a look at a gentleman and he nearly walked into a bathroom door hehehehe!


Last night I woke up randomly at 5am and then went back to bed again and had the most intense dream. I dreamt that my family went out and I stayed at home, so when they came back they handed over a child to me to bathe and I thought 'hang on, my brother is way bigger than this!' Then I realised he was my child! When I put him to bed I lay on my side looking at him and grumbled (good naturedly) that I can't see anything of myself in him, only that he is fair and thank God that his father's family are good looking if not there would have been trouble. In the dream, while on the bed all I could see was a close up of his face, but he was so beautiful down to his eyelashes. Also in the dream I knew I loved him! Could feel it so strongly. I don't know where that dream came from, kids are the LAST thing on my mind at this moment and I'm more used to babysitting girls than boys but WOW! That was my baby, I just KNOW IT. I was spooked when I woke up, let me tell you. I had to write this down so I don't forget.

PS At work today trying to set up for an exhibition over the weekend, I was so stressed I kept muttering, I want a biscuit, I want a biscuit! Wetin do me? That's why Lent is so important. It shows us how much care we put in things of the world instead of leaning on spiritual help. Whether food, alcohol, or bad habits. It's time to focus on what counts, no biscuits!

You don't have to vote for me (ahem, ahem) but make sure you do vote at the awards, it will be fun!

20 Responses
  1. Danny B Says:

    Almost sent the dude headlong onto the bathroom door? WOW... Not a bad try....

  2. mizchif Says:


    Good to know i'm not the only one thinking "no award for moi"
    Mmmmmmmm, and i just had me sum pounded yam and egusi soup!!!
    Lawdy, lawd...I'd almost forgotten what REAL FOOD tastes like.

    Back to d awards matter, i think i'm going to revote and vote 4 myself this time!

  3. Shubby Doo Says:

    i'm sure you'll win an award

    omg...i got an email to my shubby doo account from a Mr Benson Karim asking me for my bank details so he could deposit over 2 million pounds sterling into it...abeg why?!!! i was thinking where do i know you from.... as if i would reply like some mumu...diamond bank should free u o!

  4. bumight Says:

    how does one get grey hair in their weave? lol!

  5. Sting Says:

    That's the worst thing, having other naija people try to scam u.

  6. doug Says:

    You arent the only one getting the email o Caramel! Its all over Nigeria too! And countless people have had their accounts cleared for falling mugu.

    Dont worry, I voted for you

  7. tobenna Says:

    We just love to scam dont we?
    As for Trevor Nelson, he messed up at the MTV Africa awards in Abuja. Too 'ajebutish'. Not his fault though.
    Let me go see what award you can fit into in Cat. B

  8. QMoney Says:

    send a reply to the person saying
    "God punish ur papa and ur mama"
    dont worry,they send it to everyone whether u are a nigerian or an oyinbo.
    trya nd campaign more,maybe u'll get an award...

  9. Jaycee Says:

    Loll...I wonder what you did to him that make him almost run headlong into a bathroom door...eyahhh!

  10. Afrobabe Says:

    You sent a guy almost crashing into the wall...girl you gots to smle more and while u r at it teach me....

    I have been getting emails from interswitch as well..the scarey thing is they actually look very real and have an interswitch url...If not that I have never used any naija cards I would have believed them...

  11. Afrobabe Says:

    lmao @ growing a white hair in ur weave...

  12. Buttercup Says:

    hey lovie!

    lol i also doubt if i'd win any award..oh well!

    i miss my daddy!!!!! i know what u mean, we(my siblings and i) never get a chance to watch tv when our dad is around..mscheew..

    baked beans..hmm..

    awwww u'll be fine, just hang in there..sunday's almost here! :)

    hehehehehe go ahead with ur sexy self *whistle whistle*

  13. Enkay Says:

    hehehe! I'm sure there's something in category B I can vote YOU for? lol!

    Pele about your TV o!

  14. ibiluv Says:

    tv....*sigh*...happens to moi when mom pops in as well

    love that feeliing...when u know a guy is totally *checking you out*

    lol at Tobenna...too the guy for do????

  15. mike Says:

    419 na naija thing. lets just have fun @ d award. nothing for us

  16. Rita Says:

    Your are about to receive a gift...something you really desire...

    You can also use this dream as a call to pray for anyone around you who desires a child

    And this dream, do not forget it because in due time you will need to make reference to it.

    Take care...

  17. Anonymous Says:

    errrr Caralmel boo - you know what, I love that DREAM. YES. HE is coming and his dad too. Gosh I am so freaking HAPPY. Dont ask me why, it's not as if he is my child. Have a great WEEK and yeah, no biscuits.

  18. The Diamond bank cheque confirmation is a fraud. Pls dont fall for it. THe work of yahoo boys or scammers!

  19. Buttercup Says:

    just saw the dream that was..

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hello there. I'll like to know where you got the pic with the face of a girl/boy painted green/white/green. Thx. =)