Afrobabe's post today asked what reminds us of our roots. Among other things I mentioned my wrapper and RocNaija was lamenting but Afro said it was sexy and Mizchif claimed it was a necessity. This is an article of clothing that can't be taken lightly...not at all! If the wrapper was a modern day invention and brought to me to promote, gosh! It would be a marketing dream come true. Check the myriad of uses:-

  • Primarily as a body wrap and modesty protector. It could be a skirt (lower part of your body), halter dress (tie it around your neck) or dressing gown (across your chest but be careful as it might make your boobs saggy).

  • It is a baby sling par excellence! How many mothers/baby carers will testify to this? For all of you that didn't know, your baby is soothed by your heartbeat from the back of your torso, while leaving your hands free to do the other million things women have to do.

  • It's a mini blanket when the weather is too hot for normal bed linens.

  • It can be a towel (true talk, I went to boarding school and saw with my two eyes).

  • Also when rolled up it can be used as a protector when carrying stuff on your head!

OK check it, how many points? 5!! Serious practical uses, now let us analyse Afro's claim of it's sexiness. Now please men feel free to contradict me but I personally know guys that have a weird freaky wrapper thing including an ex of mine. Every time he saw me in one he just had to pull it! He couldn't help himself. Other friends have mentioned the same freaky wrapper thing to me also. Maybe for guys it's the knowledge that one pull will reveal something! LOL! Like an adult version of Tales by Moonlight hehehehehe. Finally I have never seen a traditional bride more beautiful than with this current fashion of wearing wrapper only over her chest (old school style) and beads.

Last but not least, Nollywood would be lost without a wrapper or two thrown into every other scene. Fabulous! I rest my case!


In other news, another bridesmaid came to my rescue when she said that not only did she have that dress already for another wedding earlier in the year but that it was bought in America for less than 1/2 the price of the London cost! Praise be to God in heaven!! So now one of the bride's cousins is doing research! Please join me in thanking God oh!

I have been a witness to real e-love while my friend has been in London. Her and her Oga are missing each other seriously oh! There is no technological gadget that has not been used to keep in touch. Phone calls, IM, texts, mobile IM's, picture messaging, Google Earth! I tell you all that is left is Twitter LOL! It's romance in the 21st century. It's the sweetest and the nerdiest thing ever!

I channeled my inner Bree from Desperate Housewives and cleaned my house from top to bottom. Especially my room. There are too many nooks and corners for things to disappear. I even found my birth certificate and I didn't know it was even missing! Chai! All that cleaning must have burnt calories (Lord knows it wasn't anything else) as I am feeling quite Caramelicious ;)

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  1. doug Says:







  2. Freaksho Says:

    i rock the wrapper every night. the secret is in tying it properly. once to the left, once to the right and then you find the strength in the middle. that middle knot is important cos that's where the energy is. literally.
    and there's nothing sexy about a woman in wrapper. it's like the hairnet - it's a universal equalizer. put beyonce in one of either and she stops being bee and becomes just bisi.
    ahh, a couple that harnesses technology! i approve!

  3. dbthinks Says:

    LOL @ real e-love...But na wah o.. all these in praise of a simple wrapper????????

  4. Temite Says:

    Hey there missy! How are u? I do not wear wrappers o. God forbid bad things. If you see my breatestess in the Wrapper, NOT a good look for my girls! So glad for you about the bridesmaid dress. YAY!

  5. Gee Says:
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  6. Gee Says:

    so about this e-dating that everyone is talkin about, hmm Im not used to it o...i crumble after a while of not seeing the person face to face!

    Hopefully I'll b better in it this time around cuz Ill soon b leaving my boi for grad skool in Amerix(lol my bestfrend calls it dat) so its going to be "e-dating" all the way!


  7. bumight Says:

    I am going to go and get a wrapper to test this wrapper fetish thingy!

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:

    On top Wrapper.....a post! Caramel D...was your mind really at work today, seriously?
    Bridemaid to the rescue...I for one wouldn't have parted with £175 "Bridesmaid dress"
    - "NEVER!"

    PS:LOL@ universal equalizer and B becoming Bisi

    PPS: Bree rocks! and so does techy love......

  9. CaramelD Says:

    Ewo!I have been corrected. The E-love couple also use Twitter! LOL!

    @Doug, oya you will come back and tell me why you were so hyper!

    @Freaksho, where you dey since? I have been missing you on my site oh! You killed me with your Bee to Bisi issues. Please try to find some love for wrapper (hairnets you are allowed to hate).

    @DannyB, don't forget one has to love the simple things in life to appreciate the bigger picture. So should I change your website address on my blog roll?

    @Temite the Mighty, try halter neck wrapper. It will protect your boobs. I am with you on the dress issue oh. Praise the Lord!

    @Gee, welcome! I did phone calls for a year. VERY HARD but if the spirit is willing it shall be well even when you are in US of A.

    @Bumight, this is what I like about you. You jump in feet first. Go and try and report back any findings ;) From my research it might work better on home boys living abroad. Those in Naija might be traumatised by market women.

    @Sirius, I don't like all these allegations oh! First on Afro's post and now here. I'll have you know that I was multi tasking! I can chase errant press photographers on the phone while's a gift! LOL! Yes oh techy love is in action and here to stay.

  10. RocNaija Says:

    *Walks in with sober look*

    After reading your post.. and the subsequent argument... I gotta admit..

    "A wrapper on peejays is still dead wrong"

    I might just follow your cue and do an argument against it someday..! Or better yet start a facebook group!

    P.S. I haven't got a problem if it's one or the other.. but rocking both at the same time??

  11. RocNaija Says:

    Good intuitive post though.. Not taking anything away from that! :)

  12. CaramelD Says:

    @RocNaija, haha feel free to express yourself. I'm all for a good debate. If you like wrapper just by its self then it is all good. You do not have to like the nightwear/wrapper combo. I'm a woman of reason ;)

  13. doll Says:

    the importance and practicality of a wrapper can never be over emphasized

  14. wordmerchant Says:

    i totally agree the wrapper is tres sexy :)

    lol @ roc wanna start an anti-wrapper on nightie facebook group lol!

  15. Buttercup Says:

    U must have been a bad ass debator back in school! This was a very convincing argument! *applause*

    Thank God for the rescue..woohoo! But why is jand so expensive like this na? Mschew

    Lol @ the e-love thing..story of my life! It really does seem like ~Sirius~ is the friend in question! *rubs chin while thinking*

    I havent brought my inner Bree out in a while..who knows what I might find. Ur birth certificate?? Chai!

    How r u hon?

  16. Writefreak Says:

    Yes! Wrappers are totally cool and i love them for their multipurpose use!

    Thank God for you re the bridesmaid dress...hope you get it at half the price!

  17. Omo calabar. Says:

    E don tey since i see woman with wrapper o...loving the blog.

  18. Muse Says:

    the wrapper's not really as sexy as it is naughty. just the knowledge that with one tug, you can expose all that lies (sensuously inviting) beneath makes you want to tug...just a lil bit.

  19. Shubby Doo Says:

    really glad to hear you didn't have to fork out 175 pounds...may your credit never crunch...amen

    did a massive clean out myself 2 weeks took 2 days and i had 5 bin bags for the bin men and 3 suitcases (one of which was full of clothes) for charity

  20. Afrobabe Says:


    Ok, seriously why am I just seeing this??? Need to work on my updates...

  21. Afrobabe Says:

    I swear the wrapper thing even turns me on...No, not on another woman...lmao..on me...just has a way of making you horny especially when you have nothing else under...hehheheheh

    lmao @ Freakshow...u didn't just mention the hair net did you...lmao...

  22. CaramelD Says:

    @ Doll, Preach it oh!

    @Wordmerchant, you need to show people the light!

    @ButterCup, actually LOL, you are right. I was President for my Snr Lit and Debating Society. hahahaha
    I have noticed that you have another sexy legs picture, na wa oh! Chari is enjoying. PS Yes it's Sirus and I'm missing her :(

    @Writefreak, the dress will work out at less than half price. Thank God for the US!

    @Omo calabar, thank you! Come back soon!

    @Muse, nice to see you around, how body?

    @ShubbyDoo, your clean out sounds intense! I should confess I have to do my dresser cabinet [sigh].

    @Afrobabe, I know whatyou mean about the wrapper oh! Don't mind the unbelievers.

  23. RocNaija Says:

    Hi CaramelD..
    Use this link to update Afro on your blogroll

    That should work..