Happy Mother's Day (UK) to all the Mums, mother figures and potential mothers out there. They have the hardest and the most blessed calling in the whole world.

As I am still in domestic goddess mode from last week, I decided in celebration of British spring (yes oh we have sunshine and flowers praise God) to do a full English Roast with roast chicken, potatoes and veg and of course gravy, with carrot cake and custard for dessert. Then my Mum says;

"Oh Mother's Day, when's that? Oh oh, I doing a double shift, won't be home all day."


This is why it's not good to get too exicted about things. I had missed the last two Mother's Day because I had been in Nigeria for Youth Service so I was hyped up..... Oh well.

I did the carrot cake anyway so she could take it to work for the other nurses that were working and I made another one for my friend's birthday. Now yesterday when I told my Dad I'm going to buy flour and stuff he had raised the whole fat girls shouldn't eat cake. I sweetly told him that both cakes were not for the this house and had external destinations.

Imagine my horror when we came back from church this morning and my Dad said:

"Stay away from sugar, the cake I ate last night (3am!) should not be in the house."


He had cut out a big chunk of someone's birthday cake. I had to use everything in my power not to flip and grouch. I had to point out that he has to work on listening to me when I speak and not tuning me out. I'M NOT HIS SPOUSE DAMN IT! I had even told him yesterday that there was a small cake with less fat and sugar I had made for him in the fridge. He bypassed that one and went for the big cake. Chai! I don't understand oh. When I spoke to him football, news and cowboy films were not showing, so where did it all go wrong?

I am now going to scrap together ingredients for another cake as the real owner is coming today to collect it. Someone give me a drink!

PS Jade Goody RIP. My dear you used what you had to the best of your abilities. May angels watch over your sons.

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  1. exschoolnerd Says:

    lol..ayah pele u have to go tru the wahala of making another one...

    i cn imagine how angry u must have stop laffing..dunno y

  2. mizchif Says:

    Can't i just be first ehn!
    XSN what r u doing online on a sunday?

    Ok, i'm 2nd, have to rush off to church now. Will b back to read.

  3. mizchif Says:

    Oh, i 4got abt comment moderation, so i might just as well be 23rd 4 all i know!

  4. RocNaija Says:

    Awwww.. don't we just love our pops..
    So you didn't end up cooking the Sunday roast then?
    I'm sure your mom appreciated the effort though.. even though she wasn't around to enjoy it like you wished!
    Good on ya'!

  5. Freaksho Says:

    of course he went for the big cake. he's a MAN, see? dad's pissing me off to no end too.
    how is it that you can just wake up and BAKE like that? i mean, isnt it easier to just buy her a muffin or something?
    women are made outta raw energy, i swear.

  6. JustDB Says:

    LOL.. Pops was only exerscing his 'right of first taste'which by the way is an inalienable right...

  7. Afrobabe Says:

    Unlike you I would have been singing Halleluyah if my mum said she would be out all day so no need to d

    lmao @ ur popcy...cant believe he didn't hear a word you said...kpele..I would have burst into tears..

  8. mizchif Says:

    Breathe dear, just breathe. Parents can be very annoying sometimes, but hey, they are yours and you are theirs. Sounds exactly like what my dad would do though, eat the cake then warn you about sugar...after eating a huge chunk!

    Enjoy ur spring,ihope it gets sunnier by the time i'm ready to join you guys.

  9. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Oh My! I can just imagine......
    Well it's back to the baking pans init....

    PS: *sigh as per's really a sad story.
    PPS: that picture is reppin yo mama.....nice

  10. ibiluv Says:

    i would have screamed and then made sure he starved for the day

    but then again thats why there are notes every where around my home.....

  11. Bibi Says:

    awwwww, poor caramel. lmao. i just kept saying "oh no he didn't" but yes he did and then told you to stay away from sugar after he did. i can imagine all the curse words that went thru your mind but we dare not speak out. at least not in the presence of our fathers. pele, just make another one and hide it as far away from him as possible

    p.s- yes, rest in peace to jade goody

  12. Temite Says:

    Poor caramelicious goodness. Dont mind him o jare. Hope you re-made the cake. Can you bake from scratch. WOW! Fascinating. Happy Mothers day to Mama Caramel...hope she had fun.

  13. Buttercup Says:

    lmao! FATHERS!!! *sighs* they just have a special way of getting under one's skin..

    aww u r sweet daughter o :)

    love the pic!

    i really wasnt expecting jade to got his sad.. :(

  14. BSNC Says:

    lol that is your father for you.. the picture is really nice

  15. Enkay Says:

    hehehe! You just got to love them - fathers!
    How did you think he'd actually bypass the delicious cake and go for the not-so-delicious one you kept for him?

    How else would he get to repeat the fact that "fat girls shouldn't eat cake" and that you should stay away from sugar? lol!

    Very funny.

  16. ~Sirius~ Says:

    PPS: New Look...........I like I like. Don't think I can attempt lazy to redo my blog roll.

  17. i always screw up on the days. COs i have to call my mom on naija mothers day, and on out own mothers day too! lol!