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I survived! I survived!!!!! I'm totally tired but I got through last week! Praise the Lord! Buttercup do the shuffle! Also because of my sterling work (nothing broke and no one died ha!) and the fact I had to come in to work today, I get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off to compensate my lost weekend.

In breaking news, My Dad went to Germany for a mini break and my Mum is going a bit later too! This is big news! My Mum never goes on a break! She works on her days off and we always argue about it but now she is going for about four days! THIS IS A GLORIOUS DAY INDEED!

The best mood enhancing news is [drum roll please] MY HOME GIRL IS HERE FOR A VISIT! Woo hooo!!!! It's like having a little bit of Naija sunshine (wink wink) in cold London! It's great. I know her Oga isn't sharing my happiness but he has to share abeg, she will soon zoom back to Lagos! The downer is that I go to work but really she isn't home either: the babe no gree! She is on a shopping mission that could bring tears to your eyes. I think Gordon Brown should meet her because she can personally jump start the British economy and reverse the economic downturn LOL!

So you can see why I am starting my own conga line (I'm also hyped on coffee to keep my eyes open)!


Obviously life won't let you be completely stress free but they won't get me I will still rejoice no matter what.... What is the problem I here you ask?

My cousin and longtime friend is getting married and I'm a bridesmaid. Just got an email that the dress is £175!!! I nearly fainted in my office! £175 for a dress alone! Nothing else! I really can't afford that without something else suffering (like my savings). I just don't earn enough for that! I politely raised the issue but I know she has made up her mind. Meanwhile another bridesmaid is sending email that her cheque is in the post! No support there then! Chai!

For her I would do it but what makes it worse is that the dress (though pretty) is sleeveless! Ewo! I don't do that at all. I hate seeing ladies hiking up the top part of the corset when they think no one is looking. My chest needs straps! Always have, always will. Even if I was skinny I have issues with upper arms and that fold women get between boobs and armpits! As you can see in Fig 1, Caramel likes jackets!! What a quandary! I'm a 16/18 and not loving the thought of that wedding day anymore. Does anyone have advice?

PS I'm not stressed! Just mildly irritated. In the grand scheme of things it's not that big a deal. This is my 5th time as a bridesmaid so I have a had a good run if this is my first stress inducing moment. When I get to hideous creations like 27 Dresses then we will start crying LOL!

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  2. Danny B Says:

    LOL.. Bumight would give anything to be in your shoes..She's bee ranting and raving abt being a brides maid!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is that you up there? you are VERY HOT O! DAMN! While I understand that its important to honor the bride, I will not be subjected to an UGLY outfit or one I am uncomfortable with. that is why I dont do bridesmaid! I am not a maid anyways so there...Lol. Laters and do try to REST like your mama.

  4. Buttercup Says:

    *does the shuffle*

    Yay for u! I can just imagine how much fun u'd have with ur friend.

    Awwww @ ur parents :)

    £175?? SAY WHAAAAAAT???? I totally understand ur plight. Uh, wudnt it be ok if u cud wear a sort of shawl over the dress?

    Enjoy ur free time!

  5. mizchif Says:

    I like the sound of your friend, she sounds like my kind of person.

    As for the bridesmaid situation, with all this bridesmaid talk around blogville, i have been thinking to myself, what i wld do in a case where i don't like d dress........ i will find an excuse to be out of town that weekend, maybe show up in time for the reception.

    But seriously...175GBP?????
    Ahnahn, who is she trying to kill?

  6. Afrobabe Says:

    My dear I get where you are coming from...I was chief brides maid this weekend and believe me I slept all of sunday...went for believers calsses but couldn't even make it to church..

    I wore a corset thingy but bought a black bollero top to cover the top..even at that I kept pulling it

    But that dress is too expensive my cute dress at debenhams on sale from £80 to £24

  7. Afrobabe Says:

    Politely tell her you cant afford it....

  8. bumight Says:

    $175 for a sleeveless dress?....aww....serves u right!

    there! i said it!! i feel so much better...LOL!

    most people who do sleeveless usually do shawls with it, u might want to ask ur cousin

    wait, did u say u've been a BM five times? then you totally deserve a hideous outfit!...*sulking* life is just not fair!

  9. doug Says:

    Lol! One wonders what you to do counteract your many hours every week at the house of torture. I mean we ought to be seeing the results now shouldnt we? Or is it that you come back and then load enough Oha and Ofensala (spelling?) right after losing a few microstones? Lol!

    Ok ok soooorrry o! Before you start getting all melodramatic on me again! I was only kidding! You know its all love.

    PS - What are you feeling like, showing yourself off to blogsville? i got my eye on best watch your back! Mscheeew!!!

  10. Shubby Doo Says:

    if the dress is a good dress and can survive more than just this it...think of it as an investment but if not...raise the issue...people should know these things!!!

    i have had to pay nearly £250 for a lilac bridesmaid dress (bodice and skirt with trail)...i was not a happy bunny i tell u

    i had only agreed to pay for something that was versatile o...but the bride came shopping with me and when she saw the dress she insisted that that was the chosen dress for her wedding...i was chief bridesmaid/maid of honour so i bought cos it was family...the other bridesmaid(s) bailed out...

    i've never wore it since and i ended up giving it to charity....

    would i do it again?...lai lia...not with my own salary!!!

  11. CaramelD Says:

    @ Temi the Mighty! How on earth can you be on five blog sites at once? Wow! Thank you for calling me hot :) Maybe you can teach your friend Doug how to appreciate the female form! PS I saw what you wrote on Sirus's blog LOL Sherlock Holmes ;0)

    @DannyB, your comment turned to be very prophetic! PS I said I liked nerds and yet you still want to charge me for spreading your knowledge tut tut!

    @ButterC I must wear something over my shoulders oh! At least in Church, haba!

    @Mizchif, I can't dodge, the bride means the world to me but this is tough oh!

    Afrobabe, I would give anything to go to Debenhams man! Chai! Put up a pic so I can see your fine dress pleasssseeeeeeee! Or chop off your head and send it to I need inspiration

    @Bumight! Don't vex oh! LOL! Your time wil come. You will do and do until you are tired dearie.

    @Doug! I have nothing to say to you that can be printed on! Just confess that you are overwhelmed by the sheer work of art that is my Igbo Princess body. Instead of writing fake stuff, get on your knees and thank God for making me for you to admire!

    @Shubby Doo! Thsi is serious gist oh! £250! No way! How did the other bridesmaids dodge? What did they wear? Please oh continue your gist!

  12. Danny B Says:

    lol... if ok!!!! if u define wt yr requirements are we can get the team to start working on them.......

  13. exschoolnerd Says:

    i have a feeling i know dis ur friend...hmmm

    babes u r hot ooh

    175 whoa!!!!

  14. SECRET DIARY Says:

    I was here...

    But now, I'm now at ...

    and sometimes at...


  15. AlooFar Says:

    ... don't you just look fyn in that dress?

  16. Shubby Doo Says:

    i was wondering why you brought me back

    ok...there should have been 3 adults and 6 kids (little kids)...ended up being only me with the kids...

    i even found out that after she chose a dress for us that also had a kiddie design in the childrens section of house of fraser...the kid's mothers wouldn't pay so the childrens outfits were made in migeria

    re: the bridesmaids(in nigeria)...when they jaboed themselves from the dress cos they wouldn't pay...she jaboed them from their only this mumu paid for the lilac dress and worked like her slave on the tried to come and re-claim her spot during the traditional wedding...if u see how i ousted her sorry ass from my side...rubbish!

    funny thing is I was actually was thinking of not paying but my mother told me firmly that since it was family i couldn't!!!

    all in all, it cost me a lot...i had as many change of clothes as she did except for one for her traditional and church wedding...and trust...she made me pay for all the various lace colours she wanted for the traditional wedding, and the wedding reception...all she did was pay for my various lace to be sown into the latest up and down designs of her choice...i tell you never again!!!

    from that day i learnt that the bridesmaids thing is not a big deal...for photos (yes) stand at the altar in church with the best man (yes)...the rest of the time everybody else was there to support her!

  17. CaramelD Says:

    My requirements are using Excel for an hour without swearing!

    LOL, yes I'm sure you know the friend! Thanks for the compliment, na God do am oh!

    You pay me a lovely compliment that strokes my ego, then you go and break my heart by saying you won't write anymore. Chai! What is a poor girl to do? No more cryptic one liners.....

    If I promise to send you your cake will you reconsider?

    I can't complain anymore oh! Your own story makes mine look like a walk in the park! Wow!! This is real 'Tales by Moonlight'.

  18. Smaragd Says:

    are u sure u are a 16/18? that's a damn goodlooking 16/18 if i ever saw one (ref: the pic u put up)

    175pounds is overdoing a bit or what do u think? for a dress u dont even like! i'd bow out gracefully. did that already this year and boy, am i glad i did!

    why Germany for ur parents? do they speak?

  19. ~Sirius~ Says:

    £175 for a dress that would never been worn for more than a couple of hours ever.........
    Credit is Crunching...didn't you tell them that!
    You had better find shops online with the same dress and buy it, OR bow out like Smaragd did....

  20. Enkay Says:

    You do look foin!

    I've been chief bride's maid only once and the bride paid a part of my bills. No sweat there.

    But 175 for a dress?! It had better be a really, really, really nice one. One I can wear again and again and again....get my point? hahaha!

  21. myabubakar Says:

    hi. am a new bee here. nice blog u got

  22. Bibi Says:

    175? no way. that wedding must be designer all through. and it better be a dress you can wear elsewhere. plus i dunno if you would want to cover up a 175 dress with any kind of jacket. being a lady of similar body structure, i understand your plight though. lol. FIRST TIMER

  23. Abujamaiden Says:

    Been a while....

    I want to be a bridesmaid.

    And can you friend help me turnover my personal economy????

  24. If Caramel doesn't do sleeveless, she shouldn't do it to be uncomfortable financally and otherwise just to be a fifth time chief bridesmaid.

  25. Tigeress Says:

    175 quid!!! omd, what kinda bridemaids dress is that?

    btw, i like the pic. :)

  26. 175 pounds ke? cuz of a dress? but why? i like that pic o.........

  27. Lol, Great fucken post babygurl.

  28. Buttercup Says:

    sweerie pie! just saying hi!

    so what have u concluded now? r u buying the dress???

  29. Writefreak Says:

    That picture looks very hawt! Is that you?

    Maybe you can be allowed to wear a jacket on your dress? I don't do strapless also

    Meanwhile, why not reverse roles with bumight who hasn't been a bridesmaid before? lol

  30. CaramelD Says:

    @Smaragd, thank you oh! The parentals went to Germany to visit my Dad's cousin who lives there.

    @Sirius, I know my dear my level hasn't reached there yet oh.

    @Enkay, I will soon start blushing oh. Trust me, by force I would find where to wear the dress again including work LOL.

    @Myabubakar, thank you for dropping by to my mad house. Please come again :)

    @Bibi, welcome oh, don't be a stranger. As of last night, I have started upper body work out in case there is no cover for my arms!

    @Abujamaiden, my friend can help you shop till you or your wallet drop.

    @Emeka, I will find middle ground. Thanks for the battle cry LOL!

    @Tigress, Darlu!

    @Funms, thank you, na God do am oh!

    @Mr. Top Soil, thanks....I think!

    @Buttercup, I updated for you oh! Congrats on your nominations!

    @Writefreak, it's me [giggling, like a fool]. With all this blogger love flying around, Bumight might not have to wait long to get her wish.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I am confused why are you all talking about the bridesmaid paying for her own dress. Every wedding I've been to the bride buys the dresses for her bridesmaids. How else would she be able to get them into such hideous creations designed solely to make them pale in insignificance next her bridal glow. If she wants you to wear it that badly let her pay for it! Don't worry when you are bridesmaid at my wedding I'll pay for your dress!