*Warning!! The first part of the post is not to be read while eating**


So they did a scan last week and found two areas of pus in his abdomen. So from what I can gather, because they sent him home one day after the surgery, all the liquid from the operation hadn't drained properly. it now got infected and turned into the awful substance that looked like a mixture of boils, vomit and Irish Cream. It was not cool! So this crap had been in his body for three weeks and that was what was making him so ill. The moment they inserted a drain and the crap started coming out, his fever immediately vanished. This is all new knowledge for me but I have learnt oh. Post operative complications are so varied.

He is feeling so much better and starting to eat. He has lost so much weight though and that was worrying. We go to the hospital with food flasks full of different meals to get him to eat. It is important and I am happy to do it but hear me when I say, I could do with never seeing that hospital again in my life!

Hopefully he should be home soon to finish recuperating and driving us up the wall. Thanks be to God.


OK confess, were you guys all very excited about my date? LMAO!! What a sad reflection on my social life. I should have put up a disclaimer. This wasn't a date we could get excited about. You know, one of those ones that open up a door of maybes. This was a 'satisfy my curiosity' date on both our parts.

He met me after work on Wednesday and I was very grumpy :) I wasn't expecting to see him that day, as that was the day he came in. I was dressed in what I call M&S Mumsy Chic (smart but not sexy) and I was wrecked and full on grumpy mode. We had dinner near my office and I was glad I had waited. Let me say now straight off, very hot! Over 6 ft tall and broad shoulders with some muscles. I felt small and I love that. Hmmm yummy!

The chemistry was there that night and also on Saturday when we hung out, there is no denying that. You would have to be blind to deny it and I can see! The thing is, he was playing the mysterious card. Honestly it was like seeing a good book on the shelf all glossy and fabulous. You have read the blurb on the back and you want to read more but the book is tightly bound with cellophane wrap so tight that you need a nuclear device to rip it open.

Most of the time the conversation would flow, then he would slip into mystery speak and I'm trying to puzzle him out. Like all humans when I slot the experience into my memory banks, the charm, the politeness, the humour will be over shadowed by the headache inducing 'phantom moves'.

The good thing is that while with him, I wasn't thinking too much about hospitals and work. I could just be a a young woman, enjoying someone's company.

So I promise to give you a guys a signal when I go on a date we can get excited about, but this was just a quick day trip out of my less than sunny reality x

PS If God could whip me up another guy that looks like he did I won't say no ;)

15 Responses
  1. Myne Whitman Says:

    Wow, I'm glad they found the cause of your dad's fever, and the abscess didn't turn to septicemia.

    As for the date, comments. :)

  2. oohjay Says:

    Thank God for your Dad; as for the date - they all count, don't they?

    P.S.: Was the choice of 'double d' as a title merely coincidental, or s carefully instigated 'double etendre'?

  3. Yay! Thank God your dad is alright.

    For the date, glad you had fun. But i hate that mystery card- it's a bit suspicious


  4. Awesome, your dad's truly on the mend now! *Clapping* Very cool indeed.

    Hmm, I bow for the date o. I was all set for some juicy gossip, LOL. I'm glad you had fun sha. :)

  5. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Thank God your dad is alright now.

    As for the date: my lips are tightly sealed.

  6. Fragilelooks Says:

    thank God for ur dad. same happened to a friend of mine.

  7. CaramelD Says:

    @Myne, wait one hot minute! Why are you so suspiscious now? You said I should 'talk true' on Twitter! LMAO!!! What do you think I am missing out?

    @Oohjay, hahahaha I couldn't be bothered to write both Daddy and Date. I would have claimed double etendre but that's the wrong cup size for yours truly.

    @The Corner Shop, yes I hate the constant blockings too. It's quite tiring. Not sure why he did that but whatever the reasons, it did leave me scratching my head.

    @Lusciousbaby, What were you waiting for? Hot details? OK oh, yes there was kissing ;)

    @Sirius, Oya un-seal those lips! It's worse when you say that!!!! Don't let me fight you!

    @Fragilelooks, that's it oh, I didn't know about stuff like this. It has been such an education. The way they ship people home one day after major surgery, doesn't make sense to me at all.

  8. LucidLilith Says:

    Em...OMG at the first part. Thanks for the warning.

    And - sooo cute about the date. Good thing about being mysterious is that next time you have absolutely more to discover. Enjoy!

  9. SHE Says:

    Yikes! Post operation infection sounds veeery scary! Thank God its over.

    Mysterious date uhn? I though the mystery card was for women?
    *deep sigh* I guess I'm not as experienced as I believed...

  10. I KNEW IT!!! LOL. I knew something went down. Thank you for the update. :D

  11. ibiluv Says:

    glad about dad

    over 6 feet huh?


  12. CaramelD Says:

    @Lucidlilith, yeah the hospital part needed a warning. I don't know about the mysterious part being good. Upon further refelction it could be 'I'm in a relationship' type of mysterious. Oh dear.

    @SHE, there should be no mystery full stop. Why cn't everyone just be themselves when dating? Without the smoke and mirrors?

    @Lusciouscurves, you are funny!!

    @ Ibiluv, yes. I liked that bit too *sigh*

  13. Tega Says:

    Thank God for your daddy...:D

    As per the @needing a nuclear device to pry the pages open...e go scatter na

    Anyhoos...i await deets...:D

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @ Tega, which deets again now? Hmm naughty girl!!

  15. Ginger Says:

    Your poor dad! hope he is lots better.