Dear God,

Thank you.

Thank you very very very much. You got my Dad through a nasty six hour surgery and into recovery. For that I am grateful as I know many people lose their lives on the operating table.

If you wouldn't mind, so as not to spoil your good work, please make my Dad behave. It would be a shame if he survived the operating table only to have his devoted wife of 30 years kill him.

I have never seen such in my life.

If you can't make him behave for the sake of your lovely handiwork, then make him behave on my behalf. I am working 12 hour days and the last thing I need when I drag my battered and weary body home is to walk into a war zone.

I do not want to be on Crimewatch or have my home turned into a crime scene. Fingerprint powder is very hard to clean.

I know you are very busy but thank you for listening.


  • My own name, over and over again in the space of thirty minutes.
  • "Aunty or Uncle have come to visit and they have brought fruit"
  • I want my water slightly heated but not hot"
  • "It's too hot"
  • "Reduce it"
  • "Pick it up"
  • "I don't want it anymore"
16 Responses
  1. LOL at your mom killing your dad. But seriously! Thank God. That must have been a trying period for your family.


  2. CaramelD Says:

    My dear it hasn't finished! That is why I had to pray, it hasn't even reached two weeks! Thank you for being the first to welcome me back from my vanishment.

  3. bArOquE Says:

    I know its not funny, but it cracked me up
    Do we by some means share fathers?
    When my dad's drama starts, my mother's reaction throws me off balance, I start laughing like a fucking jackass
    Abeg oh, let him heal quick & stop giving mummy heat oh, INFS

  4. Tega Says:

    Hahaha...after 30years she wouldn't

    Thank God for the life of your Dad and as per the not-to-be-heard phrases...the days when you will reminisce about them will come soon enough...

    Hang in there and Welcome back

  5. Freaksho Says:

    me, i'm just overjoyed the op went swimmingly.

    that man is a tank. your mom would need a bazooka to put him down.

    plus, he loves Manchester United. i wish i could fault him, but you know...

  6. Caramel!!! Welcome back, I missed you. :) Thank God the operation went well o! As for the war zone, permit me to get rid of the laughter in my system thusly: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! *Wiping eyes* Ahem, where, was I? Oh yes, all will be well. ;)

  7. Chizy K Says:

    by d grace of God he'll b fine
    i know wat mini war zone in d home can be, \god would protect u from such

  8. Myne Whitman Says:

    Oh thank you God. Six hour surgery? That is a lot o...may God complete it IJN Amen.

  9. SHE Says:

    Caramel, Caramel, Caramel, Caramel!

    I have come to visit, and I have brought fruits!
    *tongue out*

    Seriously, Thank God the surgery went well.

  10. LucidLilith Says:

    oh Caramel....I feel for you. What can I say? You are a good daughter.

  11. lol pele...let me say a big Amen to that prayer of yours!

  12. ~Sirius~ Says:

    It'll take more than an Op and your mum to take your dad and I know that.

    Sweetie, just hang in there...trying to put myself in your mum's shoes....*deep breaths*

    You have joined the rest of them that abandon blogger for Twirra.... well done o!

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @Baroque, must be a Naija Daddy thing!

    @Tega,thank you, happy to be back :)

    @Freaksho, I'm just shaking my head at slow motion!!

    @Lusciouscurves, have you finished laughing?? Thank you for missing me, I'm feeling da love :)

    @ChizyK, what a lovely name you have :) I really pray he gets well soon, it has been a slow recovery so far. I think men don't like feeling weak and it frustrates them, that is why they don't make good patients.

    @Myne, please keep praying that your prayer abeg.

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @ SHE, I just threw out a bag of rotten oranges, keep that your fruit! :P Thanks babe.

    @Lucidlilith, I can take no credit, my intentions are very selfish LOL. Get him well and off his sick bed so I can rest ;)

    @GNG, double Amen!

    @Sirius, naaaa! Twitter and Blogger are like apples and bananas. They are both fruit but do different things for you. Twitter is like shouting into the universe, and Blogger is like healing your mind.

  15. CaramelD Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. CaramelD Says:

    PS please accept my apologies for my late replies, I really do love reading your comments xx