Because God knows I expose myself here on a monthly basis and have been doing so for nearly four years. What's left ? hahahahaha!

Thank you to BSNC for giving me the Versatile and Stylish Blogger award. I feel very stylish as I sit here and type! I have sooooo much tori that I will put up this post seperately and come back over the weekend for the rest of the gossip. OK here goes (I had to rack my brain a bit for this ):

1. When I am in a rush, my right hand types quicker that my left, which means that my words may be jumbled up like this: Hwere is Caramle Deligth ?

2. I have a serious pet peev with people who crack their bubble gum and make it pop and explode with their teeth. I just think it sounds awful. The sound to me sounds like someone is scratching a blackboard. Urghhh!

3. I am a very sensual person, I love hugging, touching etc. Since we are confessing, there is a freak in there as well. The fact that I'm very particular over who gets to see that side of me, doesn't mean I'm a prude (which some burnt men have mentioned hahaha).

4. On that note, number four is that I have a cool trick of putting my leg over my head :)

5. I can't sleep properly when travelling. Even on 14 hour flights, it is just not happening. So I really value multiple channels with all the on demand movies, shows and radio shows.

6. I do entire dance routines from movies and videos in my kitchen and dining room when I'm doing chores. I even use props like chairs. I though I would have overgrown it by now but nope! My friend was once in a bad mood so to cheer her up (and to her shame and horror) I did Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' on a train platform in London with people watching :)

7. Dirty kitchens and bathrooms freak me out. Seriously. No joke. Grime around the bath, or dried toothpaste around taps or darkened toilet bowls oh no no no no. Let the rest of your house go to blazes but where you prepare your body and your food? Ah please oh!

OK that was my dry list. Have a lovely and relaxed weekend xxx
PS More yarns on the way.
PPS I have a small girl crush on BSNC.
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  1. dhjax Says:

    Number 4.. hmmmm...

  2. Number 6 cracked me up... hehe. I used to do that when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite things to do back then :)

  3. mizchif Says:

    Na you talk am, very DRY list!!!
    That leg thing ehn, i musto learn it, i've started taking yoga classes sef, i must stretch till i make it!
    I like people who are able to do whole dance routines from videos, had one such friend in secondary school only for me to go clubbing with her in NY 8yrs after and she still does the same thing.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha, Caramel!! You won't kill me with laughter o, LOL. :D Girl that leg trick is awesome. I want want want! Heh heh heh. Waiting on the juicier gist. ;)

  5. Congratulations on your award! :) When are you coming over to my blog sef? *Angry face* This love go soon die o.

  6. BSNC Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Myne Whitman Says:

    You did Beyonce on a train platform, OK lens adjustment bureau, lol...and that trick of putting your feet above your head? #wickid!

    You see I didn't know that. Happy Val's day in advance.

  8. I need to start taking Yoga classes to improve flexibility too o ahn

    Nice list! I cnt stand grime in the kitchen and bathroom too.

  9. Blessing Says:

    Wow @ #4...that'll def come handy ;-)

    LMBO @!

  10. BSNC Says:

    Number 4 sounds so interesting. *now attempting* lol okay its going to take me a while to pull that off. It wasn't dry jor. Good to know more about you : )

    WOW! i don't know what to say. um.. um.. I am flattered hehe.

    The delight in our caramel lol

  11. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Only you would do single ladies on a train platform with everyone watching....

  12. SHE Says:

    I luuurve cracking my bubble gum! hehehehe!

    ..and i hate dirty bathrooms too. EEEEEEEWWWW....

  13. Rita Says:

    You didnt expose these parts via your posts!!!

    I totally feel you for No. 5...

    Your No. 6 is so hilarious, can you put up a video for us and No. 4(wink)?

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @ Dhjax, That is a very loaded 'hmmm'.

    @Prism, that was how we entertained ourselves before Facebook and Twitter !!

    @Mizchif, what can I say? Just call me Sahara.

    @Lusciouscurves, hey! Don't say that oh! Our new romance can't die in this 2011!!

    @Myne Whitman, Happy Vals Day!!

    @Miss Enigma, Flex away girl!!

    @Blessing, Huh! Definitely un-utilized skills :)

    @Hi BSNC!!!!! I'm still guessing about your Mama.

    @Sirius, YOU KNOW HOW WE DO!!

    @SHE, Urghhhhh I hate the gum thing, I swear!!

    @Rita, the video is in production!!

  15. doll Says:

    you are the only one that has seen that BSNG's picture o!

    I am kinda unhappy at the moment. do you think you can do a lil no 6 to cheer me?

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ Doll, She did the whole thing like film show! On eminute it was there on Twitter, the next minute it vanished! I'm starting to wonder if I imagined the whole thing self!

    What's wrong oh? Who has annoyed you? Who should we beat? This dance video request is now becoming serious! One glitch though, I need someone to hold the 'filming device' init?

  17. Lol!!! Dancing single ladies in public! That takes a lot of courage oh! I wonder how your friend didn't kill you- she must really like you lol!!!

    Ahem, and leg above your head? Haha! Let me just say i'm glad i found this blog (being a pretty new blogger and all)! :D


  18. LucidLilith Says:

    Em... if you do an entire single ladies routine on tape for me, I will send you a frozen entree of my very own making!

  19. ManCee Says:

    2. I kinda like that and insist that it is pure skill. I still cant quite do it well though :(

    3. freak alert! Hmmm...

    4. refer to 3 above

    5. I wonder why. Chuck me alone in a plane and I barely make it through their safety gist before...

    6. Priceless. And she didnt catch it on her fone? c'mon ppl, Do I have to beg for these things...!

    7. Dirt freaks me out, dirty females more so. Unless its a 'dirty' girl *chuckle*. See 3 above.

    *silly grin*

  20. AlooFar Says:

    Drama Queen. You.

  21. bArOquE Says:

    No.7 is a No No for me...good to get some insight on this delight