I have another post, a meme Lucidlilith tagged me on ages ago but the more I wrote that one, the more I just had to write about the dream I had last night.

I have dreams all the time, mostly random rubbish that I don't remember. I have the odd freaky premonition dreams about loved ones and they are always negative and turn out to be true. Last night's one was different. I dreamt about a man. I don't remember his face but I believe it's someone I have never met before because surely I would have recognised him.

So from what I can remember I'm at a work function and we are all dressed up but I'm still working (happens a lot). The difference is I'm in an evening gown but I still have my notepad and big camera. So mystery man is shadowing me like you do when you are on work experience or something. He knows my manager (called her by name) but I know he is not a colleague.

The whole evening looks like a fashion show gala put together by our students but instead of normal teenagers from my college the 'students' are my old girls from my FGGC school! Random!! Anyways the whole evening, mystery man is helping me work but we snipe at each other all the time and he is winding me up and getting better interviews and quotes than I am, so I should be annoyed but I'm enjoying his company.

What I do recall clearly is that even when we stop working, he still sits with me and won't let anyone draw him away and he kissed me twice . Short, quick and by surprise. I can't remember how the dream ends, but why I'm even writing this down is the feeling I had when I woke up.

Such contentment and happiness.

Now it could have been my new double bed with new springy mattress, or the ibruprofen I took because I hurt myself in the gym last night, but I doubt it. The feeling of pure undiluted happiness I had in the first two minutes of waking up, I am sad to say I have not felt in 'real' life for a very long time. The dream itself wasn't all that if we are relying purely on content (two short kisses? pah! I've had better fantasy dreams that could make your computer screen crack) so was it this human being thatI have never met before?

If we are going all spiritual and that is 'The One', well he was defintely not my type. Looked nothing like anyone I have gone gaga for in the past. I wish I could remember his face! The more I think about it the more a veil drops over the whole thing. Puzzling, huh?
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  1. Nice Anon Says:

    The Lord has revealed the one and you weren't sharp enough to catch his face? Ntooooo gi! lol

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Chai! You're wicked jo!

  3. Myne Whitman Says:

    Nice Anon why now? lol..

    @Caramel, you don't remember the face cos it's meant to keep the mystery. Or it could be that faces don't really matter. Just remember the feeling and the aura of the dream. I think it is "The One"

    Yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic...

  4. CaramelD Says:

    Myne, that feeling eh, if you bottled it would be better than all the illeagal narcotics in the world put together!

  5. histreasure Says:

    hmmmm, i love that feeling..i'm sure you'll remember it all when you meet HIM...

    'Looked nothing like anyone I have gone gaga for in the past'..see? sometimes what we think we want is not what our 'souls' know is good for me..

    d guy berra show up fast o

  6. Sugarking Says:

    Ah, I dreamt two days back say I give one girl bele o!!! I've been worried eversince. Make una help me o!!

  7. SHE Says:

    Caramel, me I don't know o!

    Perhaps its been a long time since you were kissed in real life? hehehe!

    LOL @ sugarking. Better go and look for the person before she comes after you !

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:

    LOL @ Nice anon.

    And yes "THE ONE" never really looks like what you'd imagine ;-)

    that's why most chics pass up on thier "one's"

  9. Evee Says:

    If the guy from the dream is really THE ONE; you know for sure that a) you work well together
    b) you enjoy his company and he enjoyed yours as he wont allow anyone pull him away from you
    c)You love surprises and he is full of surprises and finally
    d) He is a good kisser

  10. CaramelD Says:

    @ His treasure, shebi? You speak the truth jo!

    @Sugarking, you are on your own! LMAO!!!! Hope the phone doesn't ring in two months time...... hehehehehe

    @SHE, how can you be killing someone's rep like that now? Haba! My lips get exercised oh ;)

    @Sirius, are we speaking from experience ?

    @Evee, testify ! Amen!!

  11. leggy Says:

    lol@nice anon and sugar king.
    i never dream, ever!is that weird?

  12. sosexy Says:

    Nice Anon said it the right way!
    Better go back and dream again oh.. Ogini di?!
    Mscheew, see as you just missed it!
    Praying for my own'dream' too

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @ Leggy, Really? Never ever? That's actually quite cool.

    @Sosexy! You will not kill me for my Mama! It's not my fault now. The guy wants to be mysterious!!

  14. LucidLilith Says:

    It is a sign. THE ONE is around the corner!

  15. CaramelD Says:

    @ Lucidlilith, it could be a sign OR it could be that I'm a crazy person that dreams about strange men. It really could go either way!

  16. BSNC Says:

    Me i want to dream too. i can imagine how u feel. I must dream today.

  17. CaramelD Says:

    @ BSNC, sister na by force? hehehe

  18. Vera Ezimora Says:

    Caramel, nawa for you oh! How could you not catch his face? Ngwa nu, have you gone through your pictures on the camera to see if maybe you took a picture of or with him? LOL. Biko, be fast abourrit. If asoebi needs to be sewn, my tailor needs advance norice.

  19. CaramelD Says:

    Vera, I don't say this to many people because it is a very strong sentence that carries a lot of meaning, but to you I will say "your craze fit pass my own!!"

    Tailor ke? See your mouth like tailor! LMAO!!!

  20. doug Says:

    I think he was a stalker. The fact he showed up in your dream shows persistence. And there you were reveling too much in his company to notice the tiny camera stashed in his lapel.

    ...on second thoughts, scratch that. I think he was a serial killer :P

  21. lmao @ doug.........hehehehehehe

    i want that feeling too to dream

  22. CaramelD Says:

    @ Doug, H-A-T-E-R!!

    @ Fumns, tell us how the dreaming went.

  23. Femme Lounge Says:

    lwkmd! i hope this guy exists for real o and that you meet him someday!