I have so many things buzzing in my head and I keep deleting what I'm writing.

First of all stop hating parts of your body. Recognise it for what it is, a beautiful vessel for your soul. Walk around naked! It is good for you. Very liberating. Go on try it! Go onnnn. Tell me something you like about your body in the comment box. I will try not to see crooked teeth, jelly belly and a bum that needs its own passport but ermm great boobs, lovely skin and a fabulous waistline.

I'm off to Atlanta for a week next weekend but it wasn't planned so I'll be leaving as the rest of my family will be coming so I have to find some fun on my own. If anyone has some hot spots they think I should check out please let me know.

My cousin is trying to hook me up with her inlaw but I'm not interested and I'm not bothered. I am trying to be polite and he is a cool guy but I feel bad when he calls from Naija because I know those calls are expensive. In fact not to be overly dramatic but the whole man thing just tires me at the moment. I really don't give a rat's arse right now. He has just asked if I had a boyfriend but I dodged. If he asks again I will use it as an oportunity to tell him what's up. I believe in being honest. It's not nice when someone is stringing you along.

OK I'm going to stop writing for now because I am in a bad mood and I'm trying to shake it but it's not working. The Mary J Blige track below is here because I think it's a great track for naked dancing. Enjoy ;)

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  1. Myne Whitman Says:

    Am I first? LOL...

    They even have a show in the UK with that title. Yes o, I see good skin and not the 'soft like amala tummy'. I stole that from somewhere, can't remember.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip dear and cheer up!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    We thank God for your beautiful chocolate skin, Amen! Thank you, I will cheer up soonish :)

    PS I love that show, haven't seen it a while though.

  3. My world Says:

    Love this post...really uplifting. I see curves :)

    Enjoy your trip,and keep smiling x

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nice Anon: Sending warm hugs your way.Snap out of it ATL you say? Now you now why i think you SUCK big time. Let's not talk abourrit!

  5. CaramelD Says:

    @ My world, we thank God for your curvaceous curves! May they continue to curve and provide great hugging aparatus, Amen!

  6. CaramelD Says:

    Ehen Nice Anon, cool down! Just send me a plane ticket and I can reach your side no problems :P also you didn't say what you love about your body.

  7. Blessing Says:

    I see boootttyy! lol...have a safe trip hun!

    Hope ur in a better mood now!

  8. akabagucci Says:

    yay for the peeps who look good naked.... us blokes with burgeoning kegs no join that level o..

  9. Ha ha ha...i need to dance n see if i do look good naked ...enjoy your trip!!

  10. i love my legs, eyes,lips, hands and skin isnt the best neither r my breats but we are celebrating right?!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Great post Caramel. I hope you cheer up soon. Welcome to the A. Apart from the usuals like the Aquarium, Coca Cola and CNN center. Stop by Atlantic Station, a restaurant called Sambuca and another called Aja.
    O and I love my legs, they are hot. I love my eyes, they are chexy...they seduce me sometimes lol (we are celebrating right)

  12. bob-ij Says:

    I hope you've shaken off the bad feeling! In terms of parts I love it'll have to be my...ummm.... bust! Love it and maybe my lips too.

    AS for weird parts it'll have to be my eager People call it toned, I call it "brutish'!


  13. Tega Says:

    I see supple skin and a nice rounded butt...with beautiful hands and the cutest toes...

    I see pretty eyes and wonderful black hair...when am not wearing a weave

    i don't see 'not-so-perky-boobs' because I love their 'cuppable'

    It's a new must definitely feel better now...eHugs

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @Blessing, God bless that booty!!! Whoop!

    @Danny B, nooooooo! Men too must participate in our celebrations! Find something you like about yourself and return here to report it sharpish!

    @Sisi Yemmie, after you have danced, kindly report on fabulous you felt!

    @ Formerly stealth reader, God bless you hands, eyes, lips, belly and legs! Phew! That's a full package! You should be a professional naked dancer by now!

    @ Atl Anon, thank you for the tips! I'm a Coca Cola baby so I must definately reach there and the Martin Luther King Jr Centre. I can't wait. God bless your eyes and sexy legs! Work it!!!

    @Bob-Ij, work those boobs and lips! God gave them to you! PS Those arms are strong to pick up your future babies when they cry x

    @Tega, God bless your skin and your butt that holds up your jeans, your lovely fingers and toes and boobs too! LMAO!!! I can't be in a bad mood with all these body celebrations :)

  15. SHE Says:

    Hey! You should have cheered up by now eh?

    Dancing naked is not easy for some of us o!
    All the same, I see curves...

  16. You've hopefully cheered up now right?
    I need to try dancing naked and see if its really that liberating...if laughter doesn't finish me off first
    I love my lips and my bust...iThink, lol
    Enjoy your trip, have a safe journey!

  17. inStilettos Says:

    awww darling! hope you're in a better mood now... honesty rules!

  18. CaramelD Says:

    @ SHE, OK start with just dancing in your knickers and then you can move up to full blown naked dancing! We thank God for those huggable curves, Amen!

    @Young Grumbler, I hope you have tried naked dancing by now! Let's celebrate those lips and bust, it's not easy oh!

    @inStilettos, thank you :) PS You didn't write your fav body part.

  19. posted! I was reading your responses to the comments and I hope you're feeling as good as your responses are no doubt making the commenters feel!

    I'm trying so hard to love my body now, not years from now. I'm trying to stop letting my preggo belly and flabby arms overshadow my legs and expressive eyes.

    Must make time to dance naked!

    Have a great week and have fun in ATL.

  20. CaramelD Says:

    @GNG, God bless those hot hot hot legs and skexy seducing eyes :) The best time do dance naked is after your shower and before you get dressesd! You have to try it!

  21. LucidLilith Says:

    Hmmm...this dilemna na wa. Just tell him you are not dating at the moment.

  22. ManCee Says:


    Naked dancing i daresay, is best with an audience *wink, wink*

    I dont know but, instead of lying to the bloke (honest communication, hello...) just tell him.. 'Dude, dont mean to be rude or something, but I have plenty going on with me right now and it'll be hard to objectively evaluate you fairly right now. I appreciated ur calls though and No I dont have a bf; but right now Caramel needs a breather..toolous'

    He should appreciate that.
    That creek hasn't been dammed.